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  1. I hope I still I have those skills @samzz. 1 year before they admit we already had those traces. Nowadays,even Dispatch needs to find new material for their site, because celebrities already put all their hint of dating on the social media. So, Dispatch is not required anymore to know who date who. The reason why they still need him is simple,the answer is cashflow. Even MBC got a lot of profit from their videos. This video almost approaching 80 M soon. Guess how much MBC got through youtube ads.
  2. This group of actors are budget A List actors. They always control their image during interviews or look exclusive. But behind the scene is so dirty. I think nowadays I grow fond of actors who don't have problem to appear in variety shows . For example Wookie and Lee Seunggi. And recently Lee Sang Yoon. I think they are more humble and better than that group of actors.
  3. After I saw Wookie seated beside Nana. I talk to myself... waah. WHY NOT NANA. Nana is also suit with Wookie. Equally beautiful and tall people. I feel weird with Dahae.. does she's not jealous to herself or other young actress. Even Suzy got already 3 top excellence awards at young age. And I realise broadcasting channel love hardworking peple eventhough knetz maybe disagree with PD or channel. BS do not like people who only know to take advantage of others Not to forget Nana also won award at KBS drama. She just need to be hardworking too... smart is not everything. And Jang Nara now getting more recognition than before. She's always hardworking. I guess it's pay off now.
  4. I just finished watching all 2019 Drama Awards. Suddenly, I scrolled about last year SBS Drama Award because Dahae featured in one of their drama and I realised she didn't have any nomination even though she was the lead. I don't know if this was the sign broadcasting company do not like her or her acting was not up to mark.
  5. DH is one of wasted-talent I have ever followed. I had huge expectation towards her during her early years as an actress. I predicted her to be a big evergreen star. But I see her nowhere now. Only posting pictures in socmed.
  6. Does DH has officially associated with Chanel? Because I see even Wookie's official ex-gf has her own product to promote which is Lancome and Dior. I never see she's showing off any ex-product.
  7. Honestly, I think DH's career as mainstream's drama heroine in SK is over. Maybe still has chance in daily drama or long weekend drama. SK prefers young heroine now. I can see many top star actors also don't mind pairing with inexperience actress as long as they are paid high.
  8. Gong Yoo definitely a very loyal person to his friends. Eventhough, I grade him as A-list actor but he seems nice to people around him. Recently, I watched Master in the House where the master is Lee Young Ae and I came to know new thing about her. She's look so nice and humble to me. And I come to conclusion, people who achieved many thing sometimes more humble and genuine than the jobless one.
  9. Goo Hara and Sulli's love life a bit similar to each other. Both suffer after break up. I sometimes understand why they became like this. They debuted at teenager age and because of that, they didn't experience the normal teenager life. And after slowly, their group fade, they tried to find peace from their love one. But maybe they chose wrong partner and at last suffer.
  10. Seol Gong Chan stand at no 2 for me. I like Cha Jae Wan's style because he had different style for different situation.
  11. I'm happy when Knetz suggesting Joker's role for him. I think it really suit him. I think this current image really catch Knetz 's eye. But still I love Cha Jae Wan/ Jayden/Hyunwoo's image in Hotel King.
  12. Wookie is lucky to act with Gong Yoo in Goblin. Gong Yoo is a loyal friend. Just a simple example, Dahae and him use same stylist before but she dumped her but Gong Yoo still loyal.
  13. Obviously, many just debuted as Idol as a bridge to be actor later. I guess acting career give stable career than in singing. In group, they have to separate their income but in acting, all will solely to them. And I see many Idol who turn to be actor or actress later will close to their acting partners than their circle of friends in singing. Even BTS V close with Park Seo Jun and his drama members than any singer's friend.
  14. Wish Hotel King and My Girl can have same party every year. Obviously these two had better rating than BG. Just prove our point Donghey really has bad relationship now.
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