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  1. I still disappointed most of my friends(consider international) love him because of his look. Rarely said they love him because of his talent. I still think, he gave the best performance of acting in Hotel King. He put every detail perfectly for this drama. Every hairstyles differed from every scene. Clothes also. I can feel the pain, the love, the character had endured.
  2. I decided to come here again after watching this cut. Although, some pointing the ex of Wookie is Suzy, I think otherwise. I strongly believe it's DH. Maybe they don't follow Wookie from beginning. I believed Suzy and Wookie rarely met each other because at that time Suzy was busy training for Vagabond. While watching The World of Married, I feel that Wookie is quite similar with SunWoo and DH is like TaeOh. Sunwoo is still angry to her ex but she's also has sympathy to him. I feel Wookie is like that. Like Sunwoo and Taeoh, I also think both still can't move on. P/s: DH, if you want good project, move to Soop or Namoo Actors. These are more stable agency.
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