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  1. I miss highschool too. I met so many cool people there. I combined work and study and often used online assignment help to save time and get good grades. Despite all issues I can say that it was one of the happiest periods of my life.
  2. Hobbs & Shaw 7/10. Pretty much exactly what you expect, so if not a fan of the brainless F&F type films, then one to avoid. But if you are, then this spin off is enjoyable and I will happily watch more in the future. I enjoyed the banter between the leads (though there were a couple times it was a bit overlong) though I think my favorite banter was between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne.
  3. It's necessary to test the product to be sure. When I decided to start my own business I needed to test a basic idea of my “ideal” product to find out if it is meeting the needs of my consumers. I found a guide about launching new projects here https://spdload.com/blog/guide-to-launch-an-mvp/. It helped me truly understand the market and my customers.
  4. That's interesting. Want to try stock trading too. I started playing the video slots on syndicatecasino to win some money. For me it's the easiest way to get money fast. Plus they give great bonuses for new players.
  5. Thanks for the recipe I love smothies and I make them almost everyday. Also I like smoothie with banana, vanilla ice-cream and some milk . Taste delicious! Luckily I read about new insinkerator garbage disposals and bought one for home use. Now I can experiment with different tastes more often.
  6. oatmeal with yogurt pizza grilled fish with salad I like cooking. Just bought new garbage disposal for kitchen (found reviews on https://bestsinkdisposal.com/ ) so now I can experiement more with new recipes.
  7. I made a few pages and a website that is linked to another website (ex. Wix). That's easy but I don't have many visitors on them though
  8. Thanks a lot for the info guys! So timely!
  9. I started palying casino games not so long ago! That is so entertaining! I use this casino with sofort banking options https://syndicate.casino/payment-options/sofort-banking . I've already won a few times and I'm going to continue playing.
  10. The Big Lebowski - I’d never seen this before. Dumb character gets caught up in absurd caper and bumbles his way through with his absurd bumbling friends. Absolute nonsense, very funny and something about it made me think there was something ‘very clever’ going on that was just beyond my grasp. Or maybe it was all just a nonsense. More than anything, it DID make me feel good. Just the way this man was seemingly content with his simple existence. Just living and not worrying. How interesting... Good film
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