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  1. Wanna buy smth cool for my girlfriend. Maybe bracelet or earrings. Do you buy jewerly online? What would you recommend?
  2. It's easy to do when you have an intereating topic ideas.The hardest part for me is to concentrate and start writing. That's why I often apply to professionals for grammar and plagiarism check, click for more info. I don't see anything wrong with that. These guys are real professionals and helped me hundreds of times.
  3. Spain. Particularly barcelona. Just love it! Totally my city to die in. One day I guess. It's a shame all the crises happening in there. I hope it will be better and We will move in there with my family.
  4. I'm fons of fashion and try to follow the latest trends. What are some of your favorite brands that you buy? I like Nike because of comfort and affordable pricing for the most part. Also like Uniqlo! Mainly for their shirts, I buy a Keith haring t-shirt everytime I go there. And Madewell and everlane. Madewell is more trendy and everlane is more basic, also makes me feel good because of their mission and social responsibility
  5. Last and First Men. (Early sci-fi by Olaf Stapledon.)
  6. To add on to this, I write myself a flashcard program to understand the subject better. Understanding what you're studying helps a lot with recall, but the repetition of flashcards really cements it. And writing the cards yourself helps you identify what you really understand. Plus I often apply to Paperell writing service to help me with my writings. I use this service every time I need to check all my papers carefully and make sure that they are plagiarism-free.
  7. Started watching 'Band of Brothers' yesterday. Also watching 'Happy!' but I don't know I'll carry on... it's one weird TV show...
  8. My experience was largely positive. I got a degree in CS and now I work in IT. It was my old dream.
  9. Bbq pizza with salad and chocolate ice-cream for dessert
  10. Anyone use security systems for home. Is it worth buying?
  11. When I created website on my own I found many tutorials for beginners on the Internet for website traffic analysis. But if you want to get a steady flow of visitors on your website you need to use some help of Calgary SEO expert. Based on my own experience I can say that good Search Engine Optimization strategy could help to increase sales and attract more customer. Good luck!
  12. I've just started The name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, I think I'm going to have to double back and do Mistborn at some point.
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