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  1. HI CHINGUS!!! It is better not to speculate, we will know the truth soon. I know that many of us think that TH and JH do not commit a big crime or simply their mistake is so small that it can easily be forgiven. but if we see it coldly they both made the serious mistake of talking about bets (crime in Korea) using KBS goods, the 2d1n chat room is owned by the program and the program is owned by KBS, so I don't think the company I can overlook this so easily. If Tae Hyun has not given the green light for his return, it is perhaps because I do not invite him again. We will know the truth soon and hopefully it will be pleasant for everyone.
  2. HI CHINGUS!!!! I hope that KBS ignores these representatives or those who are appointing new members for a new group, because fans like me have NOT asked for NEW MEMBERS, fans have asked for the return of 1N2DS3 that is the return of DONGGU, CHA TAE, HYUNG KIM JONG MIN, DEFCONN AND KIM JUNHO. sorry for those whom I can offend in some way but if there was a new group for me it would be a slap by kbs, a betrayal of my feelings. I hope that KBS has had the delicacy of asking the members if they wanted to stay or not and have not been fired to form their new group, only then would they let them go, because it would be their decision and if so, I hope they let us know. I will always be with my 5 children DONGGU, CHA TAE, HYUNG KIM JONG MIN, DEFCONN AND KIM JUNHO !!!!!
  3. HI CHINGUS!!!! https://www.soompi.com/article/1347692wpp/former-2-days-1-night-pd-to-launch-new-music-variety-show-jun-hyun-moo-kim-joon-ho-and-kim-jae-hwan-reportedly-in-talks When I saw this note I thought I could be happy, but inside of me I only felt a little frustrated by JUNHO. I can not take away the idea that he was one of those responsible for sinking to 2d1n and now he wants to return with another program (?) My first impression was "I don't accept it," but then I think it's KBS that doesn't return to 2d1n. if junho comes back with another program, what justification would KBS give for not returning 2d1n ???? guys I'm in a war in my head, help !!!!
  4. Like others I am here while my favorite 2d1n program returns. the truth is that I prefer a variety program where there are actors and better if they are more established and mature, I am more curious and the elders in general are more easily embarrassed. LOL is not good to say but I find it more fun
  5. annyeong chingus !!!! I'm here for KIM NAM GIL, good for everyone, but my curiosity is bigger to see how Kim Nam Gil performs in a variety program. LOL THANK YOU for opening this space and giving us information ps: we even have a false rumor of kim nam gil and jang nara to attract the public hahahaha okno !!!
  6. HI CHINGUS!!!! At this point frankly I don't know what to think ??? but seeing the latest news about daesung from BIGBANG I think everything is a complot that revolves around YG. First seungri falls (maybe everything about him is true but not as the press says, with only assumptions) then the CEO resigns and is involved and now daesung only needs GD and taeyang, if this happens clearly it will be a plot for all the YG and the group that keeps it alive BIGBANG are destroyed, the truth is that I don't know who benefits all this. taking all this into account, maybe those of the KBS suspected that something like this would happen and wanted to avoid all this and that is why JJY pleaded guilty without delay, we know that junho and tae hyun were blamed for something so simple that in the end they were acquitted, I would have it hurt that others are hurt in the same way and blamed for something uncertain. I only ask that return 2d1n, maybe not this year but come back soon. Meanwhile, to remind the KBS that we have not forgotten the program would be helpful.
  7. HI CHINGUS!!!! here I continue with my heart full of hopes so that our dear members are returned I was posting several messages on the facebook page of KBS so that the program is back that without realizing it, I became an FAN FEATURED, LOL I just wanted to share this, since it seems so FUNNY to me. I hope the program is returned very soon and I think that it will be so !!!! Meanwhile we show our support to our beloved children. 1N2D FIGHTING!!!!
  8. HI chingus !!!! frankly I do not understand KBS ????, I was watching the facebook of KBS and I find a program where FTISLAND appears, all happy and happy. we know that one of its members is still involved in the scandal with JY, I have nothing against them, but because they can appear as if nothing will affect them ?? , but 2d1n members can not come back with the program ??? ufff I really do not understand, and more annoying I'll be if 2d1n does not come back. LOL I think the wait I despair, kekekeke Ps: I just wanted to share a bit of my fustracion towards kbs. I'm still leaving my messages for the program to come back but it's just me.
  9. If the remaining 5 members are not going to come back, it is better not to return 2d1n. if not, I hope they come back with a program with the 5 members, as well as "idol room". I do not understand when people try to erase what happened as if it had never happened, instead of accepting reality. JJY behaved badly I know, but he was part of the family, I do not understand how the family of those who criticize ???, surely turn their back on any of its members immediately after making a mistake and try to never they knew him this program did not teach me that, taught me the unit as a family, and in that way I'm sorry, there may be a lot of people hating JJY, people who do not know him or get carried away by the tabloid press, but I saw a Boy who with his true friends could be the same, so far I can see in the last chapters trying to help Donggu. but when I see him repent, I hope that in the future he will be a new person, I think that some people do not like that and instead they foment hatred, it's sad. a smart guy, rebel, with a computer on hand and bad friends, can lead to unchain all this, we all must be careful with this and as they say around here never say "OF THIS WATER I WILL NOT DRINK."
  10. With all this I became paranoid and I keep updating the news every time with the fear of meeting another member making the stop in their activities. I think I could not stand to see Donggu doing this, if he is involved or something comes out of it, seriously that would mean that we are all lost, LOL PD: do not get it wrong, I just want us to relax a bit, making strength for the program to come back very soon!!!!
  11. I do not know about the others, but somehow I feel proud of CTH. LOL To recognize and assume his responsibility with society and get away makes think that he really is sorry and dismayed with all this. perhaps their withdrawal is also in some way to appease the speculations and avoid more serious repercussions and prevent this from becoming a witch hunt for the other members. we have all seen the 2d1n chat and they are always bluffing, I also read some comments that all this is nothing more than a smoke screen. let's hope everything calms down and give time to time. and give it to Koreans the only thing I can hope for is that at some point the 2d1n family will return. I do not lose faith
  12. since when did everyone become so moralistic ??? As if none of them had made any mistakes, many of us talk a lot about chat, even brag about what we do not have and brag, but not everything is always true. Let the people in charge be the ones to clarify everything before taking prejudices about others, we knew beforehand that Junho was a gambler, and we laughed at that, but now that it comes out of JJY's phone we are shocked, in Seriously I do not understand people, I think we just want to find guilty of the least thing. I think there are people with a lot of time. PS: I'm not defending his mistakes, I just try to take it easy as any other person
  13. On the one hand it is sad not to see our dear members every week, but on the other hand I think it is the best decision. At this moment everything is still on fire and I believe that anything is a motive for speculation. I hope the members are well and are not being supported by the press because as we all know they all enjoyed a unique brotherhood that can lead to misunderstandings, where you see it is the best decision and I support them in this. I have the certainty that after a prudent time they will return, when everything becomes clearer. At the end of the day all these people, both members and staff, are employed by contract and nothing of what is happening with JJ and has a direct influence towards them. Maybe it's the end for 2d1nS3 and come back with the 4 season that for me would be the most ideal, not always for a new season they have to change members maybe add some, anyway I will always wait for them and love them all, and I'm here in good and bad, (I think that everyone has their own vision of things and tries to understand according to that). So do not be discouraged as it is only a hiatus and not the cancellation of the program. They also apress how much we love them and I'm sure they want to come back, so for all of us a FIGHTING !!!!!
  14. If JJY is wrong, spitting on his face is not how we can clean up what he does, but help him to be a new man. I think he needs real help and support. they say that the true friend is known on the deathbed and in jail, because later those who praised falsely are the first to leave and spit on you. I do not ask that we applaud his actions, but I have always "2d1n" him as my family and it hurts me that he is going through this, others can spit it out but I will simply give him my shoulder. I feel sorry for those people who spit on others without realizing that they themselves can be doing the same, when we play videos like hyuna or j park, etc. where they clearly show too much meat and misogyny. but we like to make firewood from the fallen tree Sorry I'm the one who talks the most about this issue here but it really hurts, I just hope that jjy will accept himself and change and if he is innocent he will try it.
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