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  1. I did that smash the boiled egg in my forehead once like in the korean movies but I was not aware that the two sides of the egg were different and I ended up smashing the pointy part of the boiled egg on my forehead on a pimple. just a thought
  2. the whole gang is still here, I so glad to find the same sisterhood of the lee yo won is still here. I been bz lately. I just watch the sisterhoods from the sideline since I have nothing worth contributing. hey is that guy "vans" whats his name... , still around?
  3. I think id like to join this thread. I dont know what this thread is about.
  4. I wish I can sometime get out of this bookclub format and just directly talk to members at the end of each day and see how they are doing.What we have is you watch a drama then give insight and then wait for others give their views as well sort of format.
  5. That hat LYW is wearing is not to block the suns rays. That hat behaves like a winter bonnet to keep the head warm. I seen snow until epi 9 so that at least 0 degrees celsius to maintain the snow and prevent it from melting. LWY wears hats to keep herself warm.
  6. ok... later tonight i try catch up. epi 10. No way Won Bon can recover from that blast. probably blind now.with his internal organs in permanent state of damage. They did not mention his other important part if it still works. I dont think I agree with their methods on what they are doing. Miki could have been a collateral damage by accidentally drinking that poison laced ice cubes. I dont think I can live with something like that in my conscience. Thank God I am just a nobody in a non entity country. LWY looks good because she tall and thin. Qualities needed in modelling clothes..But regular people can look good too, I have talent in seeing what is good in other people.
  7. do you have the same body figure as LYW?These clothes must look good on you as well. Are you maybe 170 cm. and a korean descent because you seem to understand korean alpabet. From personal observation , women who like to shop for beautiful clothes are beautiful as well. Those who shop for granny clothes look like grannys and those who shop for hottie items are hotties themselves.
  8. wow she is dressed in money. 1100 us dollrs is is about 55,000 pesos. I think she already so beautiful that she can get away wearing a cheaper similar outfits. Before I heard jackie chan said he never wears signiture clothes because nobody notice anyways. He said he just buys of the rack RTWs he sees in regular shops. I heard from a filipino blogger that in mainland china clothes and shoes are really cheap. Those european brands will emty your wallet. The beauty queens just wear bikinis and they do just fine. Thats my opinion only. I think LYW is already beautiful even withhout the expensive clothes. As for me I am partial to wearing a saville row bespoke suit that cost maybe 1000 dollar and a bespoke English brogue shoe also 1000 dollars. So $2000. altogether but only because you cant ffind those anywhere on earth and it would make me look good. But for house wear just cheap functional clothing.
  9. oh yes , before I forget, the "richard simmon" is a computer generated by the system to block profanity. I was referring the the bomb made by this incompetent member who failed to blow up thats why I accidentally put a profane language to describe his bomb project.
  10. To QSD: I am wathching the movie original korean language with english subs. I may have added little information that could have been included by the directors of DD because I though it was funny. I wont do that anymore if you dont like it. Its because I type so fast whats streaming in my mind that I Might have forgotten to edit. I understand quiet a lot of korean including what their accent implies. For instance that guy ok bong who is won bon side sick, hes from jeju island because of his accent. Anyway in any family, the members are not all perfect but they talk to each other and make reasonable compromises for a harmonious relationship and accept members for who they are.
  11. just finished epi 9 DD. I am finally catching up with the rest. The improvised bomb the kid guerilla made richard simmons up so Won bon trried to blow it up manually. Miri is so hot. Maybe won bon side kick can inherit miryang now that won bon is blown up and useless. I hear LWY said his private part got blown off and his eye ball got incinerated. where they get that kid who made the bomb? 20 cane lashes or better yet a bullet in the head for him. LYW is probably end up as an old maid. she squandering her love capital.
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