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  1. yes, I'm from the Philippines, it's not my real name but it's from a politician who ran for president once. this is for ODJ. QSD I answered your"Your welcome aboard" reaction but mixed you up with ODJ.. sorry. I continue watching Different Dreams and give you the male perspective.
  2. No. I have seen her before, maybe 3 dramas. I forget the titles or her name. But I remember beautiful actresses so no, it's not my first time to see her. I start watching epi. 3 later tonight. I watch because of the lead actress and also to learn another culture, history also even if slightly biased it still good enough. I almost forgot, to learn a foreign language, I get to enjoy their movies. Its sub mostly but I still learn anyways. ok so let all enjoy. I glad to be with you ODJ.
  3. just finished epi. 2 (Different Dreams). I'm a guy so not into other guys. I think I watch for the historical value of the drama. korean jeoson kingdom collaborated with richard simmons and there are relationships that could develop and thats this movie.
  4. I just finished epi. 1. The lead doctor actress is so beautiful and classy. I like her. I learning so much. The Jeoson sided with the Japnese. now I know what happened.
  5. gayduras if you find a good drama, after tomorrow's last episode, I would love to watch it with you again. Before I watch the drama Priest, it was a horror movie. It was really scary, to say the least. I am forever retired from watching a horror movie. I thought it was just some ridiculously fake funny horror movie but the writers here really mess with the viewer's heads.
  6. yeah take care also.

  7. Well, I've been watching this since episode 1 and the way the writers present their story is always irrational. This is my opinion only after seeing each episode. There is a leaked photo that there is a double wedding of SY and SJ and his dad and Miri. I was just thinking this story I presented would fit nicely to the 3 episodes left in the drama and the eccentricity of the writer. With regards to SH. there was an episode that SH himself said that he would resign as soon as the company recovers and that he took the job as chairman again to help the company recover and be in a state that the company can run smoothly. With regards to Hong, I know as fact that penal institutions are installed with CCTV camera everywhere and the toilet is the only place where there is no CCTV so committing a felony inside a penal institution is a hard to do with anyone noticing, so I am assuming Hong,s life in prison will improve. I think of anyy else so the end.
  8. No worries everyone. I know what this writer is up to. It seems that SJ is dying already but once that yellow liquid starts taking effect in his body. it would be like taking the elixir of immortality. SJna would start getting stronger and his eyesight would start becoming 20/20 and start running around like an Olympic athlete. SJ and SY will have a double wedding with his dad and live happily-ever-after. SH would later quit as chairman and pass the helm to the other chairman, I forget his name. SH would re-start again. There is a CCTV on every penitentiary so warden can see what is going on and will see that Hong is being beaten. Corrective measures will be done by the prison authorities. What else.. The End.
  9. I think SJ messed up big time not claiming his child by SY immediately. SJ fear that his dad will steal SY,s baby when he dies is absurd. SJ family can exert influence but the laws and customs will always prevail in resolving disputes. It would not be fair to SY,s child to deceive this child of its true father and grandfather whatever the reason. SJ should have immediately announced to the world he has a child by SY and consulted with lawyers to set up a trust fund guidelines for the lawyers to implement in case he dies to protect SY and her baby. Entrusting SY to SH is a bad idea from SJ point of view, to say the least. SJ father will be heartbroken if he finds out SJ hid the fact that he has a child out there. SJ is selfish to his dad and juvenile and amateurish in problem solving and unfair to his child as well.
  10. My thoughts are the same as Greta. It's not possible for SJ to get together with SY unless the writers want to risk their careers and be labelled as pandering to audiences. There are limits that cannot be crossed. There are merits to straightforward storytelling. Detours are interesting but problematic and with only 3 episodes left, I don't see a coherent ending. An ending where SJ dies and SY and SH get together no matter the circumstances seem plausible and I hope the writers take this route for their sake. SJ marries SY and gets better and cured after 3 episode is another route and let rest of the story hang as loose ends for the audience imagination. Actually, I have seen this done before in a k drama. I forget the title, the writers eliminated a character by having all the cast in the drama forget about her. This guy he has a sister but in the middle of the story till the end, the sister disappeared and no explanation given just like that.
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