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  1. So many kissessssss, even their awkwardness was cute. I love each and every part of it I wish there were more. But just like what Tianxing said, even though the story ends once the MC find their happy ending, they will forever be in our heart. Now I'm gonna go sit in a corner and cry
  2. @JenL No worries. I'm glad I could help Which shirt? I hate Aoran's leopard print shirt
  3. I'm still in the infatuation phase, had a major crush on Tianxing. Don't know how many times have I repeated his scenes It's weird that a part of me can understand why Xiao'en don't want to betray Aoran, but from a bystander's point of view she sounds like a crazy woman for trying to be loyal to a fictional character. Even though Tianxing's awareness was inside the novel's world for a brief moment only, I hope there's something more about that plot. As for Qingfeng, I'm happy that he'll get his happy ending. But I hope that he gets to keep his memories of all the other wo
  4. I'd just finished watching EP19. My reaction when seeing her caller ID -> I thought Tianxing will walk away after seeing that. Thank goodness he's an overbearing CEO, it's not easy to scare him away LOL Mingli was right, her mom needs to find a hobby. I really pity Mingli for having a mom like that
  5. @JenL Oh, how I envy you! My listening skill sucks so I always watch cdrama that has chinese subs Reading is easier because I know Japanese. I was originally shipping for QF-XE because they had so many meaningful, sweet moments together. Plus, he has awareness of his existence which makes him special. But to me, Jiang Sheng in the novel is not equal to Qingfeng, just like Tianxing is not equal to Aoran. Qingfeng is better than Jiang Sheng, while Tianxing is defenitely better than Aoran. Actually, I've only found out about this drama a few days ago. I've only watch it o
  6. Rough translation for the screenshots: I've never read the novel before. I like Qingfeng in the drama, I really really do. But the way this novel ended was kinda...heartbreaking
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