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  1. What AvenueX said makes sense and I can see the move as part of their industry sustainability program. I can understand if they want to encourage/promote more contemporary dramas but at the same time, the restriction that they put onto modern drama is limiting its creativity range. Unlike costume drama, modern drama can't have feudalistic ideology; no superstition (ghost, vampire, witchcraft), no religious issue (reincarnation, god, demon, heaven/hell), etc. For people who like fantasy genre like me, it's really disappointing (or I could just go watch non-chinese drama ). She don't have drama shooting but she's still so busy that she only has 3 hours to do this shooting China insist that all the minority ethnic groups are part of the country and even 'generously' build 're-education camp' for them, but in the end still says "sorry Reba, your face is not chinese enough" . Sorry for the rant. I'm sleep deprived
  2. When I watched Our Glamorous Time, I felt that it would be perfect if they had stopped at episode 27. They used too many screen time to develop the love story for side couples. For me, I usually binge-watch full episodes so I tend to lose interest at around ep30. 3L3W (TMOPB and PB) need longer air time because they need to tell 3 stories of 3 different worlds. Anything with complex story lines can maybe divide it into Season 1, Season 2 if necessary. Modern drama 25, historical/fantasy drama 50.
  3. I've watched Longest Day in Chang'an already. The story line was not bad, it got nice cinematography. But it is about that specific 24 hours only, not much closure. I'm waiting for L&D and Novoland to be fully subbed before I can start watching. I'd just finished watching Princess Silver. I'm gonna look around for something light/comedy to neutralize my mood I'm on break until December, so I have lots of free time to catch up cdrama. I hope Pillow Book will be available by then *fingers crossed*
  4. True, the CGI was lame and the fighting scene was meeeh, but the story line was quite good. I think that 'yin metal' plot was acceptable as "collecting chopped off body parts" most likely won't pass the censorship board anyway I kinda like the drama better than the novel because they compile the flashback parts in one go instead of going back and forth like in the novel. Not much costume drama lately, I'm running out of things to watch
  5. I created a Weibo account just to read the comments Her iPad must be so special
  6. They already removed the name "3L3W" from L&D title, so maybe we should consider it as non-related to TMOPB.
  7. They mentioned it in PB 1: Meng Shao told her that more than two hundred years ago, Fanyin Valley had also once had four different seasons. This year-round snowfall was only a recent phenomenon of the recent two hundred years. And if they were to speak of this phenomenon, they'd have to speak of the Biyiniao Clan's famous Archmage Chen Ye who had sought seclusion for many years past. It was said this Archmage for reasons unknown had locked himself at home one day, placed the three seasons into his sword, and stored it away inside his sleeve. He had not left his residence in the many years henceforth. Ever since, Fanyin Valley was deprived of spring, summer, and fall. I think the "memorial" Qinghua showed to Aranya in the prison was meant to be a "formal report" or "formal request". This word has been used several times in the book and it was never use to mean "memorial for someone who died". “Xize is really quite honorable. Although this marriage was meaningless to him, he never once over the years submitted a memorial to ask for a divorce." Depends on the translator, sometimes he/she translate it as "report". Qinghua turned, then after two steps, looked back and said, “Your case has been settled this morning, the execution is in three days. Chen Ye sent this report at noon, requesting His Majesty to move the execution to the shrine. Aranya never thought that Chen Ye was dead. She thought Chen Ye betrayed her.
  8. Not sure if it is Qingti or the Crown Prince(Vengo) or somebody else, someone in the mortal realm must die. That event is compulsory In TMOPB, anyone who met YeHua for the first time would say "Mo Yuan?!" or "You look like Mo Yuan" or something similar. I would imagine Biyiniaos in the dreamverse would give the same reaction towards Xize & Chen Ye. Totally agree. Goblin gives bigger impact because they used different actor/actress for past life and current life. Everyone would start speculating whether "is he..?" or "could she be...?". It would be more intriguing. I'm usually slow/blur at guessing plot twist. More secrets = More impact during revelation = More happy I am.
  9. 1)The correction spell means everyone will think that DongHua's face is what Xize looks like. 2)Vengo gonna play as DongHua and also Chen Ye. Combine 1) and 2) = Xize and Chen Ye has the same face in the Dreamverse, right?
  10. Without a doubt, fate has been cruel to Chen Ye. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Aranya never even knew to the day she died that Chen Ye loved her. When reading the book, I imagine Chen Ye and Aranya have different face than Donghua and FengJiu. I see them as the second lead couple with a tragic love story. But since Reba gonna play Aranya and Vengo gonna play Chen Ye in the drama, then I guess these characters will just be an extension story to the main lead couple. By the way, if Donghua gonna use his original face while pretending to be Xize, and Chen Ye also exist inside the dreamverse too, won't people notice that they have the same face?
  11. True. I hope they won't change too much and spoil DongFeng "first encounter" as it was supposed to leave big impression on DongHua. He even told Bai Zhi that he fell in love with FengJiu at first sight. I'm curious about the timeline for this mortal realm arc. By right, DongHua was supposed to be sleeping, while Jiheng was supposed to be in Fanyin Valley, unable to leave because of the Qiushui poison. They must have change the plot quite a bit.
  12. Seems like everyone age differently. Not everyone can maintain their youthfulness like DongHua Poor A-Li, the hierarchy thingy is so complicated. But since DongHua already married FengJiu, then A-Li should just call him 'DongHua gege'. And like what Liansong said, DongHua have to call YeHua 'uncle'
  13. I was hoping someone would add Pillow Book events into the timeline. I couldn't find any online, so maybe we can come out with one? I have prepared a rough draft of the major events. The first 2 are from Kakashi's timeline, the rest are based on info in PB novel. Note: Aranya's timeline was so messed up, so I just skipped everything. Dongfeng age gap is only around 360,000 years...he's not that old Feel free to add/amend the timeline.
  14. Thanks @chubby^green^ I must have missed those part when I first read the book last time. Gonna study it more thoroughly this time
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