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  1. I'm so excited for season 3 but a bit sad that Wang Ruichang won't be coming back. I'd rather they don't use his character in season 3 instead of replacing it with another face
  2. For me, JiHeng's character seems kinda weak as the love rival to the female lead. There's practically nothing special about her. I wonder why people would believe that Dijun stood up his bride on their wedding day to be with JiHeng. If it was me, I'd rather believe Dijun had an affair with Miao Luo. Those two have a long history together. I especially like how she always call him by his name. And the way she called out to him on her last moment ... it sounds so intimate
  3. I'd just finished watching the drama. The sweet ending was too short, I want more! -I love how they (mostly she) talks about money all the time LOL -I love how they have so many sweet moments together even before they have feeling towards each other -Qi Furen was so cool. She only had a few scenes but it leaves a strong impression, makes me totally admire her. -So sad for Xiao Lan... I definitely gonna watch the drama again, especially 8 years old Luyi's part
  4. Thank you, thank you Too bad I couldn't join earlier. But watching those episodes back to back really help to enjoy their slow romance better. I love Luyi and Jinxia's characters - neither of them are too arrogance nor too humble, not too strong nor too weak. With such good story and acting, we can easily turn a blind eye to the bad CGI and crappy editing And although Yan Shifan is the big-bad-wolf, it's hard to resist his handsome face with those beautiful pair of eyes I'm at ep40 now, gonna prepare my heart for whatever comes next.
  5. I've been binge-watching this for the past couple days, currently at ep35. I had to say, I was doubtful at first but this drama is sooo damn good I don't even need to use FF button. The lead couple really make my heart melt
  6. I've watched up to 12, but then decided to marathon Under The Power first since all episodes are already released. Jing Ci's aunt is super annoying but at least she's wearing a veil so we don't have to see her face
  7. I didn't register for Tencent account. I just played the non-VIP videos to increase the view count
  8. There are free extensions available online to bypass geo-blocking. I'm using iNinja Proxy on chrome to access tencent's website on my laptop.
  9. Yeah, I prefer to watch with chinese sub cause my listening isn't that good. But then I have to watch every episode twice - first time is to concentrate reading the sub, second time is to watch the drama
  10. Just like Xiangli Meng, they call him Meng-shao. (Xiangli is the family name, Meng is his first name) For Su Moye, they call him Mo-shao. If I'm not mistaken, shao 少 is short form for shaoye 少爷, which mean Young Master. CMIIW
  11. Top layout (mobile view) and quote box looks similar but I don't see any flag button my screen
  12. It was included in one of the trailer. But they cut down on number of episodes, so maybe they had to cut this part out.
  13. Yeah, especially the part where Qinghua said "“If you reincarnate, I will pay you in our next lives". It makes me want to chop her into pieces and feed them to vultures. But the story has progress past that point. I don't think they will include it as flash back.