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  1. Did anyone see Nam ji hyun unnie's recent post could anyone give the translation for it plz.... Cause all pics have different translation?
  2. Is there anyway to have a list of all people who visited oppa... Or maybe one of the soldiers who he lives with can pass any hint... Cause I want to know about them badly after hyunnie seeing the musical
  3. Thanks for welcoming me whole heartedly. Also glad to know I am not the only one who thinks they were in contact n my theory is right
  4. When I saw the post first I was so relieved bz I earlier I was thinking that my ship was shinking bz of no news from both of them. I was a silent lurker before but recently created an account. Also I heard that some people were stating that oppa took advantage of unnie while filming ( the anti shippers views not mine). But since unnie herself went and saw the musically that must have given them their answer.... Also, not sure but I think that as unnie went to see oppa's musical they must have had some kind of interaction in the 1yr 7 months approx... Just what I think... PL's don't judge me too harshly I'm really new to all this.
  5. I want to know if she really visited him... Because she seemed quite interested to go and see him while he was in the military...
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