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  1. OMOOO! Why I never thought it that way!! You're so right! And your gif hahahahah that's probably what R will do when she gets off work and found V playing with his phone . I will be content with drought this time, coz they're together and has alot of (i hope) lovey dovey time.
  2. I bursted out laughing at one of the comments in weibo. " are we really sure those are intimate scenes? Not domestic violence scenes?"
  3. Deep orange really suit her skintone, she practically glow. Hmm seems like both gg and mm like to wear western brand. Gg latest airport pic is he using dior bag, and they has that twin ysl jacket and burberry shirts.
  4. I feel like I need to provide another pov regarding JX. However we dislike then coz they never supported GR, we cannot deny that both gg and mm is indebted to jx, and Yang Mi as the boss. Yang Mi used to bring them (and other jx artist) on almost every project she had. Both gg and mm started from small role, till they hit big success from tmopb. And I feel both gg and mm has tremendous respect for her. So I choose to believe that jx was intentionally helping gg and mm keeping their relationship on the downlow and possibly shield gg from the potential backlash of mm fanbase if their relationship was made public. Just my 2 cents.
  5. If you guys got free time, pls vote guangre cp in wechat mini program. Its close call for 2nd place now. In just 8 seconds rank already changed couple times hahaha
  6. Not only plane, they also buy spaces on train. The dedication is something else indeed https://www.instagram.com/p/CAzU_acpg4C/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  7. What level is your obsession to ELOD? Mine is at 'i know every single scene this hand screenshot is taken from. Down to the episode number.' Send help!
  8. @rainyday293 i should have heed your warning. That hjy pic is like poison to your eyes. @Babyval as always thank you for providing us with translation! I would be so excited if she's indeed pregnant hahaha. @AlexW no wonder they feel like they "own" her. They spent fortunes on that. Wtf. The length they go to support her is something else.
  9. Did anyone notice, V now got 9 million followers on weibo, he's steadily rising since the boardcast of ELOD. Last i remember when they did live on taobao app on 24 may, he was 8,5 mil. Yay V for more popularity and recognition, so no one can say he's leeching off R's fame.
  10. The very same one, he said v is old and therefore unsuitable for r. Denglun or zbb might be better. Then i started to show him the tidbits of our dog treats and etc. When he said 'they could be testing water' i jumped with happiness hahahahah. Also his own words abt hjy and v are 'v might be ancient, but he's definitely much much cooler than hjy, which looks like neither a boy or a man. God knows how he landed the role with rb as female lead'
  11. So i consulted my friend who is a die hard rb fan. He previously said that it was impossible for rb and v to be together. We talked regularly and i sometimes show him the dog treats we found in this forum. the 520 bit and shanghai's proofs. But he still wasn't convinced they r together. Then as he also regularly watch happy camp, but haven't watch the recent ones. I showed him v's cut abt the 4 characters answer. And asked his opinion whether v and rb was supposedly 'testing waters' to go public. He answered could be, as hc never push cp unless it was real life ones. He also add better v than hjy, who's apparently unbearable to watch on the love designer, and as much as he dislike the idea of v and rb together, he would also wanna see rb get married someday and have her own happiness. Hope you guys have a cheerful Monday!
  12. I seems to recall the first rule of GR cp on weibo mentioned by @水蜜桃 : "glass-heart don't ship guangre" and newbie should read the previous pages rather than raining on our parade Everytime we happily munching our dog treats. I'm sorry this is not a very nice thing to say, but i was enjoying the HC bits and a bit offended with the mention of privacy and all. Idk whether this is ALS attempt on infiltrating our forum, or genuine concern from a newbie shippers. Either way thank you @LoquatsLove for your subbing hardwork! I'm enjoying V's struggling to NOT mention R's name immensely. This shall make me grinning like a school girl the whole day. Also my husband has been suspecting me having affair coz i keep grinning Everytime i read this forum. Hahaha
  13. So this is why there are TONS of sailormoon meme in gr cp weibo. I thought its just ppl trying to find similarity since usagi and mamoru height difference is similar with v and r. @LoquatsLove what? R is fan vic zhou? Didn't she act with him on the flames daughter?