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  1. Me gusta LCY más que GXW. No porque él mató a su abuelo, porque siempre creí que esto era un acto de guerra. Pide la rendición al abuelo para salvar a la ciudad de la masacre. Y él tiene que llevar su cabeza al Emperador para salvar a la gente de Danchi. GXW fue a Xi State para hacer algo y lo hizo sin dudarlo. Y a pesar de lo deslumbrado que estaba por ella. Creo que estaba enamorado de ella pero su amor no era tan profundo. Fue más un enamoramiento. Se entendieron, se divirtieron juntos y él quedó deslumbrado. Pero LCY realmente amaba a XF. Tal vez mal su forma de cuidarla, siempre la protegió y creo que terminó cegado por los celos. Pero no tengo dudas de que su amor fue más profundo y más intenso que el de GXW. To add to the controversy, I believe that XF loved GXW more than he did in State Xi and LCY loved XF more than she did in the Li Empire.
  2. Thanks to all for the enormous work in this forum! I have always felt the warmth with which you have provided the information you had at your disposal. Thank you. I have seen the images of the end and now I will wait to see it with subtitles in Spanish. It is a wonderful drama and the ending seems correct. XF pays with her death what she considers to be her fault: having taken GXW to her grandfather's camp causing the destruction of her family and her people. And LCY dies of old with nothing for what he fought all his life, not even the woman he loved. It is a politically correct ending. The truth is that it does not satisfy me because nothing that XF and LCY did during their life served. They fought and tolerated too much to never have a brilliant moment. XF can not change the story of what happened to her people. Although I understood that she makes promise to LCY that he would not get closer to her land, but nothing change the story or guarantees that another emperor will not do it. LCY fought for a lot of things and in the end he ended up with nothing. They were two lives full of suffering without ever achieving any happiness. I do not have enough with the image of the desert in which he looks for her and she seems to be waiting for him. My only criticism is to the writers and producers: if the drama was going to end badly they should have given the viewer more images of happy moments of the couple. Maybe like the ones they had at the beginning in State Xi. What I rescue most from this drama is that I manage to mobilize the feelings of the spectator Thanks for all the work. And maybe I'll change my opinion when I see the chapters to the end with subtitles. Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Acabo de comentar que nunca he visto un drama chino en mi vida. Es un hermoso drama. La fotografía, el vestuario, los escenarios y la pareja líder. Tiene escenas increíbles: cuando se enredan en el pañuelo, cuando GJ camina por el desierto, las dos bodas de los protagonistas, etc. Son realmente geniales. Pero la historia, y creo que ha sido bien contada, es terrible. La mayoría de los espectadores creen que un final triste es apropiado. Pero me niego a aceptar que hay vidas tan miserables como todos los personajes en esta historia. Aclaro que he visto subtítulos en inglés hasta el episodio 40. Esta es mi opinión: LCY: No creo que haya perdido el amor de la venganza. Todo comenzó a vengarse de su madre y de la familia Gu. Esa es la razón por la que perdió XF en State Xi. Pero en el Imperio Li, una vez que comprendió que ama a XF, sus acciones obedecen a un problema de supervivencia. Sabe que si no se deshace de la Emperatriz y la familia Gao, nunca podrá estar con XF. Creo que su gran error fue pensar que una vez que lo tuviera, podría manejar las cosas con XF. Nunca fue feliz. Mataron a la madre, fue criado por su asesino, sus 2 hermanos murieron prácticamente en sus manos, mataron a la familia de la mujer que amaba, se enamoraron de una mujer que nunca pudo decirle que la amaba y que se vio obligado a hacerlo. hazla sufrir cosas horribles, la mujer que amaba, lo amaba y lo odiaba en la misma medida, pensó que estaba enamorado de otra persona, la ve morir más de dos veces y al final nunca podrá tenerla por toda la eternidad. . Para tener una vida tan espantosa, debería haber muerto con el primer hermano. XF: ama y odia a un hombre en la misma medida, tiene la culpa de amar a la persona que mata a su familia, ella cree que el hombre que ama está enamorado de otra persona, se confunde y cree que su primer amor es otro. y ella muere dos veces. GJ: rechaza a XF cuando estaban en Xi State para vengar a su familia, se rinden al hombre que va a destruir el pueblo de la mujer, cuando acepta que la ama, que ama a otro hombre, que paga sus faltas y que dedica sus La vida la protegió, aunque él nunca podría protegerla del sufrimiento, al final él la engaña nuevamente, haciéndole creer que él es GXW y finalmente muere. Una vida totalmente inútil. SESE: otra vida inútil. Ella pasa toda su vida enamorada y gateando alrededor de un hombre que nunca la quiso. Y ella lo sabía perfectamente. Se mintió a sí misma toda su vida. Ella permitió que LCY se acostara en su cara. Ella permitió llevar toda la culpa y los castigos que el hombre que amaba la hicieron sufrir para defender a otra mujer. Un personaje patético. Y eso no sé cómo termina todavía. General Pei y Luoxi: No sé qué les pasa después de la boda. El único que más o menos tuvo una vida digna es el séptimo. Princesa, Yong Ning, que tiene un papel de apoyo. Realmente, nadie fue feliz en el drama. Siento mucho escribir, pero este drama me ha angustiado y tuve que desahogarme.
  4. Thank you. I speak Spanish and I read in English, and I look at the images in Chinese. I get confused. I have suffered so much with this drama. It's beautiful but I do not want to see a Chinese drama anymore in my life.
  5. I do not understand anything!! When is this scene? XF does not die by A`Du's sword? Return to the Li Empire with LCY? Who is the baby? I'm confused. This is the alternative ending they talked about? She dies the same and what does he do in that river?
  6. I`m sorry about my bad English. I agree with you. I do not usually watch tragic dramas either, but this has totally captivated me. The history, the costumes, the scenarios and the enormous chemistry of the main couple is wonderful. I agree, because I have seen many historical dramas, in which much of what happened is normal at that time. I'm almost sure it's going to end badly, but I keep looking at it with the illusion that something happens that changes things for our partner. In another environment, they are perfect for each other: they have fun together, XF has purity and rebelliousness, and LCY has the intelligence and rationality that make them complement each other perfectly. She causes problems and he follows her and protects her. They are a couple formed in heaven. What saddens me most of this drama, is that they did not have a time in which they were happy. XF suffered throughout the drama and LCY too. I remember when it began, before learning that the Empress had killed his mother and his family, and the death of the first brother, it was said that he was the most intelligent but was not interested in politics, and he was sweet and sensitive as his mother. In his head he knows that he does all this in order to be with her without danger. When he comes back and embraces her saying that everything is over, he loves her and she is the only one in his life, my heart breaks. He sincerely believes that everything will be fixed and they will be able to be together. I also hope that after he dies of old remembering her, suffering for not having her and paying for his mistakes, they find themselves in another life as two strangers in Xi state and give us to understand that they can have a happy life. Although I am aware that a terrible ending fits into the story, NO ONE CAN BE UNHAPPY FOR ALL ETERNITY ... it would be terrible an end like that.
  7. In the scene that LCY embraces XF and she nails him the knife he says: LCY: XiaFeng I'm back. Everything is over. I love you. Really I love you. I can forget about you and Gu Xianwu. You can really forget. You promise me. Have you forgotten? Let's start again. XF: She sticks the knife in LCY: Why? Why do you hate me so much? Why? Before you say LCY tells her: XiaFeng you are what I want in my life. XF: You liked the Zhao girl so much before. That you fought with me for her every day. But now you're saying you were using it. You hated me so much. I'm crying for taking me out every day. But now you say I'm asking for your life. You are like that. Let me know you again. In the scene where XF is alone she says: I just hate not being able to forget him. I just hate myself because I can not forget him. Very sad everything ....
  8. Así que el final alternativo ya es: LCY le permite a XF regresar con A`Du a su casa. No sabemos qué pasa después.
  9. I understand that she has power because the Xi Kingdom had influence in all the surrounding towns. Although the Kingdom disappeared and it remain united to the Empire Li, if all the western towns were united the Gao family could not dominate them.
  10. In episode 16 the monk says, "I want to give you two advice, your destinies are entangled in three lives, there is cause and effect in everything, whether it's a good predestined relationship or an unfortunate relationship." Remember not to force anything. everything flows as fate allows. " Then he calls LCY and says: "The predestined relationships correspond reciprocally, do not impose, do not force it."
  11. My ideal ending would be: XF dies with the sword of A`Du in this second life, LCY dies old after having paid his faults, remembering the rest of his life to XF and without being able to have her by his side, and a third life when they meet again without painful stories and cross the prairies of the Xi Kingdom together haha !!
  12. Sorry for my problems with English. I do not see LCY as a greedy hungry for power. It is not like the second brother. His nature is kind, warm and cheerful. It is entangled in the plots of power to avenge his mother and the extermination of the Gu family. He worries about protecting the people he loves. I understand that for us his actions can be very hard, but they are normal for a person of that time and in his position. There is no doubt that he is fascinated with Xiao Feng, has fun and enjoys spending time with her. I know he makes her suffer a lot but if he had not done those things to XF she would have already been killed in the Eastern Palace.
  13. Hello!! I greatly appreciate the information that you provide in the forum. I always read everything you write but since my language is Spanish, I never write. But I like this drama so much that I make the effort to read in English and even see the images in Mandarin, jajajajjj !! The drama is wonderful, the photography, the scenarios, the costumes and the enormous chemistry of the main couple. I try to understand some of Li Cheng Yin's actions, focusing on his goals and locating the story in a time where human life was worth nothing. The actions of LCY are difficult to understand with our current look and a romantic vision but for the time and place maybe they are adequate. XF would have already died several times if LCY had not acted that way. I think that if this drama is going to end badly, the producers should give the viewer some beautiful moments of the couple. The truth is that from what I've seen so far, none of the characters was happy except for a few moments of XF and LCY in the Xi Kingdom. However, although this life in the Li Empire ends with the death of XF cutting his throat and old LCY, wandering alone through the desert, I CONTINUE MISSING THE THIRD LIFE OF WHICH THE MONK SPOKE IN THE TEMPLE (he said they were going to be entangled by 3 lives). The first was in the Xi Kingdom that ends with both throwing themselves into the river, the second in the Li Empire when XF would cut his throat and old LCY without being able to forget it. AND THE THIRD LIFE WHAT IS IT? I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE PRODUCERS FORGET THIS DETAIL.
  14. La historia es maravillosa, fresca, entretenida, con excelente ambientación, fotografía y actuaciones. La química de la pareja principal es impresionante. Entiendo que el único final lógico sea uno trágico. Con la historia que precede no hay posibilidades de terminar bien. Pero como soy imaginativa me ilusiono con la tercera vida de la persona que habló el monje en el templo, siendo la primera en el Reino Xi, la segunda en el Imperio Li y la tercera ... que comience todo de nuevo y que ninguna de esas cosas pasan entre ellos. Xiao Feng: Es hermosa, pura, alegre, apasionada, testaruda e irradia una luz maravillosa. No hay nada que decir de ella. Lamento que la abuela le impidiera escapar antes del matrimonio porque Li Cheng Yin la hubiera seguido por todo el desierto. Li Cheng Yin / Gu Xiao Wu: a pesar de todo, no creo que un codicioso hambriento de poder. No es como el segundo hermano. Su naturaleza es bondadosa, cálida y alegre. Probablemente, no tiene la menor idea de sus propios sentimientos. Hoy, no creo que esté listo para ser el emperador de una nación. Se puede escribir fácilmente en las tramas de poder. No hay dudas de qué esté fascinado con Xiao Feng, se divierte y disfruta de compartir el tiempo con ella. La búsqueda no es importante. En la noche de bodas fue a Xiao Feng, frente a su rechazo, prestado y sobrio a la mañana siguiente, tuvo un solo gesto de consumir el matrimonio con matrimonio. Gu Jian: la quiere, pero también siempre fue un cobarde confundido. La verdad es que, entre otras cosas, a pesar de lo que había pasado. Quiero un final donde Xiao Feng y Li Cheng Yin puedan terminar juntos y donde no haya pasado nada de la historia que tuvieron. Si en la tercera vida ella muere nuevamente prefiero no verla mas.
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