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  1. I think they are probably going to manteiv to meet the neanthal ans they will come back to arthdal with them
  2. There is also an important question to ask: will neanthals come back? I doubt roddib forget about Asa Hon's twin so I wonder if he will try to search for them and mainly for eunseom. Also we know that five neanthals are still alive: nunbyeol, roddib and yiseuroobeu. We have 2 left. yiseuroobeu was already there since episode 1 so I think the other 2 are the other kid that Ragaz and Asa hon saved with roddib, and the last can maybe be Rakeuneurupeu (neanthal's former leader) since they never found his body.
  3. Can't wait to see this drama. They have a good chemistry so I hope we'll have some romance parts lol
  4. I just wanted to say that Yoona and hong jong hyun are dating. There is a saeseng account of HJY on ig who is exposing basically HJH life which is kinda sad tbh. But that account (name: fcuplover) confirmed that yoona and HJY are dating. And also he used to date After school nana in the past ( during "we got married" time).
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