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  1. i blamed the mother for giving tough love to the son. She should have at least show care and concern to her son, rather doing it the harder route. It causes the son to have low self-confidence, doesn’t feel that he should deserve love, and it drifted his family apart. His son wouldn’t even want to visit him and his wife! I get it that her husband died young, but she should have been more of a compassionate mom to her son! After all these years, her son grew up thinking that no one loves him! Had she raise him in a loving environment by positive reinforcement, he would have self confidence and possible made some few friends along the way. Then possible have a happy marriage with his poor wife who truly love her husband and better father and son relationship. Rather than want until she old and about to die to find out that his mom would scoop all the snow away so he doesn't fall. I'm sorry but I truly hate tough love! It causes so much misunderstanding when it could have been avoided.
  2. i know this may sound stupid but I'm really at lost here. Just to confirm, the younger version of the grandma in the 21st century never exist right? i wonder why the cripple father and his son doesn't get along, am i missing something? Sorry, this drama really confused my brain. Lol
  3. My brain hurts after reading this. Hopefully the writer-nim can make it easy for my brain to understand. Lol.
  4. @celebriannaGo up and see what she posted. i didn't say anything rude just tell her that her intro was wrong. Then she started add stuffs to the mix, when I clearly say ”im sorry but” Then she proceeds with tackling me. Thank you! Then I told her at least get the content right even if she watches it raw. Like images. Then she goes on and on about me and I'm like ”....” Okay next! Then she accused me of being rude to her and etc. i did not yell at her or use vulgar languages. Overall I don't even know how she blew it out of proportion.
  5. i have hopes that DR will slap DY. LOL and tell her that she needs to stop being a bully and that she needs to work on herself. DY is not ready for marriage and she heavily relies on her husband. The best gift that DR can give to DY is a slap on her face to make her wake up. To be honest, DY doesn't love her husband, she's in love with the title and social status.
  6. Erm..I’m sorry but the info that you give is incorrect, if you haven't watch it, please don't make assumptions. Anyways, to make it short, DR’s father name has finally been clear to the public that he wasn't the killer. People who threw eggs at DR came back to apologize with flowers! LOL! The irony! If I was DR I would take my eggs and throwback at them. HJ told DY that DR is the father and ugh! Can't stand DY, her face expression makes me wanna slap her! Then WDR’s mother had a talk with DR’s father! That richard simmons! I just want to pull her hair! At this point, I don't even want DR to deal with that toxic family in law. WDR and DR’s father had a talk and due to the influence of WDR’s mother, the conversation left WDR heart-broken. *rolls eyes. Oh DR and the baker go on a movie date :), so cute! I haven’t seen DR so relax, happy, and laughing in a long time. I hope they will end up together. As much as I like WDR, his family is too much trouble for DR and her family. I want to see DR finish her school and become a lawyer, that was her original dream before her adopted dad passed away. Mr. Kang joined HJ’s family for fabulous dinner. DR’s adopted mother told everyone that HJ is pregnant because she was showing pregnant symptoms like nausea. Everyone is shocked but happy. Oh cute scene: MR.KANG and HJ are happy together when they received the baby’s little shoes. I'm not gonna go into details, as DY pretends to go to bed, her husband sneak out for his rendezvous with his mistress. In the daytime, DY see the mistress, walks up to her and grab her by her hair and drag her to the corner. DR is walking by and she see DY dragging the mistress’s hair, so she follows. i hope DR will protect the mistress because it looks like the mistress is much nicer than DY. But with the way the writer-nim previous works, DR might protect and defend DY if the mistress attempt to hurt DY. Ugh! I do not want to see that happen, so i prayed that tomorrow episode DR can finally slap the hell out of DY and defend the mistress! During the corporate meeting, WDR us shocked to find the handsome baker at the meeting and in process of finding out that the baker is the grandson of this huge corporate that WDR is working with. It's nice to see Baker in a suit. DR and her father deserves every ounce of happiness and I hope DR will get with the baker. At least the baker’s family will not give DR and her family troubles, especially the fact that the grandfather will do anything to have his grandson back and I’m pretty sure he already did a background check on DR and her father. So if they get together, she can live a happy married life with loving in-laws and become a lawyer.
  7. I’m confused can someone explain to me what is happening in the last episode?
  8. Don't worry about Daya. That woman is about to go down. Her beloved man cheated on her. It served her right! Even though cheating is bad, but she sabotaged DR’s love life! Karma will serve her bloody self. She is such a freaking richard simmons.
  9. I just want to slap that homeless/murder man so badly. He's the real culprit of everyone’s messed up family life. If Mr. Kang never went to prison, he would have work like crazy to provide DR a better lifestyle, and possible meet HJ along the way. DR would have been a lawyer and doesn't have to deal with her crazy adopted mother. DR’s status would have been approved by the Wang’s family! As for DY and her family, she would have a good relationship with DR and Dr’s father. I blamed that selfish jerk who destroy everyone life!
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