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  1. The picture of the old bridge looks like the roof of the tunnel where car to heaven departs. Love the idea cinema dating!!! Can’t wait to see it. So far dramas I like almost all of them has movie dates.
  2. If it was SC in the car, the drama would be too upsetting for viewers. However apart from SC, I can’t think of anyone else that would make CS follows the car like that, except MW. If I had a choice, I’d rather have MW in it than SC. There are 4 episodes left, if MW leaves in episode 13 then there is a very high chance she’d come back since still 3 episodes to go. I also watched Arthdal Chronicle. When season 2 finished and I knew I had to wait nearly 2 months for season 3, I was like “Wth? It is complicated and confusing enough even watching it continuously”. Then I thought 2 months would be as long as 2 years. Now I really don’t want to say goodbye to HDL, post drama fever is coming...
  3. Perhaps they mean no plans for now, not yet set the date. Just like “Done for me” has only been released today but it has been used since early episodes.
  4. Agreeeeeee!!!!! Kiss like you guys don’t have the chance to kiss ever again. I know these “statue” kisses fit their characteristics and situations better than those “steamy and sticky” kisses. Just like when I followed Touch Your Heart drama, the characters have never been in loved before so they kissed like touch lips until episode 14, which was reasonable for them but painful for me (I’m sorry if this against the policy of mentioning other dramas but no bad intention here ) There are only 4 episodes left, I hope the best for JMW & GCS.
  5. Hmm, I watch livestream and to be honest, to me it was kinda statue kisses. When IU kissed CS first then he pulled her arm to give her another kiss. No movement at both kisses. However better than nothing Just wondering what they talked before the kisses...
  6. I don’t understand the last part. Please tell me they didn’t break up or decided to leave each other for good or anything similar...
  7. I was expecting a kiss so badly but no, they hugged for like 5 minutes and didn’t even think about next step. So sad The serial killer for sure will harm CS. I hope our detective is good enough to solve these crimes, release the innocent man who was arrested and takes ASAP actions to avoid further deaths. Next episode preview is no promising for a kiss though
  8. The last scene of Ep 7 when JMW recalls memories when she sees Mira, do you think CS also sees those memories? He looks surprised at the moment and looks at JMW as if he saw the same things in her past... So curious.
  9. They said there were five “blue blood” survivors. As I remember we have met 3 so far. I’m wondering if the other two are the twins S. and E.? Maybe as the kids they thought the twins were also “blue-blood”?
  10. I cried twice (when I watched livestream and watched it again with subtitles on Netflix later) on the sisterhood scene. The youngest sister, her acting was short of brilliant when she witnessed her older sister was threatened. I haven’t cried at all on any scenes so far with this drama but this scene was very touching. It showed love, impuissant, pain and regret.
  11. Oh no, don't tell me he is going to leave her...again. He promised he would stay with her forever. Please PD nim, don't make "forever" only lasts two episodes
  12. I really hope they don’t do something like erase YS’s memories and leave her the scarf. Then because the rain is a big deal with KD so anytime it rains she feels hurt and cries a lot because she doesn’t know why herself suffers the deepest sorrow whenever it rains. Gradually she remembers KD and everything and so on and so on... I’d die if it happened.
  13. Finally OSN is on air. I was waiting for it after Touch Your Heart. Pretty Noona was very good at the start, however the later half of it really demotivated me. I didn’t finish it though. The first episode of OSN was so nice in an enough way. The acting, the music and the script, all were enjoyable enough. A little more of any aspects weren’t necessary and wouldn’t make any better first impression. Now there is something to look forward to every week. I do hope it would attract viewers until the very end.
  14. Such a meaningless Wednesday today... Start a new working week without anything to look forward to. It has been ages since I watched Goblin but still can’t move on. Now, it is even more difficult.
  15. Hi @braunau, sorry I couldn’t get online earlier. Yeah, I agree it the article was bias. LDW’s acting wasn’t disappointing. In fact, the “cold” and “no emotion” face occasionally matched perfectly with KJR’s characteristic. Take it easy, I think the article writer just over-expected after LDW’s performance in Goblin but he forgot Goblin wasn’t a rom-com drama. Tragedy drama always gives actors more chances to demonstrate their talents Yep, the photo of them together was made by fan I tried to watch WWWSK and Encounter, I stopped after episode 2 and 3 respectively. Their ratings were very high despite of the plot and acting’s, PMY & SHK must be super popular then. With TYH, I watched livestream in Korean language even I didn’t understand, then stayed awake to wait until 2am every Wed+Thu to watch with subtitle, made me look like a zombie morning after but it was worth every minute and obsolutely no regret
  16. As far as I know (from reading) LDW and YIN didn’t take any pictures together at the wrap up party. They sat far from each other as well. LDW showed up late and left early meanwhile YIN didn’t show up in front of media. I actually quite surprised about that. They always show that they are very closed in person but not at all any contact at the party. In my country they have an article on a popular e-magazine explains why TYH wasn’t successful in rating despite of the fact it had a silver couple. One of the reasons they blame LDW’s acting.
  17. Am I happy with the ending? Yes. They are in love and being loved and supported by their friends, fans and so on. I wish nothing more than this after Goblin. Am I satisfied with the last episode? Hmm, probably not. Too many ads in the last episode and they are ridiculously time consuming. Last episode needs to put an “ending” for every events in the whole series (second pair, Choi-Dan, OJS career, secretaries...) plus ads stuff makes the overall of this episode is very lack of focusing and a message. PD-nim literally gave us everything we asked for. Like an previous post mentioned, we wanted shower scene, bed-scene...he gave us all, just not the way we wanted they to be. He even gave us a proposal scene today which honestly shocked the he** out of me, I couldn’t imagine it at all after the weight of the second pair during last 15 episodes. Master of trolling
  18. OMG! Thanks to @triplem then I know I am not the only one that has a “bad thought” about “protection” meaning here. I just didn’t dare to speak out I absolutely love this episode. The bed scene was unbelievable haha. KJR is definitely next life of the GR, he sleeps the exactly like GR
  19. So...it isn’t a wedding Can’t PDnim use budget for that 10 years anniversary on a wedding instead?
  20. I wish it is a wedding more than anything. However it looks a bit too simple to be a wedding of an Universal Goddess. It looks more like a End of year acting award ceremony or simply an end of year party of Always law firm. Cant believe it is Wednesday already and tomorrow will be the last episode. I am wondering if the film crew and casts are sad about the rating since it is very important in Kdrama industry.
  21. One part of me wants Wednesday to come, however another part doesn’t want it to come at all. I have a very mixed feeling since. For two months, I’ve always been looking forward to Wednesday, but this week I feel extremely confused. It is funny because my weekend is actually Monday & Tuesday, so I should hate Wednesday since it is the start of my working pattern week. Oddly enough, I could not wait for my weekend to be over in February and March. Only LDW & YIN can make me so contrary to myself I am sad thinking this drama possibly is the last drama they work together. On the other hand, I am happy thinking eventually KS & WY can live the lives where they don’t need a reason to meet and be happy ever after.
  22. I know that I should not compare but I see Goblin spirits in TYH, which makes me soooo happy. Like, the kiss at OJS’s house, KJR moves the glass aside then lean to kiss her. The kiss between the detective and actress at a cafe in Goblin is the same, LH puts his drink aside then lean to kiss YIN There is more, GR erases Sunny’s memories but she remembers every moments since even they are sad memories they still make her happy. KJR wants OJS to forget all about their happy time but OJS chooses not to because they all make her happy. In both it is her choice to retain the memories Finally, our dear detective LH a consultant for a drama that Sunny is a lead actress, and yes, our dearest KJR is going to be a consultant for a drama that OJS is a lead actress There is only 2 episodes left, I don’t know if they will be casted together again in the future so I will definitely treasure every single second of the last two
  23. Haha, someone spends 12 episodes to just only sweeping the table when his girlfriend is sitting next to him, in his very own flat, no one is around, then I doubt there will be “hurry hurry” scene. Thank you for quoting it again, I must have missed it
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