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  1. I was expecting the drama to come out and finally I dropped after episode 5. I watched quite a lot of movies and TV series of the same types such as asylum, psycho and so on. SFH has everything it should have to attract me to follow from the topic to the cast (LDW to be specific). However I still dropped it by half way. I was thinking why I wasn’t attracted by the show. There are a number of reasons and of course, all is just personal perspective. 1. I am not convinced by the acting’s of the twins. It isn’t easy to perform a mental illness person and keeps giggling and laughing doesn’t work in this. For me, it looks unrealistic. It is just annoying. 2. A lot of the time LDW talks but doesn’t open his mouth which leads to his face no movement. It doesn’t make things mysterious or creepy but makes his acting quite stiff and lack of emotion. A serial killer or a psychopath doesn’t necessarily have a poker & pale face. 3. Is it that easy to kill and hide in Korea? A detective went missing after a several people, a manager was killed in an office (with no CCTV in the building as well as inside the office). 4. Apart from what happened at work, JW’s girlfriend lives quite well in a shared apartment. I don’t know how much and how long have they been in a relationship but it isn’t a passionate one. Lack of communication, understanding and sharing. I told my boyfriend the difficulties I had at work, how my colleagues bullied me, how I hated food at the canteen. He told me how he hated his customers and his manager, when he needed money since payday still weeks and so on. Sometimes just by messages. JW and his girlfriend, their relationship sounds no attached. 5. Finally, JW as a NEW intern who has NO ability and gets the job due to RELATIONSHIPS then his attitude at work definitely receive hatred. It is true to everyone. If I worked with him I’d not like him as well (Luckily I didn’t otherwise I’d be killed). I’m not saying he has to kiss someone’s a**, but he (27 years old) should be more sensitive in behaviour. I hope I don’t annoy any SFH fans. Just what I think personally
  2. I actually, from the very first beginning, don’t expect she can do anything successfully which requires “agent skills” so I’m not mad Suzy’s acting isn’t bad, it is just simple.
  3. I have mixed feelings for the show. Just my very personal opinions. I think YJW is way too innocent & unthoughtful for his age (27). He wasn’t sensitive when dealing with his line-manager at work (not his boss). He knew his line-manager liked the designer. He knew the slippers were specially bought for her. Yet he still accepted and used them. I wouldn’t find it strange if he wasn’t treated well by his line-manager. He also didn’t seem keen on with his relationship, namely his girlfriend. Perhaps they broke up. He has her photo on phone screen so I guess he loves her still. However they didn’t cooperate regarding his move to Seoul at all. Not to mention she has been in Seoul for awhile. I know she is busy and is being bullied at work, true, but isn’t boyfriend closed to us the most? Could not help out sounds a bit cold and unusual here. All of the guys next door are indeed super weird. My apologies, I am not yet familiar with all characters’ names. I am impressed the most with the guy was killed in Ep2 for not asking for LDW’s permission before killing people. The look from his eyes and his attitude brought an insecure feeling to the opposite people. The guy with glasses who are fond of 18+ stuff looks super creepy indeed. It’d scare the hell out of me if I had a neighbor like him. The owner of Eden, she (up to now) is just annoying since she talks too much. The mental health twins acting, with his laughs and mysterious behaviour in fact don’t impress me. I really like the story that this drama based on. Smart, creepy, mysterious and insecure. I look forward to seeing more episodes, to see unexpected situations come up, unsolvable circumstances and unplayable crimes.
  4. I watched and couldn’t comment anything during episode 16 was on air because I was busy crying and swearing to the livestream unstable signal. So doing three things at the same time occupied me pretty much I like the way it ended. At the end of the day, we are all in the dignity’s game. I am not sure if all hotel staff are in their next lives or not, but I am not convinced since CS is still young and it takes at least 40 years after reincarnation for the scholar to be at that age again. I’d like to think it as CS’s imagination about the good next lives they would have. New new owner looks...ridiculously attractive in an evil way.
  5. Up to today episode 15 is my favourite one. This episode has everything it needed: A little of fun, sadness, revealing and love. For the first time with HDL I cried. Tears were just running unconsciously when I watched how our boy’s life was ended and how he did his revenge. Graduation ceremony and team building afterwards were very touching and beautiful. The party scene of conversation between Sanchez & CS was hilarious, so was the “move-in” announcement talk between the three
  6. I can confirm the longest week of the year is from Monday 26/08/2019 to Saturday 31/08/2019. Should we expect a scenario when MW comes back, MW and CS will throw themselves to each other and pull an absolute passionate kiss, then perhaps laying in bed...chatting...if PDnim against the rest of the world’s expectation. That’s revealed to hear CM can be reincarnated by passing the bridge @Ellander88, thank you. Hopefully with MW leaves him in the middle doesn’t cause consequences in his reincarnation.
  7. Guys, please don’t judge me but with this episode I feel really really sorry for CM. He had such an upsetting life (was put in a position of a betrayer then be a firefly for more than 1000 years), heartbreaking lovestory and can’t-be-worse ending (never reborn). What had he done wrong to deserve all of these? Until the last moment of his entire destiny, MW decided to leave him. I like CS as well and whatever MW chooses will just bring me down. The “Ghost Avengers” was awesome!!! Though they didn’t have chance to show their powers.
  8. So MW & CS decided to make people remember the past? It isn’t a very nice thing to do then. They are in love now, pure and innocent. That will break them...
  9. To everyone who recapping: You guys bring me the feeling not any less excited than watching Avengers: Eng Game. Thanks so much!!!
  10. Livestream is really bad today. I missed who was in the car. Anyone knows who was in the car?
  11. The picture of the old bridge looks like the roof of the tunnel where car to heaven departs. Love the idea cinema dating!!! Can’t wait to see it. So far dramas I like almost all of them has movie dates.
  12. If it was SC in the car, the drama would be too upsetting for viewers. However apart from SC, I can’t think of anyone else that would make CS follows the car like that, except MW. If I had a choice, I’d rather have MW in it than SC. There are 4 episodes left, if MW leaves in episode 13 then there is a very high chance she’d come back since still 3 episodes to go. I also watched Arthdal Chronicle. When season 2 finished and I knew I had to wait nearly 2 months for season 3, I was like “Wth? It is complicated and confusing enough even watching it continuously”. Then I thought 2 months would be as long as 2 years. Now I really don’t want to say goodbye to HDL, post drama fever is coming...
  13. Perhaps they mean no plans for now, not yet set the date. Just like “Done for me” has only been released today but it has been used since early episodes.
  14. Agreeeeeee!!!!! Kiss like you guys don’t have the chance to kiss ever again. I know these “statue” kisses fit their characteristics and situations better than those “steamy and sticky” kisses. Just like when I followed Touch Your Heart drama, the characters have never been in loved before so they kissed like touch lips until episode 14, which was reasonable for them but painful for me (I’m sorry if this against the policy of mentioning other dramas but no bad intention here ) There are only 4 episodes left, I hope the best for JMW & GCS.
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