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  1. I totally agree with everyone. Sad ending is better than an opened ending and even way better than an ending that they stare at each other then the end!
  2. At the end of the day, after all that happened and put them on a scale, I have no idea if CLOY is romcom or not. There is a theory that RJH has already called the SK NIS agent because before SK NIS agent bumped into second sister in law, he was just on a phone with someone, and the next scene we see RJH just finished using his phone and put it in his jacket before talking to F5 about he would be late. RJH might tell NIS he was on special duty following criminal to SK. He might even tell NIS to shoot both of them in case things go wrong when facing CCG, that why he said “he put everything on this chance”. CCG will die in episode 15 for sure, no sign of him in trailer 15. The theory doesn’t mention of a happy ending but F5 and RJH must go back to NK, it is inevitable.
  3. TVN and the writer totally know how to increase rating but somehow I feel like they are happy with situation now so they don’t make any moves. Still cuts that are released before episodes usually don’t say much, therefore don’t increase viewers’ curiosity which would finally result in less eager and need to watch at air time. Same happens with trailer for next episode. Unless the situation happens at the end of previous episode is extremely tense, I think viewers aren’t thirst to watch at air time. About kisses and bed scene and similar, not that viewers (like me) want just literally see those scenes because we “basically want so” but it isn’t reasonable for a man and a woman (who were born in 1988, which is 32 years old now) have deep passion in each other, desire to be loved and cared and be with each others, and when they have chances they only manage to hold hands and stare. They kissed when they realized how important the others’ safety, kissed when they said goodbye and they don’t when they reunite, exchange pledge of love and on the bridge again. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I believe the happy ending will happen. It will be a scene where they finally meet again after some years, they stand there and stare at each other. If we are lucky, they might hold hands.
  4. The tunel which leads to the beach can’t be just conincident. YSR was abandoned on the beach and RJH followed that tunel to the beach. YSR real mother might accessed SK by this way, therefore YSR step mother left her there for real mother to collect but she never showed up. I really hope YSR has something related to NK so that she can be with RJH safely and happily.
  5. When RJH has his face covered and was wearing his dark green coat, he reminds me of a fish in a game called Feeding Frenzy 2 I used to play when I was a kid There are only 5 episodes left and yet still quite a few issues that haven’t been addressed: - YSR’s past and her mother - The action plan of the hideous alliance of anyone who wants to harm YSR, RJH and his family - What is RJH’s family going to do to protect them? - What exactly can F5 do to help with the situation now in Seoul? - Seoul’s police action once they found the pin - Most important: Our OTP future plan? Fight to be together? Accept to be splited? Engage? Marriage? - .... Also, why is it so difficult to have a proper kissing/bed scene? It doesn’t have to be super hot but...really, until when do they plan to just look and hug Here is the fish btw...
  6. The ring!!! The ring!!! Just one thing: His hair style is back to normal, is he back home? It better not be engagement ring with Seo Dan. In another spoiler it says the scene is when Seri is in hospital. I hope she does not get hurt. Could be she is pregnant
  7. I’m pretty sure they are two different characters. They are both famous in real life though.
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