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  1. AGREE! It's our girl who is very careful. I guess she was traumatized by how much media and paparazzi attention her last relationship with another actor had and the backlash she got after people speculated she did not wait for him while he was still in the army. People did not really respond well to that. So, I can't really blame her if we would learn later on that it was her choice to keep whatever she and Wookie have on the down low.
  2. My gut feelings telling me that they are real. Their eyes say so much and they way they interact with each other. LDW gentle and tender gestures/actions towards YIN. He is too smitten with her. Our guy being too agreeable for a guy "friend" to be. The way his voice would take on a gentle/tender timbre when he talks to her which I don't think he even notices. Many little things that I've notice between them on the BTS and even when they are acting. All screams "together" and "couple" to me.
  3. It seems uri pichi couple have learned a lot and picked up a lot of things and ideas from TYH. It will surely not be a big surprise then if we later on find out that they are the real-life KJR & OJS.
  4. I quite agree with you. I, too, would rather help those secret couples keep their privacy and see them succeed in their relationships and then progress on to take that ultimate step towards marriage. Wouldn't that be more fun and rewarding? And seeing the couples get married to each other in the end is surely a more rewarding and joyful gift for their fans in the end, right? Besides, I hate having to keep tailing all those secret couples while they keep evading the paps. It never gets any easier. Also, I wouldn't want to stay the whole time inside a car doing nothing while waiting for those couples to make a move. Oh man! Those have gotta be the most boring moments of all!
  5. "Call me Mr. Smitten!" The way he looks at her even during this stage just tells us how smitten he already was with her. He was already falling fast for her even then. Just my two cents though. Ctto to WN Haryanti on Touch Your Heart - Spazz Zone on FB
  6. You got my heart on overdrive with your info, chingu, that I am breathless. My delulu self says it now all makes sense.
  7. I'd like to indulge my delulu self and say our boy got it for her.
  8. Oh how you fuel my delulu heart and mind chingu on top of that "mind stimulating" caption! LOL <3 <3 <3 I bet they're both really hungry. Maybe she has come to love pinks a lot now especially since the color is closely associated with strawberries, and she likes to be called Ttalgi. *delulu mode ON*
  9. Hmmm… Has anyone of you noticed YIN's reaction after CEO Yeon walked out of the dining area after OJS announced that she and KJR were dating? That part where she stuck her tongue out while holding up their joined hands? I've always thought YIN's "acting" in that part was too real considering that sticking her tongue out seems to be a mannerism of hers, or so I've noticed in some variety shows that I've seen her in and in her other dramas too. Anyone care to share their thoughts on this too?
  10. I looked at his reaction, and he actually looked worried about her here. Maybe worried that she might get hurt while practicing trying to hurl herself at him after her shoe caught in that scene.
  11. This particular evasive tactic, in my opinion, actually does the opposite of what we think they are trying to achieve. The tactic instead raises more questions and invites more speculations. LOL
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