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  1. On side note/unrelated note I think about this scene a lot lol Definitely my favorite scene in TMOPB of DH+FJ Their acting here is so perfect, can't wait to see this dynamic in the Pillow Book!!
  2. Ah you're right "deception" is a way better word to describe it Thankfully there are plenty of funny and cute moments in this story, the angst comes in small but strong moments Bless the fact that it's a happy ending, hopefully that'll calm everyone whose hearts can't handle too much drama lol
  3. Times like these I wish I could understand Chinese, I'm sure a lot of the underlying poetry is lost in translation. But I will say I still felt the symbolism of the flowers in the translated novel (also everytime the wind would pick up to DH emotions) It's so beautiful!! I hope they are able to translate that feeling and poetic love into the drama! As for the symbolism of the flowers, it seems quite fitting. Especially when representing Fengjiu. I feel this line really stuck with me, "Some legends have it that when you see someone that you may never meet again, these flowers, also called red spider lilies or corpse flowers, would bloom along the path" This basically describes so much of Fengjiu and Donghua's love story... From FJ chasing after him as a maid then a fox, then parting ways as she declared to forget her love for him, then as they reunite, DH almost loses FJ in Aranya's dream, they manage to find love, but end up parting again with Fengjiu leaving DH due to his lies... So many instances DH ends up in a position where he may just lose FJ for good This is the angst I LIVE FOR!!! Give me all the heartbreak in the drama! I'm ready for it!!! But also I am so excited to see the happy ending!!
  4. Oh don't worry I'm sure it's in the drama! It has to be! If not, I'll join you and also throw something out the window hahaha This looks like the scene, so I'm pretty sure it's included, just can't wait to see everyone's reactions
  5. Also props to whoever changed DH's hairstyle ~*clap clap clap clap clap*~ Who knew?! Putting the ear-tails behind the ears makes such a huge difference! I think they also made the ear-tails thinner... Credits to the makeup crew as well ~*clap clap clap clap clap*~ Hopefully he looks just as good on film as he does in the posters *fingers-crossed* From old-looking "young" man, to old but young-looking HOT STUD lol
  6. Haha yeah doesn't look like he's wearing a headband but I think that's for the best I've seen a couple of edited pics of DH with a headband and I think it's better without (I will say though Lan Zhan in The Untamed pulled off the headband quite well ) expection vs. reality lol
  7. Oohhhhh okay, I guess since he was mentioned with Yang Mi, I thought he was going to cameo as Ye Hua lol If he did, I would have a flippin' heart-attack hahaha Haven't really seen him in anything but am looking forward to it
  8. I can't wait to see the part when Donghua gets jealous and throws the bowl of soup at poor Xiao Yan hahaha
  9. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ~*fan-girls excessively*~ AAAAAHHHH HE'S SO CUUUUUTTTEEEE!!!! I can't breathe guys, I'm hyperventilating and screaming all at once LOL Was so skeptical at first when I found out he got this role because he was already a different role in TMOPB But after seeing him in the promo posters he just looked way too cool!! I was immediately like, HE"S PERFECT FOR THISS! Oh my gosh I'm so excited
  10. I totally get you! That's also a concern of mine. I was already surprised that The Untamed managed to keep fairly close to the story, but it did make me wonder about PB. I don't mind adding things, just as long as it adds to the story and/or goes into more detail that the book may have overlooked. But I'd definitely be irked if they changed too much of they story! And I swear if they leave out the part where FJ bathes in the spring and gets caught by DH, no joke I'm gonna cry!!
  11. I ended up watching The Untamed as well and even watched the animated version, read the manhwa (that's still on going), and read the whole book But now I need something else to fill my time, maybe I'll try Love and Destiny again lol This wait is so unbearable, I'm barely holding on!! Maybe I'll go read Pillow Book again haha
  12. OOOooooo I really hope they show us more!! But only if it adds to the story. For sure they'll add a bit after the book ending, because all us fans would die if it just ended there haha (I know I wanted more!) I'm most curious as to what they'll add for Bai Zhen and Cheng Yu because they aren't really in the books I'm sure Cheng Yu and Lian Song will probably be a side couple...but maybe BaiZhen will take up some of Ye Hua's role?? On another note, I just noticed on MyDramaList it says the screenwriter is also worked on TMOPB! Great! Now I have high hopesss!
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