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  1. Oh my gawd I found it!!! Ahh they're using the music from the audio book Rough Translation (based on the Thai): MC: Is this your first time visiting Thailand? Dilireda(technically her Thai translator but pretend it's Reba saying it): No, it's not my first time, I've done some work here. MC: Oh you've been here before, ok and how do you feel about all your many fans showing up to greet you at the airport? D: I just want to thank all my fans for coming out, I noticed before the event that the fans were waiting since the afternoon but it wasn't until 2 a.m. that I had gotten off the plane. I feel fulfilled/happy/thankful(?) that the fan club waited from the afternoon until so late at night. So thank you everyone. MC: It's seems your last tv show has wrapped up, how did you feel being the coach rather than the entertainer? D: (It's a little different being a coach, she thinks it was a good experience....and other stuff about feel good about watching their growth and stuff like that...and that she's very thankful for the opportunity to do the show) ~~~okay now the relevant stuff tehe~~~ MC: Speaking about the series, which trailer just played a moment ago, Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book how is it for this story? (OH MY FREAKIN GAWD THERE'S A TRAILER GUYSSSS THERE'S A TRAILER!!!!) D: Before this I had played Bai Fengjui once before in the old story, because of this, playing her again would be easier with my past experience. But this time with playing Fengjui, I need to portray the character as best I can such as filling in details I didn't the first time around. MC: Ok, our audience is looking forward to watching The Pillow Book, when can we expect to see it air? (Oh my gosh are we getting a date????) D: Thank you everyone that has followed this drama, I want it to air very soon, it will air the same time in China and Thailand, I hope everyone continues to follow the drama (dang, I guess no date ) A little anti-climatic when it comes to the air date, but at least they've made a trailer!!
  2. So beautiful!!! Love the layered costume, so elegant! They've really been spoiling us with these photos lately Hmmm I wonder if we'll see a trailer soon??
  3. Wow she turned on Fengjiu real quick hahaha She's so ridiculously cute Makes me wonder even more what voice they're using for Fengjiu's voice-over Also if this is her cute voice I wonder what FJ's serious/more mature voice will sound like
  4. This just made my day!!! Finally some news on the progress!! Can't wait to see this trailer and fan girl all over again haha
  5. Sames! I totally thought they would at least give us a little more DongFeng action!! I can't read it but to me it looks like some kind of promotion? Maybe wallpaper for your phone or something??? No clue
  6. Guys! Has anyone heard anything about the air date for Pillow Book? According to this site, it says production time is 2020 I wonder if this is true https://v.qq.com/detail/v/vooy2m9hi5p1jqm.html
  7. Agreed with the hair thing lol I feel like the hairstyle they chose for him isn't the most flattering I know right!!! I'm guessing love and destiny will air first then? I hope they're putting in a lot of love into editing the Pillow Book
  8. Oh my gosh another photo so fast!! I love it! I remember somewhere back in the forum some people said they think the actor that plays Zheyan looks weird haha No lie, I think he's pretty handsome here Can't wait to see him with Bai Zhen!! tehehe Of course it'll change some but I hope the main story line stays fairly similar to the book as well I feel like Zheyan will take up Moyuan's role because I don't think they casted a Moyuan and he has some scenes in the book (on another note, Bai Zhen is nowhere in the book but somehow they're fitting a role for him in the drama....I'm excited tehe) For me, unless it's extremely unbearable to watch (which I doubt), I'm going to watch all of it!! I've been waiting and obsessing over it for this long, I'll definitely enjoy it
  9. Lol yes! And when he tries to hide behind his teacup, Liansong's response is hilarious "Siming frantically grabbed a teacup, blocking half of his face." "Your face is too big, the cup won't do. Use this,” said Liansong, handing him his fan."
  10. Lol is it just me or does this Pillow Book version of Si Ming seem more serious?? I feel like all the previews I've seen of him so far are always serious looking haha I loved the TMOPB version of him so I hope they have the same or a similar version of him in Pillow Book But wow, can we all just appreciate how dashing Si Ming looks here
  11. This may be a little off-topic but... for anyone that's re-reading the Pillow Book here's a nice music track I like to listen to while reading It's real calming and I feel like it fits nicely with the story, enjoy reading!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1NgBmYKz1M
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