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  1. Oh my gosh so many new pages to read!! I don't check for a couple and days and this forum is poppin' lol I skimmed as much as I could! AAAhhhh so glad to see PB in it's rightful place as first! In terms of acting I agree that Vengo is really outshining Reba, sometimes though I feel like Vengo's eye can look a little weird sometimes lol...Reba's portrayal is good at the funny parts but I agree that sometimes she still seems a little too immature in parts where FJ should be more mature. Also for the bath scene, I think the director should've chosen a more flattering angle that would hide how skinny Vengo actually is haha
  2. Man. Bi Zhen is SSSSOOOOOOO freaking BEAUTIFUL Like I feel like I'm getting punched in the face with his beauty every time I see him LOL It's truly fitting for his character and Zhe Yan is a lucky man (the BL fans must be going crazy hahaha)
  3. (edit: ep.21) Dudeeee QingTi's death got me balling!!! It's so sad!! The sacrifice, he fought til his very last breath!!! Omg so many emotions!!! Plus FJ's sorrow and guilt over QingTI's death and sacrifice was sooo well acted!!!! That was the only and best fitting way for QingTi to die, my heart!!! I like him much more than I ever thought I would. Too bad he's gonna be perpetually friend-zoned the whole drama LOL.
  4. Soooo... who's glad that the mortal arc will be over this week?? LOL because I am! (well at least for VIPs) Let's get this wedding started!!!
  5. Honestly, I don't have any negative feelings towards the actress that plays JiHeng, despite the whole beef that happened... I think she's doing her best and I also got emotional when Min Su turned to firey ashes (though the whole crying scene before that was a tad long lol) So far I think she's doing a fine job in the role and surprisingly I'm liking where they're taking JiHeng's character I hope it picks up with all the cute scenes that'are gonna happen in Heaven after BaiQian's wedding. I feel like the mortal arc just dragged on a tad too long, that's why the ratings are dropping. But besides that I like the mortal arc more than I thought I would. Song Xuanren's character is kinda adorable in an odd way lol... Vengo plays him very well
  6. Can't find the exact comments, but some people mentioned how the makeup looks weird... In my opinion, it could be a lot worst lol In comparison to The Untamed and Ashes of Love, the makeup here isn't nearly as bad! The worst thing is that they made some people's faces too pale in certain scenes, but at least the makeup doesn't look like it's melting off their face, or are a bizarre color not even close to their complexion. I think the reason they made Vengo's face paler is to make him look younger??? perhaps??? That's my guess lol...I just hate that they don't blend down to the neck...Vengo looks like he has a floating head LOL I'm more upset that FJ's mortal outfits looked very cheap :/ JiHeng's looked better Also really wished they would've stuck to FJ wearing only white after General Ye dies There are too many characters in white in general... Hopefully the costumes get better **fingers-crossed**
  7. WHHAATTT???!!! Yeah USD my prices are totally different Monthly is $5.99, 3 month is $17.49 I did get it from google play though (I wonder why it's different???) Aaww that's so upsetting
  8. Oh my gosh I know right!!! So glad it was a dream!! I am so surprised by how much I like the mortal arc so far, like I thought I was going to hate it!! lol Though they changed a few things I still think it follows of the gist of the mortal arc in the book, and I'm really liking it!! I have to say, Vengo's acting as the Prince is soooo good!! Like I'm so surprised!! Can't wait until ep. 21 where we get to see DH and FJ as themselves lol.....aaaaahhhh the best parts are coming soon I can't waitt!!!
  9. Right!! I thought so too!! Honestly was quite scared at first, but he's surprised me
  10. Lol I know right!! Also did you see that kiss at the end of the ep. 16 preview!! OH MY GOSSHHH it's so saucy The chemistry!!! AAAAHhhhhh I can't wait to see when they actually kiss as DH and FJ!!!
  11. Also!! Where're my WeTV VIP's at??? Have you guys seen the previews for the new episodes??! Vengo's acting is sooo good in the ep. 15 preview!! I'm excited to watch it!
  12. Me too! I didn't expect to like YQT as much as I do, what a lovely surprise lol I wish the mortal arc wasn't this long tbh but what can you do *sigh* I feel like it got stretched out because they added Jiheng and Nie Chuyin into the mix Hope I don't get bored I hope it ends sooner than that lol Well in the books Ye Hua was barely there, in the wedding I swear he just got too drunk and had to leave haha And after that he was never around because he was so busy