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  1. They have same glass in same brand, ldw wore it in airport while yin wore it at her first entrance at always office in the tyh drama (from @patkdramafan ig) They shared same bodyguard (credit to patkdramafan) They shared foodtruck together and had same catering you can look at gunch*m* catering instagram account. (replace * with i) And also this coincidence And don't forget j12 couple watches
  2. Ok, sorry for the STUPIDITY that I have made then I have deleted my negative post in spoiler section. To @aveerie and @MsMagic who also quoted my post please also do the same (delete my negative thought in the spoiler section). I won't to ruin the positive vibes shared in this forum. I will consider things before write my thoughts here later.
  3. But even YIN's manager is also questioning why this Always CEO met with YIN in the nursery. You can look his comment on orbit_mine account instagram.
  4. After watching more detail from yg_stage instagram account it's clearly seen that during 'bed shaking' joke, LDW's hand was behind YIN's neck.
  5. Seeing the level of their closeness then it is being suspicious more that suddenly they avoided each other in the wrap up party. If the two were really not dating and decided to sitting side by side then it's easy to deny any rumor that will emerge the day after the wrap up party.
  6. Even me now face difficulty withdrawal , how about them tho, all the casts, especially LDW and YIN (sorry for my shipper soul)
  7. I think it's not wookie, since it's more looks like hoodie than coat, I think it's CEO Yeon, he wore hoodie like that.
  8. Maybe it's safe if I can say that actually they're attracted to each other but for any reasons (career, fans, friends, etc) may they have to pressure their feelings.
  9. I agree that both of them didn't want to create rumors regarding of their future career.
  10. What do you mean it's a song titled Be Your Star by Lena and Seouryong, just search it on YouTube anyway.
  11. It is just to make it looks like real/really happened in real life so director needs to take some different angles and it's common things in production of any drama or movie. But yes I don't get it why they do zooming it out in this kiss scene in episode 14
  12. I also notice that, maybe PD-nim just want to retake that scene in different angle, and also I notice YIN hand in LDW's back has changed too during shifting from first take to the last take and I think the cutting scene from what editors have done from this kiss scene in episode 14 isn't that smooth/not that detail. So we can notice that in this scene it clearly show some different takes from the director.
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