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  1. Hello, may I please have the link of the other websites? I too, downloaded the Viki app and couldn't find any Well Intended Love episodes at all. I'm dying to continue watching! Really? I wonder why they stopped completely subbing after episode 15. I'm so sad idk what I'm going to watch now when my kids go to sleep haha. Thank you for this!! I haven't been able to watch either of these episodes yet because no English subtitles. I am tempted to read this but I want to watch it first
  2. I've only been able to watch up to episode 14 with full English subtitles on Kiss Asian but I want to please continue to watch the rest! I'm dying over here! Can someone please let me know where I can watch the remainder episodes 15-20 with English subtitles that are reliable and not confusing like YouTube haha. Thanks so much in advance!!
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