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  1. Same. I thought I"d be over it by now because it's just so slight in terms of plot. But I really enjoyed certain parts of it. The brother and the food critic had a particularly sweet storyline. From the beginning I was like, it feels like the brother is more into her than Chris Wu? The slow build to their hook-up was perfect! I'm really excited about the announcement Chris Wu is going to be in historical horror series for Netflix. https://media.netflix.com/en/press-releases/the-ghost-bride-stars-wu-kang-jen-huang-peijia-ludi-lin-tian-tze-kuang-as-lead-roles
  2. I never ever want to hear a drama heroine say "I'm not very smart again." First, it's often not true, her kind of smart usually just requires hard work. And second, these shows full of prickly men who get to be geniuses and women who have to emotionally smart enough to fix them is boring. I want to see more Shi-won's (Reply 1997) who have their own interests, hobbies, and career goals who don't need to fix anyone. The leading lady from Prosecutor Princess is also a great example of a complex, flawed, smart girl who is able to break through people's expectations. I usually describe Prosecutor Princess as the show where the second leads take over. Both the heroine and the hero are character types you usually get as supporting players, but here they are front and center and it's great.
  3. Modern update on Pride and Prejudice, set in Korea. I'll use the British names for simplicity, but obviously these would be changed. Elizabeth Bennet's father owns a local newspaper that has been struggling to stay afloat now that most people read the news online. Elizabeth went to school for journalism, but rather than work for one of the big corporations she's been attempting to keep the company afloat and working on reporting important local stories. Darcy is the CEO and President of Darcy Enterprises (his Aunt is Chairwoman). He comes to town with his friend Bingley, a Tech Entrepreneur. Darcy and Elizabeth meet at a party and she immediately dislikes him when he says disparaging things about the local press. However, her sister and Bingley hit it off. They are forced to spend time together in the coming weeks as Elizabeth covers Bingley's grand opening. Elizabeth finds him smug and entitled. But Darcy realizes she's extremely smart and funny and develops quite a crush. Later, things go really sour for the two when Elizabeth finds out her father's business partner is intending to sell the paper to Darcy Media Corp (a subsidiary). She tells him that not only does she not want to date him, but she does not intend to ever work for him or his family. Will he be able to change her mind? Can local journalism be saved? Who is the mysterious soldier who is stationed at the nearby base who seems to have a relationship with Darcy?
  4. I'm running a survey on how people watch K-dramas and how they make decisions about which shows to watch!

    You can take the survey here: https://link.medium.com/TPVZTKubQU


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  5. Hello fellow K-Drama fans! Take this short survey and let me know how you watch and how you pick which Dramas to watch. https://link.medium.com/TPVZTKubQUUx0lWcF.jpg

  6. Do you watch K-Dramas? Take this short survey and let me know how you watch and how you pick which Dramas to watch. This survey is part of my research for my thesis project on the global appeal of Korean Dramas. Reach out if you have any questions! https://link.medium.com/TPVZTKubQU
  7. This does look very intriguing. I love "Anchor Life" as a genre.
  8. OMG I just caught this drama on Netflix. The posts in this forum helped me understand what the hell happened to the writing in the last half of the drama. I have to say starting with episode 12 I watched this drama on fast forward. I just couldn't watch the second lead cry anymore. Not because I felt bad for him, but because it was so terribly boring. That said, I was incredibly impressed with Chris Wu, which must explain why I didn't give up on the show completely. This was only my second Taiwanese Drama, so I've been looking for his other work. Unfortunately, the one that looks most interesting is A Touch of Green, and I can't find subs for that. I'm open to suggestions if there is another of his dramas that you'd recommend!
  9. I was watching Touch Your Heart because of my deep love for Yoo In Na, but it didn't quite have that snap I was looking for. I was also enjoying Memories of the Alhambra, but got increasingly frustrated with the writing for Park Shin-hye's character. I'm currently waiting anxiously for both Park Min Young's Her Private Life and Jo Jong-suk and Yoon Shi Yoon's Ugeumchi. But I'm gonna need to find a drama to keep me interested while I wait.
  10. If I'm keeping the discussion to Korean Dramas (rather than movies), Eric Mun is my favorite. Between Que Sera Sera, Discovery of Love, and Another Oh Hae Young, he's pulled me consistently into dramas that mix sentimentality with maturity. Often when I see an actor being selfish or cold, it's cartoonishly exaggerated and disappears the moment their character falls in love. Eric's characters usually maintain the qualities that make them difficult and prickly. Some of that is the great writing in those projects, but its supported by the nuance he brings as an actor. I really admire the ambivalence I feel toward most of his heroes.
  11. Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-Jin star in a Korean in a murder mystery comedy. Also staring Ma Dong-seok. Loosely based on a novel by Georgette Heyer, Ma Dong-seok is called to investigate the murder of a wealthy and not well liked man. The prime suspect is Gong Yoo, his financially dependent nephew who has washed out of a number of careers and has the strongest motive. Gong Hyo-Jin is a mystery novelist who lives next door and keeps trying to take notes on the investigation and crime scene. But is that her real motive, or is she trying to protect her married sister who has been seen with the murdered man.
  12. A tough question but I love a list challenge. 1) Botton of the Ninth and Two Outs - Parts of it are a bit slow and the fashions and music choices really date the look. But thematically nothing has ever quite epitomized this point in life like 9N2O. I was new to Korean Dramas and still found the story and messages universal. 2) Kim Sam Soon - My most rewatched drama. I still think the kiss in the restaurant during the rainstorm is one of the most romantic moments of all time. But outside of the romance, I just love listening to Sam Soon talk about what she wants out of life. 3) Marriage Not Dating - This show was a complete surprise. It's a screwball comedy in the best possible way. Ridiculous and sexy. Hilarious and a bit heartbreaking. The Mom kills me. 4) Healer - I'm impressed by how this drama stitched together a medley of tones, genres, and styles, while keeping a brisk pace and never sacrificing characterization. An action adventure romance about real issues of journalism. Swoon. 5) Another Oh Hae Young - There were a lot of strong choices for the fifth spot, but I couldn't finish this list without Eric Mun. The last few episodes do drag, but the tone, acting, and beautiful cinematography of this show stick with me.
  13. Lee Jung Jin. It was 2009 and I'd watched a few of Hyun Bin's dramas and was liking him as an actor. But then I watched Bottom of the Ninth and Two Outs and was in love. Lee Jung Jin somehow managed to feel like a friend I'd known forever but with a smile that could floor me in a second. We've since separated because of his inability to choose projects that appeal to me. But maybe someday we'll reconnect. Particularly if there is a come back of his look from Fugitive Plan B.
  14. Hello fellow K-Drama fans! Take this short survey and let me know how you watch and how you pick which Dramas to watch. https://link.medium.com/TPVZTKubQU

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