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  1. Finally, after about 1000 years later, I can see them being sweet together like other married couple No Gu Jian, Sese or annoying fake crooked neck minister Gao to interrupt between them. My emotion My beautiful beloved couple Hahaha good analysis Pei Zhao in their next lifetime is so hilarious credit to: •xiao wang• @chanson_jiaer Pampered Bookworm @riya_rsp16 nurul✿ @minuru
  2. Peng Xiao Ran is a funny lady. I love the edit picture of CXX & WQX wearing wedding outfit & the edit poster of those two leaning towards each other back haha And it seem in the close up face pic which Chen Xing Xu wearing Dan Chi wedding oufit, there a earring on his ear. Looks the same like Xiao Feng's earring on their first wedding ceremony. Did Peng Xiao Ran make Chen Xing Xu wear it? She really like to tease him like a mischief older sister LOL Remind me in one of the their bts video when she teased him about their bed scene until he gets shy
  3. Why is that? So far one of his female lead tried to commit suicide, though she didn't died they separated, one died coz of suicide, one is a ghost, then what else? I just hope when he finally take project which his female lead is alive, he also alive LOL What if after that he gonna acts as a complicated & complex character that him the one that will dies at the end haha At least give me one drama which you & your female lead alive & be together till the end dude huhu
  4. Ok thank you for your explanation. If he is only a cameo, I'm gonna watch his part then. Peng Xiao Ran also gonna acts as a supporting role as Ba Qi Fu in the drama Win The World with Fan Bing Bing as the lead. Are they gonna be sibling/relative in the drama? Somehow I kinda think their faces have some resemblance. Although I want PXR & CXX to act as main lead in their next projects, it not bad to gain experience through supporting roles. Especially if you get to work with veteran actor & actress. All the best to their future! Fighting!
  5. The red plastic bag on her head LOLOL. Goodbye My Princess ost, Love Catastrophe always make my heart feel like been squeezed until suffocating whenever I hear it. Although other version is good as well, I love hearing the male version of it. The voice & the lyric give me impression of Li Cheng Yin confessing his true feelings to Xiao Feng through this song. Ughh my heart
  6. You mean the writers & pd for Love In a Fallen City are the same as Goodbye My Princess? I don't know what the drama is about but I'm gona check it for Chen Xing Xu LOL But if the plot is bad, at least I'm gonna see some beautiful outfit? Talking about gorgeous outfit in republic era remind me of the outfit of the main couple in Siege In Fog drama which was also an adaptation from Fei Wo Si Cun's novel who is the same author of the Goodbye My Princess which unsurprisingly, also has a sad ending Okay maybe you guys had already seen all these but I want to post it again to comfort our heart. Hope these can make you guys smile Our beloved crown prince & crown princess bts pics: Collection of Chen Xing Xu & Peng Xiao Ran being adorable together: Pictures: Videos: My favourite part of this interview is when Peng Xiao Ran straight up making silly faces when Chen Xing Xu compliments her as beautiful, pure & cute at 4:06. It always make my day LOL. Even Chen Xing Xu can't hold his laughter at her reaction. She seem like a sassy lady in a cute way. I'm having a girl crush towards her Some of videos translations: All pics & videos credit to these ig: @dramaschinos, @a.c.fp, @vic_jujulu, @goodbyemyprincess_cdrama, @myfavdramas @_minimei. CXX & PXR are so cute & have so much chemistry together. Another drama with happy ending for them please! And don't forget to give them a lot of sweet scenes full of hugs & kisses too
  7. I read it on wiki & mydramalist that this Condor drama actually has become adaptation to drama for many times. There are also prequel, sequel & side story? Wow it must be a beloved classic for Chinese peoples because it has so many adaptations! TLOTCH 2017 is the first & only drama about Condor I'm watching & it all is because Chen Xing Xu hahaa. As a hopelessly romantic person, I prefer romantic & sweet dramas like Ashes of Love, Legend of Yunxi, Oh My Emperor, Cinderella Chef, Go Princess Go, Ballad of the Dessert & Eternal Love. No, I don't mean his character in Chinese Ghost Story LOL. I mean his other character in the rumor of the period drama with Ethuan Ruan? The plot involving battle of Shanghai in 1937 or something. I read a comment that he will be a villain there. That era is already harsh time for ordinary people & if he's a villain, well we could kind of guess what his fate will be at the end huhu. I agree with the highlighted word. To be honest, when the first time I see Chen Xing Xu as Li Cheng Yin in this drama, I don't think he's an actor with a handsome face. Not bad but not "wow, handsome!" at the first look either. But as I watching this drama, his charismatic performance as LCY made me slowly attracted to him & that what make him looks handsome to me. There are actors out there that have handsome face at the first look but when they act, they're so bad that I can't feel their characters & it kind ruined the dramas for me. This drama has it flaws, but I love how CXX embodied his LCY character in the drama. I could feel his struggles as a crown prince who had to handle all the scheming & politics in the palace and I also could feel his struggles, despair as a normal man & husband who want to express his love to Xiao Feng in his own way. LCY is not a typical swoony male character. He is a complicated, multilayer character and CXX really played LCY character to a T. He make me want to slap him with his actions but then I also want to kiss him coz I can emphatize him. His character make me want to slap him with a kiss LOL *bipolar alert* The sky is clear, a good scenery, But if you're not beside me, so what even be able to ascend into heaven... And of course, this drama won't be successfully known as a heartbreakingly romantic love story without the great performance of Peng Xiao Ran as our beloved crown princess, Qu Xiao Feng. Not only PXR looks like someone who just jumps straight from the manga/manhwa with how gorgeous she looks in her cultural outfit as the 9th princess & the crown princess, she's also managed to potrayed XF flawlessly. Her XF is lively, sweet, lovely & cute without being overacting. I can understand & feel her as she slowly & hopelessly falls for LCY twice & still loves him despite it all the heartbreak & despair she get when she regaining her memories back. Who made my sun fell down? It's your appearance, Took away my lights... Most importantly, CXX & PXR are so great together & their chemistry as LCY & QXF are so intense despite their little interactions in the drama. *glare to the editor who geniusly decided to cut out their scenes together from the viewer* In all, I think Chen Xing Xu & Peng Xiao Ran give they all for their roles in Goodbye My Princess & I can't think anyone else as Li Cheng Yin & Qu Xiao Feng other than them. Their performances are the reason that make me feel this drama is perfect despite its imperfection. I want to dive into the sea of memories, Searching for your appearance, Only you are my heaven... All pic credit to the owner I will keep my eyes on their next projects and I really hope they will get reunite again in a romantic drama with a good script & HAPPY ENDING. Pleaseee!!!
  8. You're right. I just read the movie plot in wiki and it seem he won't be with his female lead either in the end So it mean I'm supposed to cry again? Chen Xing Xu, why do you like to acts in project that have your characters fate like that? Are you a sadist LOL I also read that he will be a villain for his another movie. Just hope if his character has any lover in that movie, she won't commit suicide huhu
  9. @yul12n2, @nuttyz, @J13 its ok, at least he's legal & not an underage boy haha After watch Goodbye My Princess, I like Peng Xiao Ran & Chen Xing Xu acting so I tried watching their other projects. In the drama The Mystic Nines/Old Nine Gates, PXR had a supporting role as chieftain & there also scene where she wear kind of cultural outfit but I still think the best cultural outfit she wear is in the Goodbye My Princess. Then I watch The Legend of The Condor Heroes 2017 for Chen Xing Xue. His character also kind of villainish there & the funny thing is his female lead there also jump of the cliff coz of circumstance of his action LOL Credit to @Pangiaxiong I just hope that if he acts in a historical dramas after this, let it be a happy ending without his female lead tried to commit suicide haa
  10. Yeah it seem the characters here are like "she likes him but he likes her who likes him that actually likes her" but no one make themselves clear. My head hurt.
  11. I wonder why Pei Zhao who know everything & witness all these mess don't just tell LCY: "Yo dude, calm down! Actually, Gu Xiao Wu is none other than YOURSELF! But you lost your memories about this issue coz after you freaking kill your wife's grandfather & your other relatives in law, you jump with her into the river of forgetfulness. Yeah you can insert this part in the summary of "HOW I MEET MY WIFE" in your diary. Though, you actually kinda romantic with "YOU JUMP, I JUMP" moves like in Titanic's movie, you know. Listen, you don't need to kill Gu Jian, your wife part time's stalker, coz XIAO FENG'S TRUE LOVE from beginning until now has never change, it always been YOU! But understandably, your actions towards Dan Chi's peoples before make it top under her list of "10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU". About Gu Jian, just put him in restraining order from your wife or just slaps him repeatedly until he comes to his common sense. He's gonna dies & really regretful towards your wife about the past issue that's why he did all those annoying thing. Right now, the important thing to do is to settle your household issue with your wife. Go tell your wife you REALLY TRULY love her so freaking much & all the real deal about Sese. Don't confuses woman about your real feeling just like the drama's writer confuse the viewer with you & Sese relationship arc, got it?!" Now I got my answer. Actually, it because Pei Zhao & Li Cheng Yin got scandal behind Xiao Feng back! Evidence 1: Evidence 2: Evidence 3: http://dilirebas.tumblr.com/post/183705657238/who-says-goodbye-my-princess-isnt-a-happy-story All the evidences are credit to the owner. Okay kidding. Actually I need some theraphy after watching final episode.
  12. Just 'teacher'? Yeah they are colleagues but wasn't PXR is six years older than CXX? I mean there is no difference way between addressing your colleague who is older than you and your colleagues who is younger than you like korean way? I'm curious. And I love the way he sound when he calls her Xiao Feng in the drama & outside the drama
  13. Behind the scene for the last episode with english sub: Wow, Chen Xing Xu really immersed with his Li Cheng Yin character. Good job! But it must really so tiring for him. If the viewer from afar already feel emotional, what's more for the actors & actress that embodied the characters themselves? I'm so glad that Peng Xiao Ran hugged & consoled him after that as an his co-star & senior. I hope they gonna work together again in a drama that has good script with a happy ending. Rest well & take care my beloved crown prince & crown princess! Credit: goodbyemyprincess_cdrama ig
  14. Actually I hope for their first time even he tried to forced her at first, he stop himself & then tried to seduce her until she give in. Unfortunately, she's not in the mood at that time LCY, you idiot! At least pick the right time! She's a softie & still love you. If you woo her back, then she will willingly sleep with you. I wonder what she said that make him angry & forced her*sigh* Btw, they not gonna have any child together. It depress me when I remember their ending Anyone know when will this scene be shown in the drama? Next week? Or does it get cut out? I wonder why he looks so happy & hug her. Does Sese already out of the drama at this time?
  15. I think it implied LCY & XF sleep together in this week episode. He carried her on his shoulder to her bed while she's struggling. Then, it cut to they both lying on the bed together. My poor girl haish But yeah LCY look handsome when he's angry I wonder when will Sese get out from this drama? I had enough with her scene sheesh
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