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  1. Started watching this on a flight... Woo Do Hwan's character is going to die eventually right, since we know from history that Lee Bang wan will become the king... sigh... Sorry for spoiler*
  2. Yes it was meant like that... have you watched the drama before? I love it so much, it was remake from the Taiwanese version.... when the Korean remake was made, i had issues with Jang Hyuk's hair... hahhaa... but yes both dramas are amazing and i remember until now... So the baby was accidentally conceived during one night stand.... but because the grandmother wanted a heir, the couple was forced to get married and the plan was to divorce after she gave birth... Of couse, they didnt plan to fall in love... and after that 2nd chance at love and happy ending... the end Hehe, i wasnt planning to watch but eventually watched it coz there wasnt anything much to see lately (after Designated Survivor, Hotel del Luna nothing attracts me... yes, Vagabond okay buttttt the plot makes our hero too good to be true.. sigh... and VIP keep giving us teasers when i want them to air now! While Secret boutique.... something's off with it... haiz) I thought the actor who acted as Ma Hoon looked familar but i wasnt aware he was the King in Goblin.... and another drama which i forgot... i tot he just look so much alike Yeo Jingoo, though perhaps a younger and a bit shorter then jingoo.... and i thought he looks cute despite his robotic tone in the drama... and handsome... having a good heart in the drama makes me fall for him too, hahhaa...
  3. Its probably refreshing to see the women who are having the affairs and not only old chebols doing it, hahhaa... Why would Yee Nam think that she is pure Doe's blood all these time...hmm.. ah yes now i remember, she and jenny are near the smae age, so she was conceived earlier, as the real Jenny was... thanks for the clarification.
  4. @lollyminx... perhaps since there is already a pure descendent (ie, royal father and royal mother, hence the Crown Price) Soo was not supposed to know of his royal birth or else he could vie for the Crown and they dont want any confrontation when he grows up. Who knows, but this is one assumption. Maybe because this drama has aired for 10 episodes, i think this drama is more fun than Nakdo? Nakdo' plot seemed a bit slow while there seemed to be much happening in Flower Crew? Personal opinion... Anyways, good to have different opinions in the thread though some members should be aware that this is not dramabeans when giving comments, haha... Cant wait for the next episode.... what will Hoonie* do with Gae Dong's confession. Dont just enlarge your eyes only, okay, stop that... hahaha (On the other note, the name gae dong, i was curious why the name is used as the only time i remember the name was in Fated To Love You when the lead characters were referring to their unborn baby... sigh... )
  5. Haha.. she had affairs... for sure .. Her eldest was from a different man, when she was pregnant with her richard simmons daughter during the accident it was another man....and when she went into Doe's household, im not even sure how her youngest daughter was conceived... assuming that she only did it after the Chairman died. Otherwise.... but even then, a child out the wedlock, the old board members of Doe corp probably boot her out then??? @larus... hopefully they will both be safe, at the end, together
  6. Hmm...kinda tragic for Jenny to think of revenge all the time... and if anything happened to her, all those revenge and no happy life and her family's fortune to be passed on to someone else seemed a wasted life....sigh... then again, that revenge drama, and we all just hope for a happy ending for Jenny.... She, her deceased brother and mother had suffered much
  7. Im sure korean dramas have taught us that that kings have have affairs with their palace maids and if they gave birth to sons, then their status can be elevated to 2nd or 3rd level queens. So its not impossible for Soo to marry someone lowly and eventually will get a position. However King Soo is new and is NOT powerful yet to be able to protect himself or 'Lady Yun' so he shouldnt go around telling people he wants to marry 'Lady Yun' right. Killing 'Lady Yun 'would be so easy. Has he forgotton the palace maid who had to kill herself to protect him? When Kim Soo proposed to Gae Dong the first time, Gae Dong rejected him because she said she wanted to find her brother first, we dont see that she had great love for soo... they probably grew up as siblings, only Soo turned his brotherly love to manly love... and we dont fault that. Many dramas have shown that is the case most of the time.. Yes and i agree.. everyone knows that he left on his wedding day and when he could have instructed his 'father' to let Gae Dong know that he had to leave, rather than let Gae Dong wonders about him and his fate. I dont see why Gae Dong shouldnt fall in love with Hoon since Hoon has protected and shown his compassion and kindness to her, yes, intially because of pity and he felt responsbile for the whole fiasco but we saw how they fall in love slowly... Yes, im team on Team Ma Hoon and Gae Dong... whats the couple name for them? HOON dong, Dong Hoon, has anyone created for them?
  8. Phew... just finish watching ep10. I have been watching all episodes for the past 3 days and completely liking it! When the drama started, i wasnt keen on it, perhaps becaue i didnt know who the actors were but seeing it being mentioned a few times as top10 buzzworthy drama every week, got me curious. And im glad i started to watch it. Initially it gave me the Syungkyuan* Scandal vibes without the cross dressing, and i thought Ma Hoon's character was interesting, even the child actor was so good. Im on team Ma Hoon obviously, i pity the King but what to do... he may have been with GD as a family for so long, caring her but GD's feeling for him wasnt that developed even when Kim Soo proposed to her and she said yes. When he disappeared, Ma Hoon helped her to get over him, and slowly falling in love with Ma Hoon instead. I understand the King's frustrations and his inability to protect the people he cared, but as we have seen in many historical drama, he will only get strong if dramatic events happened in his life which will make him stronger Anyways, as mentioned earlier, when i saw the leads, both remineded me of yeo jingoo and shin mina... now i wish male lead wouldnt make his eyes large whenever he sees GD as it looks so un-natural... hahahahah... stop with the bulging eyes scenes pls Looking forward to the next episode. Loving GD's confession and Ma Hoon is in deep trouble for 'stealing' the King's woman... hahhaa... while the king is an expert in crying... good actor ... hehe
  9. Watching ep 8 now..i must say 1 . The clothes are so nice! Beautiful 2. Ma Hoon is attractive, yet he is not popular in Korea? 3. Evil beautiful lady... mean... how is she going to end up with the tall guy? Hmmm ... if that was the plan intially...
  10. Watching ep 8... how are the NIS agents even alive with all the attacks!!!!! Mr Gu would be dead already in the car... haiz... Somehow the bullets never went though the doors of their car.... logic logic... And cha Dal on knows the way to the Korean Embassy in Morrocco.... haiz...
  11. Urgh... no ep8 because of baseball broadcast... arghhhh... Tsk tsk tsk.. ye nam had a child with that killer police officer.. sigh, ah well... Hj still looks young to me... sigh, Sun woo and JJ fighting...hehhe Anyways is JH'S BOYFRIEND going to kill himself because JH went bk to the family??? Sigh..
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