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  1. Oh thanks for fueling the fire in my shipper's mind. Lol. Now we can have comparison with the three dramas of same PD. Why TYH has different wrap-up?
  2. I missed posting here been busy the past few days, but every morning and night I'm reading here and always thinking of uri beloved YIN-LDW. Thank you for all your posts, my daily dose of vitamins YIN ranked 1 in Female Advertisement Model Brand on March, which I think why YG posted her bts in TYH to treat the fans. I'm so proud of her. She defeated the idols who are more internationally known. Anyway, I read somewhere that LDW ranked 2 in Male Advertisement Model Brand of the same month. So just a piece of my hypothesis and delulu (forgive me chingus, I'm going to hide it) By the way, it's almost been one week since last episode and wrap-up party but... Hoping for future projects of these two, and they are quiet for the last week after TYH.
  3. Oh I saw that too. I was focusing on YIN even though the video was in Always team. Wondering why she was behind LDW and suddenly moved away when the camera of the Always Secretary went to LDW.
  4. Oh my gosh. Are they those two people sitting at the lower left corner of the video? I think YIN is in ponytail right? And... That's PD-nim wearing cap? My shipper heart. Why all the video uploaded from the wrap-up party are all dark?
  5. Agree. Let's ship with happy heart just how the drama gave us and let's not follow the culture of some ships who bring down actresses just to let their ship "sail". I knew some and I have been in a ship that constantly attacked by other ships. But this ship of YIN-LDW, almost everyone wants this to sail, so let's calm down and respect everyone. About the instagram account you were saying, I don't know if see the same account... Anyway, I hope episode 16 bts will have a sub and also that LDW shared on his instagram
  6. I'm still contemplating if I'm going to share this with you, chingus. I'm afraid to give false hope since it's illegal and Atty Kwon might arrest me. Lol. Just kidding. Anyway, read on your own risk and if you still have the heart and mind after watching TYH, you can read this. These will just add to our delulu so I'm hiding this under spoiler. I thought I'm the only one who thought about this. Maybe they should us give the other side so we know if his other hand is behind her, or sofa or her waist? Lol.
  7. I just finished watching Episode 16 with subs and it is way way better than raw. I just realized that OJS-KJR made my heart fluttered even though there is no so much skinship in the last episode. I already accepted that the ending is satisfying and it fit the run of the whole drama. There's no waste scene in the last episode and who knows that we will be heard again about season 2 or another project for LDW-YIN
  8. Oh I forgot to thank you to your analysis for LDW I can't trust what I'm seeing on his videos, but reading your post will remove my worries. I think this will be a great ship having different analysis for our favorite otp!
  9. I watched QIHM, it is still one of my favorites, and I shipped YIN before with her ex. In my opinion, YIN is really reserved ever since, and she was not that good in interaction behind the scene in QIHM. I think, YIN fell in love with her ex after the drama and his confession. But, during the drama, they looked like colleagues and professionals. This made me devastated before hahahaha it seemed to me that his ex was much in love than her. Anyway, past is past. I have a new ship now. Correct me if I'm wrong. Actually, YIN is more showy to the bts of TYH, maybe because she got more matured? And her interaction with LDW is much closer than her ex in QIHM. Correct me if I'm wrong again. I just want YIN to be happy again. His ex didn't cheat on her, fyi, but YIN got brokenhearted. Hope LDW is the man who will make her laugh.
  10. LDW official instagram released the bts plus interview of LDW for the ending They look so cute together especially that selca. Omo. I don't know what YIN said about how LDW took that selca. Someone wants to translate?
  11. Is there a hope TVN will release the bts of the last 2 episodes particularly the kissing scenes at the start and end of episode 15? *heavy sigh* We need to dissect something. Lol. What I want to dissect is the interaction of LDW to other girls (his friends, even not his co-stars) and compare it to his interactions with YIN? Same with YIN. But YIN is much reserved and the closest interaction she has (excluding her co-stars before) is with IU.
  12. Yes, there is an intimate kissing scene in the end of DOTS, but no wedding scene. If we want a reasonable comparison, I think the kissing scene of Episode 15 of TYH and Ending kissing scene of DOTS are the match. But, I don't think these will affect our ship. I mean, if they do have feelings toward each other, regardless of kissing scenes, they will date irl. And, it's still a question to me why there is no intimate scene in episode 16. I'm thinking because this episode was shoot in rushed.
  13. Still thankful that YIN and LDW worked together again in TYH. And all casts are so daebak. They worked hard for this drama. We might never see them together again for future projects, especially the Always family, but all of them really touched our hearts I will never forget how they made my last 8 weeks so special. After watching episode 16 with subs tomorrow, I will rewatch episode 1-15 and then will watch YIN-LDW ending in Goblin to replace episode 16. Lol.
  14. I followed so many dramas as well as ships before, AND THIS IS MY FIRST TIME seeing a wrap-up party with a VERY FEW PICTURES! I mean, even Love in the Moonlight of PBG and KYJ have so many pictures even though KYJ is minor at that time (sorry bringing up other dramas). Still hoping that someone will post a picture or video of the casts while in wrap-up or that blowing candles or having the wine. I'm just so frustrated about the ending that I need the dating news tomorrow morning! And, their confirmation asap. lol Okay, I'm ranting. Mianhe chingus. Together, we ship with happy heart.
  15. Only wrap-up party pictures would ease that ending, but it seemed like LDW already went home. Arrrrg. No expected ending. No pictures together. Anyway, I'm thinking this will be a strategy of TVN and Producers for the fans to request for season 2. Isn't possible? But, overall, I really love TYH. I just smiled every now and then while watching this drama. This is my first time to watch live-stream, just because of my love to YIN and LDW. I will surely miss all the casts, and Wed-Fri (I watched on Friday) will be empty starting next week. P. S. Deep inside, I'm hoping fans will bombarded TVN and PD-nim about the ending. Lol. Just kidding.
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