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  1. If it helps, I actually translated the first trailer! But I have no idea how to submit subtitles so you'll have to scroll down and read it before or after watching the video. :/
  2. From the casting etc, it should only cover the story till the challenger league.
  3. Thanks, everyone who commented in this thread. I really enjoyed reading all your thoughts and discussions on this drama. Even though the ending is kinda crappy, I'm at ep 15 now and I'm having fun despite the weird editing. So far, all the actors are doing a fantastic job (even the villains!) and the production quality is great (the costumes are sooo gorgeous and the sets don't look cheap). Zhao Yao is the first proper FL that I've seen in a long while that is truly badass enough to not need anyone to save her. Case in point (Ep 2 when the orthodox sects had discovered her and LCL): "Did I say that I'm running? The one running should be you guys." So many dramas generate hype over the strength of their FL but they all end up needing others to save them I think The Legends is still a drama worth watching and recommending to friends. Viewers just have to mentally prepare themselves for the train wreck at the back or stop at the wedding and pretend that it ended there.
  4. I still don't have time to watch the drama so I can't comment that much. But I am quite mesmerized by the acting of the actor who plays Jiang Wu too! From just the MV alone (at 3:20 and 3:23), I feel that JW could fully comprehend how weighted Li Cheng Lan's decision to kneel down was. And at the same time (ok don't bash me if I'm wrong since I haven't watched), he's not able to laugh or gloat at LCL's helplessness as he wants to save Zhao Yao too. I think we can all definitely agree that the acting of the main cast for this show is solid.
  5. I don't have time to start watching till the end of this month but all the BTS and screenshots are so so so sooooo cute! Bailu: Ugly little monster, I'm back <3 Xukai: You're not allowed to explode again Bailu: Didn't you find the fireworks stunning? I still want to perform a couple of times
  6. Thank you! Baidu says that the TV version has 56 eps while the DVD version has 55 so I'm a little nervous where the extra ep is going. iQiyi is location restricted in my country. I'm on my phone now so I can't check but I've been using Opera's inbuilt vpn to access the YouTube dramas. Do you know if an Americas vpn would work for iQiyi as well?
  7. Darn, do you know where I can watch the one with a better editing? Edit: I went to compare the Youtube version with the iQiyi version and it seems that except for Ep 1, 19 and 20, the rest of the Eps all had the same length (some had a 1/2 sec diff but it's negligible). Youtube: Ep 1: 55:23 (Not sure why this is longer) Ep 19: 36:05 Ep 20: 38:44 iQiyi: Ep 1: 53:17 Ep 19: 42:01 Ep 20: 43:32 The night of outrage! http://t.cn/EIQ3fS1?m=4346984372485564&u=7002650538 And I stole this from Bai Lu's Weibo Person involved: At that time, I was erm... a little drunk. Male involved: I was scared out of my wits. Person involved: Regret. So much regret. Male involved: I was overwhelmed and couldn't control myself.
  8. I love how everyone is calling it 一夜荒唐 in Chinese, which means "A night of outrage/absurdity". Hi everyone, I'm new here! I recently finished the novel and am interested in watching the drama but I heard that there's different cuts depending on where you watch? May I know if the Youtube version is the one that has everything? Thanks so much in advance!
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