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  1. K-pop conquers the world! By the way, I saw in the news that on the cover of the comic book Marvel was spotted by V from the BTS with pink hair. And some kind of idol girl ... Accidents are not accidental! - 840
  2. Wow! Wow! Wооооооow! BRAVO!!! Clip Yong Hva - a real delight. And the song hooked, and video .... I was all goosebumped. Powerfully! The message is very cool! - 794
  3. And in general, there is a different plot. Just one thing in common - the relationship between parents and children. And so ... even the topic is different. In SKY Castle, parents drive children crazy because they want to teach them with horrible methods. And in BW, everything is connected with school violence, the sources of which we have to find out. But for me both dramas are very serious and dramatic. Even if there were funny moments in SC, in places that dorama was even worse than the current one. But I love them both dearly! - 794
  4. Lol Happened!!! So much better! - 934
  5. No, no, I for myself so opened the meaning of the drama. This will not be in the drama. Very huge !!! I hope, then the trophy will be reduced ... but their number will be increased, so that I would like to reach and achieve ... - 934
  6. She also didn’t understand why everyone shipper the heroine with Nam Gil. We were shown that she loves her husband, and he loves her. So they just have temporary difficulties. In ordinary life, they would decide to go to a psychologist, and so they returned to the past to remember their love. But Nam Gil is a good guy, that's true. Therefore, I sincerely sympathized with him, but I understood that he could not be with the heroine. - 928
  7. I am the same. I used to watch everything, but now I am an experienced viewer of doramas, now I carefully select it for viewing. Heard a lot about this movie. I want to see it for a long time, but I want to see too much of everything, while Koreans are shooting and removing dramas and films. To see everything, life is not enough! 918
  8. Yes, yes, yes, this is a wonderful dorama. The main thing is to give her a chance and look completely, and not to quit half way. She is very touching and exciting ... And she is very funny. In some places there you just fall down under laughter with laughter - 862
  9. I will try to watch the drama as 2 episodes will be released. If you like, I will stay, no, I will run away, as I ran away from the Sivon drama... Anyway, there are already a lot of ongonings recruited from me ... - 858
  10. Yes Yееееееееееes! You will not regret!!! Мy 1st kdrama - The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince I looked in 2015 ... and fell in love with Korean dramas once and for all ... - 798
  11. Тюремный Playbook, Тюремный Playbook, Тюремный Playbook !!! * маршируя и повторяя * Эта дорама действительно красивая, добрая, веселая, трогательная ... и после нее хочется лететь в Корею и сидеть в мужской тюрьме! Срочно! - 786
  12. Thank you! Cool twig! She's on the forum instead of flooding for the thread, right? Now I will be a regular guest here! 934
  13. I was watching. Not a masterpiece, of course, so after 2 episodes I run away from there. But Sivon is beautiful there, funny and cute. An excellent crook turned out of him, and the future deputy will be even better! -2
  14. And on what basis do you choose these profile pictures? Why do you have dogs on them now? And what pictures will be later? - 932
  15. Yes Yes Yes Yes! In other awards, I still worry about Sky Castle, but for the female role, she should receive the award. And not one !!! - 930
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