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  1. So, at the end we get 2 versions at the same week. I thought we will get the Uncut version next week. It made easier for Jingoo's fans to say goodbye for Young Goo before saying Welcome to Goo Chan Sung (his new character in Hotel Del Luna). I think it's the 1st time in Kdrama land when fans only got 1 day to feel the emptyness after the end of the drama. Haha....But no complaints tho.... So, here is my last 9oo's thought for the Finale. 1. Diana n Ran Let's started with our Villain. Hate her coz she threw away the Heart Cooler but ofc if she didn't do it...We won't get dramatic moment from our Young Goo n Da-da. Haha...I like with what YG said to her. It won't be the same even if she's the one who kiss him 1st n she finally understand about Young Goo's feelings. I like that they also gave us the scene when she lost her hand n the real her before that tragedy happened. She finally understand about love n want to get treatment. N I like that Ran still believe that Diana still has that good heart. 2. Geum Eum Dong & Hwang In Hyuk We got him back to the entertainment world n it's good that no more hurt feeling & for In Hyuk, well...I understand his reason behind all he did & it's nice too at the end Bo Won still has respect to him & forgive him. 3. Bae Kyu Ri & Yoo Jin I like that she's kind of friend who is there for Da-da. I like that he pursued his passion about Machine (Robot) thingy....n he looks different with the new haircut. Haha... 4. Nam Bo Won & Yeo Woong At least we didn't get an open ending for this couple. Hahaha... I love this couple. I like that NBW always tell her about everything. n as NBW himself, I love that he's like the father, mother, hyung, friend for Young Goo....n tho he didn't like Young Goo's choice...He still understands and accept it. 5. Ma Wang Joon I like MWJ's decision to tell the truth about Young Goo's condition. Even though it's hard but Da-da deserve to know about it. Better late to know than never know about it. So she could get those memories. Tho he still hasn't moved on yet with his unrequited love...I like that he still keep move on with his career. Be a better person n a better actor. N I like that he didn't push Da-da to accept his offer to go with him. I like that they could keep their relationship eventhough just as a FRIEND. 6. Uhm Da Da I think I can say that Da-da is a loyal person. IF there were no breakup, I think she will keep stay beside MWJ. So when she finally could understand n accept her feeling to Young Goo, so its no Turning Back. I like that even though MWJ still continue talking about Ma-Da couple, she could take it with a smile. N I like that she didn't accept MWJ's offer..Yeah...U go girl... N I like the reverse scene from her That Tears n Smiles.... 7. Young Goo With a difficult choice to choose....He chose the one he thought the best n the unselfish one. Sacrifice himself. N I like the reverse scene from him.... That Hello Yeoja Chingu n Goodbye Yeoja Chingu..... N Yeoja Chingu was his last word for Da-da n I guess I will keep remembering about Young Goo whenever I heard that "Yeoja Chingu" word. 8. The Lessons of Love U know that I really want a back hug scene right? Haha....n finally I really got it n tho its sad scene but I love it coz it gave Us the answer. From this drama, we've got a lot of love (life) lessons n I think this one is the top answer for What is Love. 9. The Turquoise Umbrella N there U go...We got an open ending for this drama. Coz the original writer still didn't want her creation get a happy ending...that's what the best that The Korean Writernim could did. Hehe.... For TeamEx....Yeah, I know the last scene from MWJ was him with an umbrella. So, U could take that the last scene was Da-da & MWJ. Both of them starting a new beginning. FULL STOP N coz I'm Team Young Goo, off course I take that the last scene was Da-da n Young Goo. Hahaha... They didn't give Us Young Goo's fingers moved for nothing especially with he still holds The A++ sticker n the Happy Prince's book beside him. After all there is still a happy ending for his own fairytale. Da-da gave him the last goodbye kiss coz she thought it was the last time she could see him n promised him to live her life like what he wants. N remember that Young Goo said that He moves n lives because of Da-da....so, it's not the last kiss but a kiss to wake him up. N then We got the 1st Snow scene. I don't think they gave Us that scene just because it's beautiful. Coz it has connection with Young Goo's balsam nail. Even though need 3 years, the color still there and their love will come true. N with the last Umbrella scene. I wrote about 2 previous umbrella scenes before. For the 1st scene...I think the meaning is more for Y9. It's increase his charm ...He came for Her n together walking under 1 umbrella. For the 2nd scene, this time it was Da-da who came for him n gave him the umbrella for him to use. But it has no meaning yet coz both were not under 1 umbrella. N when finally Da-da lost her yellow umbrella n then they were under 1 umbrella...there you go. Now it has a meaning. It's the progress relationship between two people. Some of the color turquois meanings are of wholeness,emotional balance, love, patience and loyalty. The last scene represents all those things. N for Da-da's question.... "Meeting someone and saying goodbye can be decided by brief choices and chance. Then have we met now by chance or....could it be Fate? " So the answer is FATE n their story ended with... You are my destinyDon’t let go of my hands now It's not a perfect drama but I enjoyed it as a whole. Thanks Jingoo-yah for gave me something to learns, gave me laugh n cry. My heart is full now so it's time to say goodbye but Young Goo will Forever stay in my Heart.
  2. If U can get 2 versions of this drama, I recommend to watch both versions. Beside U could get some importants scenes that got cut off, U also could get different feelings. So I still mixed it up for my 9oo's thought for eps 15 & 16 1. #1 Well, it confirms now that Nam Bo Won isn't #1 or Zero One....haha....he's just a Hyung for Young Goo. Got a twist from him...its like what he said.....Why people react like that when he said he's fit. Hahaha.... N ahhh....so we get our new couple. A lovely couple. So, the girl who kiss him 1st is the one who get him. Hehe.. 2. Dance I have wrote about this scene before but I think I should write it again because for this scene We got 2 versions. For this scene, I prefer the Cut version coz I got different feelings from the same scene just because of the song. Got that Unforgettable song from the Cut version...n beside we can feel the love from Da-da n her Dad, We also could feel how is the all 1st things Young Goo do with Da-da become unforgettable memories. N that things I didn't get from the Original version. The song is kinda they chose random song to just fill the scene. It make this scene didn't really give an impact. 3. It was Love Let's try to analyze the kiss scene. Haha....So far it was only Young Goo who said I Love U . n he also told her that he wants to be loved. When the 1st kiss happened, Da-da was too emotionally n even she fainted n after that she never say I love You. N YES...It's so understandable to get some negative reactions with many reasonable reason. But once again, it's all back to what her heart n mind say n chose.... Since You are who You are, that's why I love You. That's so lovely.... n I guess Young Goo didn't has any program to accept a love confession coz after all he was made to love Not to be loved. So I think even he said I Love You too...I think he's still in Surprise Mode that's why when Da-da initiate the kiss, he didn't give any respond n made Da-da had that kind of expression. Tho a second later finally he gives his response. Haha.... The Giving n Receiving Love 4. When it's time This is the scene that should not to get cut off. Many times he asked Da-da about sleeping together but all happened when he's already in the bedroom. Hahaha....n this is the 1st time when he ask it again as a couple. His expression is so cute when ask it. Hahaha.....n he got her answer...Someday, when it's time n then he said he will wait for it. But in Cut version, we didn't get that kind of introduction. Just suddenly we get Da-da ask him to sleep together. Out of the blue. With the introduction scene we could know that Da-da feel it's the right time n could understand his reaction. Our Young Goo who is still not familiar with receiving thingy, so surprise when finally receive what he wants. 5. Date Unfortunately we only get the Cinema n Playing part on the date scene in Cut version. Even in cinema part, they cut the holding hand part...just suddenly he took the Coke. I notice that Da-da has a different hairstyle n wear a dress, so I wonder whether he notices it too or not. N Yeah he did. N its so funny. Hahaha....especially with his comment about her dress. It's too short. LMAO.... n the Cafe part....its the introduction for the next scene not just suddenly she talks with him casually. Need reason for that. N its also a callback scene with the previous eps when she ask which term he wants beside "Young Goo". Hahaha... N another callback scene with MWJ about his worries with what people will say about Da-da...n the answer is don't mind with other people say. N unfortunately we didn't get the part when he kiss her cheek in both version. 6. Good Morning Its definitely the BEST Good Morning scene. Hehehe....n I like with their convo before Da-da fall asleep n their morning convo. From the still pic that released before, I know that we will get that Picnic scene tho I'm afraid if it could become just another memory for Da-da. Like her answer to Young Goo's question..."where do dead peole go?" They remain in people's memory. 7. The Tears Yes, he can eat n drink but Tear is not something that a Robot need. Their "job" is only giving love. N like what happened with Zero Seven...even until the end..she keeps telling Diana is a good person n keep smiling. Crying is part of human emotional package. I function because of you n live because of you. N the tears come after we see Diana throw the Heart Cooler. The connection between Da-da n Young Goo is becoming more strong...She cries, He cries. He thought that he became more human tho Nam Bo Won said it's because his meltdown. We got 2 characters posters before. 1. Da-da with the Robot doll n tho it broken before but it could be fixed. 2. Young Goo with his Pinky (like the pinky light in Da-da's ring) Love Sweatshirt...with that Heart Cooler. I haven't watched Ep.16 with the sub so I don't know whether Nam Bo Won could make it again or not? But I still hope he could be fixed like the Robot doll. So, the character poster has the same meaning. 8. Da-da The Anti Machine N there U go....Da-da is going back to the old Da-da who is an Anti Machine. I like that they didn't forget about this. Because its important thing n told Us how strong is the connection between Da-da n Young Goo....The 1st time saw her crying like that....but luckily this time she isn't alone. With the strong connection between Da-da and Young Goo, I still have hope to get a happy ending for Da-da n Young Goo BUT.... 9. The Meltdown If at the end, they couldn't stop his meltdown. I will take that one as my Ending. When he took her to the ocean before n asked her to love him. I want an ending like that. Its another callback scene. But it's different coz at that moment, both of them take the same position. The Giver and The Receiver of the Love. N well, I really get it. But it's not happened at the last eps. So I don't know whether I should be happy or not. MWJ is growing mature but don't know why I prefer they're not coming back as a couple. Both of them learn the mistake and what is love from Young Goo n begin a new life. So, We''ll see...the answer for a question from this drama....What is LOVE? Love is not about winning or losing
  3. @zba72 oh thats great, Yess...I hope we get the full version. Reduce 2 eps for a drama means we missed a lot of things. From the previous week eps, IMO only 1 scene that important for the dramas...the others kinda OK to removed coz we still could understand it. N I hope they wouldn't cut YG n Da-da's scene. So I think I'm going back using VIU's version for my 9oo's thoughts. Haha.... Haha...a better body.......MWJ has 2 shower scenes before...well probably they think we could recognize it. Yes, with MWJ...It was an incident but with Da-da (who knows the consequences) who is the one whom spill the beans. Wonder what will happen? But hope the company still consider that YG is a different (special) case.
  4. Last week I realized that ABF has 2 versions. It was because I couldn't watch the streaming so I watched via VIU n felt weird thing. It was the choice of the song for eps. 12 ending. Coz it's kinda weird when U got a cliffhanger then U heard a cheerful song. So I watched it again via other link n found out that it wasn't the same song. It was Minah's song....n when I checked all the previous eps I just realized about all the differences. So there are 2 versions...the SBS's version that aired in SK (cut version) n the VIU's (original version). I don't know which version that aired in Viki tho. Btw, I knew that SBS reduce the eps so started from this week's episode the Editor has started their job. So U can see different ending n preview if U watch those 2 versions. Even U could get a different feeling coz of that. This is my 1st experience watching KDrama with 2 versions. Don't know whether it's the 1st time that happened or not. But I hope it won't ruin the story. N for my 9oo's thoughts , I choose to mix it up. So here it is for Eps. 13 & 14 1. Zero 9 vs Zero 10 Just a silly question, why we got 2 differents "packaging"? Lol.... 2. I feel Sorry Everytime Young Goo has a word to Diana, it's always a word that stab into her heart. 3. Just accept it. I could understand what MWJ's feel....replaced by a robot. But I like that she told him that she won't ask him to understand n just accept what she choose. Tho actually I still think that Da-da doesn't know yet what's her heart saying. So far she only saying "I like Young Goo"...She didn't say anything after Young Goo said I love you. Like and love are on different level. Whether Love a robot really what she wants? With pressures that it's not the right thing to do. For sure she really needs time to think about it. But the right thing isn't always the right thing to do. 4. Human From all cut scene from this week eps, I think this scene is important to the story. It explains about how Da-da's feels about her Ex. Not just because Young Goo's perfection. N like YG said to MWJ...It wasn't coz of the need. 5. The Hug I don't know why the hug feels so different. Hahaha....n I love to see his shoulder. If they won't give us a backhug scene from Da-da...this kind of hug is okay too. Hahaha... 6. Eating This scene is hilarious...Poor Da-da...n finally Jin Goo get his 1st ever eating scene tho it's only rice. Hahaha.... 7. Betrayal OMG....How come a scene that looks intense could has an ending like this. Hahaha....n with that cheesy music (I like it, hahaha...) at the background....ofc the ending would be hilarious. ....Their expressions...haha.....I can understand Young Goo's feel coz Da-da never kiss him n especially coz of the push n pull situation.lol.......n Da-da's effort to explain is LOL... 8. Balsam This scene looks romantic tho actually it's sad. When Young Goo said that his nail doesn't grow....owwww....n their love will come true..... Could it will happen? So far Young Goo get pain every time Da-da has a problem. N I'm afraid it could be like human disease, gradually becomes deadly disease. N the last time he get malfunction is even more scary. 9. Unforgettable Note: This scene would be for next eps (Eps. 15) in VIU's version...so probably it could be a spoiler for some of you. This scene is just so Beautiful. We got 2 scenes before when Young Goo threw it n then fixed it. They didn't give Us those scenes for nothing. Coz finally they could using it n dancing with that beautiful song. Unforgettable That's what you are Unforgettable Tho' near or far So, is Young Goo will become her memory to hold? Or more than that? Unforgettable In every way And forever more That's how you'll stay
  5. Play hard to get sounds cool but it's absolutely a difficult lesson for our Romantic Man....haha.... So here is my 9oo's thought for Eps 11 & 12 1. #1 I love this character. He is not like just the maker to our Y9. He is like the Pa, the Ma, the Bro, The Pal .....with all his lessons to Y9. I always laughing everytime he calls Y9 with that kind of voice. Hahaha..... N interesting that we get another Triangle Love....hahaha.....Different reactions toward the 2 ladies so it's the same with our main couples...At the end, whether with the one who get the kiss or not. 2. The Troublemaker It's a shock for me n ofc for Diana when Y9 said that she has no right to be loved by anyone. It's a harsh word. Wondering what would be the love lesson for her. N with her request for a face that exists for Zero Ten. It's really a twist. Whose face she's wanna use? Whether Zero Ten will face to face with Zero Nine? It would be interesting to see. Not just the love story even for the villain we get two...haha... Off course leaving an Agency isn't just a simple thing. Looking forward what's he gonna do with that picture. 3. Joon Goo It's interesting to see their interaction to each other. The Ex n The recent Namja Chingu. Haha.....n I love that for Da-da, they join forces to find the suspect. I couldn't wait to hear Y9's answer for Wang Joon's question "what are You?".... N at the end I hope WJ could be like a Brother to Y9. Love a Bromance rather than Rivalry. 4. Piggyback When I thought we won't get this scene...haha...coz it's not like Y9's style....hahaha....n I loooovveee it's not because most common happen in Kdrama....but coz of he wants to spend more times with her. That's really so Sweeeettttt... 5. Young Goo is My Boyfriend The 1st time she said that she didn't say his name. The 2nd time when the question arise, she only said Yes. N finally she could saying it with happy face tho it because some reasons.... Whether there will be the 4th time when she saying it coz that what she really wants? N I love that they gave us a scene for Da-da's reaction that really the opposite with their 1st kiss. She touch her lips with a happy face. N its so cute everytime she feels proud for Y9...she touch his head. Hehe... 6. Morning's Ritual OMG....the morning call...soooo cuteeee....hahha....The whiffle, the persistence YG...the Product Placement..haha....n coz he doesn't need to brush his teeth, lol....so we didn't get a couple brush their own teeth but he brush hef teeth instead, hahaha...n FINALLY I could hear Yeo Jin Goo's laugh......goshh...I really love the sound of it. Haha... 7. 90% of Sadness We got some of the 9oo's from this eps. From the birth of our Zero Nine....September 9th... 90% discount for purchase Zero Nine. N the installment until Da-da attain the age of 99...haha Those are the funny ones n I love this 90% of Sadness. Because he is becoming more human, this time when he tell her condition, its no longer just numbers... Its more about caring. I love that he told her about that. I don't think she ever has someone to talk about her feelings n I like that Da-da isn't always trying to be a tough woman...coz crying doesn't mean U're weak. 8. Play Hard To Get Seriously this time, Nam Bo Won's lesson really give me a LMAO moments...hahaha.... I love that could hear that cheesy BGM again. LOL....but off course when we heard that....we will get a hilarious moment from Young Goo n Da-da....hahaha....n I think when we finally we could get their sleeping scene...it would be like Da-da said...sleeping is what people do at night. Hehe..... N seriously we even get the planner for Play Hard to Get. Haha....4 times to go so we'll see how many left when Young Goo couldn't do it again. Hahaha.... 9. Letting You Go Well, I hope Young Goo or Da-da will not do that. Still hoping he could keep his promise to always beside her. I'm letting You go because I love You...
  6. A Starlight that lightup the dark of ur life n A Pouring Rain that could wipe your sorrow...That what we got from this week eps. So,here is my 9oo's thoughts for eps 9 & 10 1. The Black Box Haha...this drama isn't a thriller drama that made us should think hard about the suspect until the last eps. So, we've got the answer in the middle of this drama. His reason is a "common" one. That is like what usually happens behind the scene in the Kentertainment world tho we don't know what usually the Agency did when their artist want to declare the relationship. So, now it's clear n I wonder whether WJ will really leave his agency? 2. The Ma~Da A Promise to propose when get Best Male Award sounds so sweet n romantic at the beginning. But it has unlimited time of waiting because U've no idea for how long U should wait for it really happen. For this couple is 7 years. It's not a short time. N it's very human when feel tired especially coz it's a secret relationship. Some said why Da-da leave this 7 years relationship for just 2 weeks with a Robot. Like Kyu Ri said..."Love isn't a Math problem"...it doesn't mean that 7 years of love is bigger than 2 weeks of love. Especially for Dada who always take the part of the Giver. So when finally she could take a part of the receiver. It's a new thing for her. It's so understandable. The Colored pencil scene told us that Da-da is someone who cherish old thing. But it's not coz of the memory of it but it coz she's familiar with it. So if she doesn't has to change into a new thing. She will stay with it. Like she used to do during those 7 years n contrary with that scene, the Turtle scene told us even tho she need WJ, she's also want to leave from the relationship. So, eventhough I'm Team 9oo, I'm still open for reconciliation of MaDa's couple. Both of them will learn about what is Love. 3. Hello Yeoja Chingu WOW....A same words n a same smile but gave me different feelings. Kudos to Jin 9oo for could give me that. 4. Diana Some said what the purpose of having her in this drama coz it make dragged the story. But I prefer we get her rather than a jealous coworker or wolf in sheep clothing one like the previous one. She had a story n thanks for 9!Ken, we could know the story behind her hands. A thing that could make her stronger. Actually she's similar with Dada....she's a lonely person. A person who needs Love. So, I'm looking forward to see her get a lesson of love from our Zero Nine. She's also like a kind of catalyst to make our Zero Nine understand his feeling. Ps. Lol...I'm so shocked when suddenly Diana was beside Y9 when he was on his temporary malfunction. 5. 9!Ken Is Ken just a name from Barbie's doll story or is it the name from the real person? Did he die coz of the fire? Well we'll find out later. Like 9!Ken said that he's a robot that function based on the programmed. He's still looks the Happy Young Goo when he got his new name. But I think later after he collect datas of Diana. He act based on the data of the girlfriend's personality. This 9!Ken is more serious than Young Goo. He's like 180 degrees opposite from Young Goo. Could U imagine he makes thoses chessines of Love Sign to Diana? coz I couldn't...hahha.....Tho he still has that kind of concern but he is becoming more Robotic by saying "Do what you want, Girlfriend, I like everything you do"...Wow....I didn't see he will say that when he look surprised when Diana did that violent thing. It's so different with what he did with Da-da coz many times he "reject" what Da-da wants. 6. The Happy Prince OMG....LOVEEE it hearing his voice narrated the story n it's cute but also a sad thing to see those memo. I like that we didn't get a scene when he prepared it. N the thing that I love and it's important is he wrote Da-da's name. It's more specific not just a Yeoja Chingu. 7. The Memories "You don't make memories, they're just made" So I love that Writernim chose the starlight n pouring rain for Y9 to remembering Da-da. We only got 1 starlight scene before so it feels right that it became the 1st thing he remembers. N it's more to a happy memory. N We got 2 pouring rain scenes n I guess it's more memorable ones n made him back into Young Goo. Those scenes were the scenes when he did something but need the approval from Da-da...The Give n Receive from both side. 8. The Kiss Writernim n PDnim...Please for the next eps started with the kiss again coz I want to see their expression after the kiss ...haha...so far we've got 2 different expressions from Da-da. Her 1st expression is understandable coz she thought she kiss a Dummy. Hahaha.... N for her 2nd expression eventhough she didn't want to do it at the beginning n hesitate when did that...her expression after the kiss was different with the 1st one. There was a Smile. Hehe...So I really want to see her expression after this real kiss. N the Kiss is beautiful....it's more romantic coz it's under the pouring rain. N I like that Y9 said this isn't programmed...that I Love You...Coz it's so important n He didn't wait to Da-da make any reaction like she used to do when they're so close.... 9. You're My Destiny I don't know which direction that Writernim chose for the ending of this drama. Whether it will be the same like the other incarnations or took different path. Whatever it is, whether it's sad or happy ending for Young Goo....as long as I could understand about it, I'll be fine tho ofc will cry a river if Y9 turned off forever so now I'll enjoy the happy memories from them. I really Love this cinematography....Finally I could saying about it from this drama. Haha... Green, the color of growth n rebirth. Fit for the kiss scene. Tho Y9 didn't remember Da-da before but I really like when after she told him that he like her so much , Y9 asked her "What about her?".... A question at the certain moment that got a clear answer. The heart is buzzes too. I close this review with the lyric of the song that always there from the beginning.. Like a Starlight Will he be her destiny? Is it the premonition for the ending? Lyric... You’re looking at me Came a long way to get to me If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up Let’s never be apart Like destiny Pull me to where you are You are my destiny Don’t let go of my hands now I hope this isn’t something That passes with the wind The one person I want to be with till the end A last love that’s only permitted for me My heart wants it to be you Like destiny Pull me to where you are You are my destiny Even if this moment stops, my heart can’t stop Hold me like you did today My longing that I held inside Holds and calls out to my scattered memories Into the farway time that’s like an eternal dream Colored like the stars Pull me to where you are You are my destiny Don’t let go of my hands now n the love lesson for this week is... "Even the Smallest things can be fun when you're with a loved one" Credit lyric to : KLYRICS
  7. The main lesson from this drama is about Love should go both ways. Coz it's hard n tiresome for only giving the Love n get nothing in return. So, these one are my 9oo thoughts for eps. 7&8 1. The Eight. A complaint from me....why they only gave 8 languages instead 9oo for our Zero 9......those test for our Y9 to became WJ's Manager are hilarious. 2. The Tricks to be Loved I do think that we won't get these cheesiness anymore. Hahaha...OMG that Love sign...it's a little bit scary ......n when he pretend to be clumsy. (No eat n drink are allowed for Jin Goo in this drama ) Haha... ...n that sweet Love Flowers. I wonder whether Dada ever get flower or something special for their anniversary in those 7 years. I really love to see his expression everytime he insist to say NO without any words...haha...n Da-da has already understand about it. Lol... 3. The Kiss I really2 hope that our Y9 will get his 3rd kiss when Da-da doesn't has that expression before Diana get him. N I really looking forward to see his expression. The expression after the 2nd kiss is sweet but his reaction when Da-da want to wipe it is hilarious like a kid. Hahaha....Well, he is only 1 Year old.... 4. The Important Thing I love her expression when she sleep beside that Robot Doll. So peacefull n I guess that Doll will has an important part in the future. N Yesss...I miss Y9's wake up mode....n finally we got one tho seriously I thought it's guy from Kronos Heaven. So I wonder whether the A++ sticker that he really proud of it would be also an important thing that make him could remembering Da-da. 5. The 2 days later I think 2 days later means 2 more eps when finally Diana could get Y9. So I think the ending for eps 10 would be like the ending for eps 1. Our Y9 had experience 3rd time temporary shut down....n I think the 4th time would be his last one before he would be awaken by Diana's kiss n call her "Yeoja Chingu"...n then we get part 2 of this drama that I think would be darker (she even could did that to her fav toy ) n more into mellow. 6. The Black Box It's getting more interesting coz of we could "hear" the stalker's voice. N coz so far we've only 1 suspect aka Eun-Dong so I wonder why took 7 years before he did that. Whether coz he knew that WJ finally want to propose Da-da? So it will ruin his career? When he's on his Top posisition in his career. But I think we also could suspect Yeo Woong...coz as a manager, she knows everything about him. Well, sometimes the closest one is the suspect. N she knows that he wants to tell her n coz he hasn't told her yet...she send the threat to her n hope that she will scare about it n really want to end the relationship coz of it. As like Da-da says thats she has never been became his priority tho during that time she always understand about it n need a trigger to realize that the relationship get become so exhausting. So the black box is the trigger to think deeper about her love. 7. The Happy Prince I have watched the vid of Happy Prince. The story teaches us to care about other people and contribute something we have to those who is facing the hardship; we should not be selfish. It's all about Giving n the end of the story when Happy Prince has nothing to give more n he was finally pulled down n He went to Heaven. The Happy Prince's statue represented the happiness and the beauty. When he was alive, he lived in the palace where sorrow is not allowed to enter so that he did not know what tears were. He was happy all the time, and that was why he was called the Happy Prince. It's like our Zero Nine. His looks n he did everything like what Happy Prince did. Always Happy, always smiling. Always be there whenever Da-da needs someone. After The Prince died, he was set up very high that he can see everything in his city including the sorrow that he had never seen before. It's like what happened with our Young Goo. He is starting to feel that heartache n .. 8. I want to be loved I love the ending of eps. 8 when he feels sad tho he doesn't understand it yet n the way Jin Goo's did for this scene. When he looks down. It's more sad to me rather than he just look at both of them with sad face. So I really2 hope that the ending of Y9 will not like his Fav but if it's the same...before that I want him to get the love that he wants n make a lot of lovely memories tho to get it should through having tears... 9. Memories You don't make memories, they're just made. The 1st scene on this drama was Da-da'sTears. Do we will get another tears on the Finale? Tho I want the answer for Da-da's question - "Then have we met now..by chance..Or? Could it be Fate - is FATE. "It's good to love someone but you must be loved too"
  8. @Milady Himedere I'm Team 09 I think until the latest esp, most people are more into Da-da & Wang Joon's relationship....especially even tho they're broke up....we knew it was just coz of WJ's wrong decision to kept the secret from Da-da n 7 years relationship isn't that easy to forget. Comparing to the Taiwanese's version. The 2nd guy was only her Best Friend (one sided love). So it make the Korean Version is more complicated.
  9. When U think that U will only get a light n cheesy romcom drama but turn out to be its not just like that, It's Awesome. Coz behind those chessy scenes there are also scenes that give us the dark side of Human. What usually humans do. We realize it or not. So, here are my 9oo thoughts for Eps. 5 & 6 1. The Cheesy LMAO....The cheesiness from our Goo....I don't think Da-da ever got that love sign from WJ...Well Da-da's ideal type isn't a chessy guy...tho seriously yes...that too much...hahaha....n that wink. Hahaha....Luckily this time Da-da doesn't get any injure because of that. N those smiles...I've never seen it before. Seriously I love that J9 took this role . Like what he said...he started this drama with zero dating experience...so I hope he get it thru this drama. Learn about love in this human world. N I love that he could say he's good looking in this drama coz as himself, he doesn't feel that. 2. The Humanoid Another LMAO.....I wonder whether it's the real J9's reaction. Hahahaha...Personally I love that Indoor Roller Coaster n LOL when he was kinda shaky after that. Probably all the things he had inside was kinda in a mess. Hahaa... N the big smile from bumper cars scene...hahha...tho Da-da give him a thumbs down he still very happy. Hahahaha...Probably it was J9's fav? Hahaha....I love amusement park scene coz could have fun while working. 3. The Fluttering Heart OMG...4 fluttering heart scenes in 1 episode....hahaha....n who is the one that actually too many watching movie/drama? I think it's our 9oo....hahaha....n for sure yeah...He won over those chaebol in Kdrama. Haha...n the ending with I'm a grown man..goshhh....Seriously I didn't expect that kind of scene will coming....I think we should remember with Bo Won said to him that A Man should Sweet during Day n Sexy at Night. So we should prepare our heart when we get night scene. Haha.....n for Da-da's question about "what does that have to do with anything? For Minah herself...it means now it's no longer a crime to have kiss scene with Jin Goo. Haha.....(probably in eps.9 or 13...haha....) n for Us...it means...it’s ok to see him as a man now because he is one ..n can fangirl him guilt free. Haha...n I love to see Da-da's expression & his smile after that. 4. The Cliche N there U go...the cliche n classic scene in Kdrama. Hahaha.....A little bit surprise to get a back hug scene from our Y9….hehe...but I want another one when Da-da doesn't has that expression...hahaha....or Da-da is the one who give him the backhug...just more romantic please..hehehe... n another one is Falling asleep in bus n feel on his shoulder. Haha....Still remember his 1st kiss scene with Kim So Hyun on this kind of scene. Haha.... 5. The Womanhandle Actually we got this clichd scene on the previous eps...n now we get another one.....tho usually it's manhandle scene. Haha....Here we get the opposite ones. 6. The Twist OMG....so actually WJ isn't a richard simmons man. He really want to do his promise for Da-da. He even keep those miniatures of him from her. It just unfortunately he didn't has that trust to talk about the stalker with her. She's working at the same industry n for 7 years, she understand his situation very well so off course she will also understand about stalker. n speaking about the Stalker....well, for sure we know it's a man n he is working at the same industry coz he could put the gift in front of his room at the Award Ceremony. So he's close to him. Probably his previous manager if he had ones....maybe coz got fired ? Coz like his Agent said no one want to have deal with his temper. For sure he's someone who is close to WJ. 7. The Curious Case Wow...it was really a surprise for me when found out that Diana has a robot hand. What happened with her hand? N the scariest thing about her coz she did that kind of violence with a smile. So Y9's looks based on someone close to her. Probably her death friend from childhood? Diana only had him coz she no longer had her parents.... He promised to her to always with her n with his death, she thinks it's like a lie n with Y9 has a face that her friend probably has if he still alive....she will get no more lie coz Y9 will forever "alive". N the looks that we got when she's almost see Y9...is like an innocent child. She's still like a child. N I wonder how long that Ran works for her. It looks like she's the one who could handle her n get Diana's trust. She's the only human she likes coz never lie to her? 8. The Lie Is the reason why Diana doesn't like humans n I think Y9 lies once again. He always cover it with reason n smile. When Humans lie , it shows....so I wonder whether Diana will see when Y9 lies...he's not a human tho. 9. The Pink Light N finally we see the pink light on Da-da's ring. Did Da-da also lie to Y9. She keep insist that the ring is broken n to reply for I Love You from Y9...she said I DON'T LOVE YOU n with those reasons. When the Black light from the 1st time met n now turns into Pink Light. I think the ring is right. She feels Love. Probably right now on the outside with those reasons she build wall around her. But inside, she feels that LOVE. The Love Quote is... "Wouldn't that make you get exhausted? Loving someone with all heart but not getting anything back" The Give n Take....n so far both of them are the ones who always giving the Love.
  10. @triplem & @Jillia ..Thanks Gals for the Edited...I forgot the rule when the last time I posted in Soompi (4 years ago... ) . Next time if I want to write again, the 4th image onwards will under spoiler. @gutibear Thank You. I watched the ending of Japanese & Taiwanese's version but coz I didn't watch it with my heart. So I didn't feel anything. ...(n for the Japanese version, I think it's more about how to achieve your dream rather than learn about what is Love). I guess the ending would be the same like all versions so I have prepared my heart like when I watched Jin Goo's Reunited World. It's damn Sad but that the logic and gave more emotional feeling n so touching... Tho I prefer the ending like "Are You Human? (I watched that drama with my heart so I felt sad.).. @RPM....Stalker or Sasaeng fans could do anything. Especially when they don't like that their "oppa" has someone special n I'm afraid when finally Diana knows about Da-da...She's a person who doesn't like her things touched by someone. Well, couldn't imagine what she could do to her.
  11. I think if I have time and idea, I will keep writing about ABF. hehe... So, here are my 9oo's thoughts for Eps 3 & 4. 1. Diana Finally we could see Diana...the Owner of our Y9....n she's so creepy . There is always a reason why make someone behave like that. But based on 07's words..."Diana is a good person"...So, I'm looking forward when our Y9 is on her hands n how Y9 could change her. 2. Stalker OMG...We have a mystery to be solved from this drama...hahha...So Wang Joon really has his Stalker. It's so scary when the "gift" is from scratch Da-da's face into a word in blood. I'm worry that something could happen to Da-da... So far we only knew that Yeo Woong is the only one who knows about WJ n DD's relationship. So Who is the Stalker? n was it really a reason why WJ made a 'joke' about they should break up? 3. Morning Call LMAO...These scenes.. ...What a lovely to get a morning call like that. LOL From the 1st Morning Call, we get a peaceful Y9....its like he absorb the energy from the sunshine. Haha....n the shocked Da-da is understandable...hahaha.. The 2nd Morning Call. Sometimes a repetition scene could be not as funny as the 1st one coz we know what will happen but this time it's even more funny. ....Our Y9 is only in with an apron. .....n we got certainty about it coz Da-da said he was completely nude... n its hilarious even though Da-da has told her about the reason...he still keep saying 'You shouldn't be ashamed of your taste, I will respect it."...LOL.... I'm looking forward for the 3rd one. ....Probably it won't be a funny one but instead the romantic one....n Da-da is no longer afraid about it. Hahaha.... 4. Who is he? So far Da-da has stated 2 versions of who is Y9. Both had the reason behind of it n both didn't answer the question. Coz both didn't come from her heart. Just from her mind. So, I hope when she get that kind of question again, she will give her answer from her heart. 5. Fluttering Heart It's interesting to see Da-da's reaction (her shoulder's movement ) everytime Y9 is so close to her. Hahaha...N the way Y9 describe about her body reactions...lol.. So, we'll see whether could see it again or not. Hehe..n from those 3 scenes...the last one was the scene that I could felt his "feeling"....The one that he didn't say anything but we could see from his expression. 6. A++ I like that Da-da gave him that A++ sticker instead just A....Love to see Y9's expression. It's so Human....Being acknowledged feel really good. N the sticker is precious for our Y9. So, whether the sticker will has important part in the future? 7. Shutdown Ouch...Is this a vision about the ending? Shut down without a word before or he will say goodbye? But I don't wanna think about the ending yet. I like that after he awake from his 1st malfunctions, the thing that he did was grab her hand. When touch is more powerful than word. It's the same when he stop her to tell her about his situation. 8. Get Out/ Leave 3 times when Da-da ask him to get out...He always say Okay with smiles on his face. But on the next 3...not a word from him. Just from his gaze we know how he feel. The 1st one....When Da-da angry n saying bad words to him. I like that he didn't take it to his "heart" n just listen. N even though Da-da ask him to get out. He still stay at the location. Because his main purpose is to protect her from the rain. The 2nd one ...When Da-da ask him to leave...I like that he leave without a word but from his expression we know that he understand n give her time to talk with WJ. The 3rd one is My FAV...n once again without a word n made me want to cry. She only said "I'm Sorry n pulled her hand. N he understand it n tho I think he's sad but he could gave her a subtle smile with his lips n his eyes n then walk away n seriously its very sad. 9. The Turquoise Umbrella Umbrella scene usually has important part in Kdrama n I still remember that I wrote about the meaning of Jin Goo's Yellow Umbrella scene in I Miss You. N now I love that I could meet this scenes again. N this time is Turquoise n the meaning of this colour in Y9 n Da-da relationship. For the 1st scene...I think the meaning is more for Y9. It's increase his charm ...He came for Her n together walking under 1 umbrella. For the 2nd scene, this time it was Da-da who came for him n gave him the umbrella for him to use. But it has no meaning yet coz both were not under 1 umbrella. N when finally Da-da lost her yellow umbrella n then they were under 1 umbrella...there you go. Now it has a meaning. It's Advance the relationship between two people. For Da-da herself...It would make her mind honest and help to face herself correctly. Tho I think she doesn't understand it yet. What kind of feeling is that. So from "Shut Down" then in split second change it into "Don't shut it down"... So far until 4th eps...I love this drama n so looking forward for the next things that we will get from it. N the LOVE' s lesson from these eps is.... "When You Give Someone Your Heart, It's Only Natural For You To Keep Looking For That Person. That is....LOVE"
  12. This is my 1st time write a comment on this thread. I have retired writing a recap for my Fav Actor but my brain couldn't stop working so I think I really should writing it. Hehehe....It's my 1st time writing a first impression so this is my short ones about My Absolute Boyfriend. I couldn't finish reading ABF's manga nor watching Taiwanese's version coz don't like the female lead character. But I could watch the Japanese version until the end. So I think I could understand the concept of the story. N I'm so happy that in Korean's version there are many things have been changed. 1. 1st of All, I like that they make Da-da as a likeable lead female. hehe...It's so important for me. She is a woman who has an interesting job. (I think it's the 1st time they using Special Effects Make Up artist as the LF's job. Correct me if I'm wrong)...n she's the Team Leader. I like that Da-da isn't the one who order the Humanoid due her needs to have a boyfriend n coz of her job, the changing of the box is understandable. I like that Young Goo calls her as Yeoja Chingu" instead her name so there is a scene that we're really looking forward. A scene when he calls her with her own name. Da-da..... N coz of her job, we could see Young Goo with many interesting costumes. Hahaha.... 2. I like they use Young Goo instead Night to be his name. It's like to honour Jin Goo. Hehe..n the scene when Nam Bo Won describe Young Go's features. ...He has manly features but I think I can say that his lips is so pretty. Some lines are so chessy but I think it's good for him to experience this kind of role. 3. I like that they give us a background story about Young Goo....how he learn about love n became an Ideal Boyfriend. N LMAO at Number One aka Nam Bo Won who likes to show him weird videos. Hahaha....n I like that we could see the relationship between both of them. Not just a Robot Maker n the Robot without any kind of feelings. 4. I like at the beginning, Da-da had a love relationship with Wang Jun n she's the one who broke it off. N tho it make her insecure about love. These are quote's from 2 (4) eps & so looking forward for more to comes. "Love isn't just about giving. It's give and take." So when WJ is no longer giving her the reason to trust. It's no longer a Love ...it's like Y9 said... "Love doesn't change. Love is everlasting". "Things become precious not because of what they’re worth but because of the memory they hold.” N The Ring that WJ gave to Da-da is no longer a precious thing. These are many interesting scenes but I chose for 9 expressions from our Young 9...divided into: 4 Smiles.. # The Smile that didn't work for Da-da....it's so funny especially coz the smile she has was for the Bus. Hahaha... # The Smile that made Da-da couldn't control her car. Plus the wink...its so understandable. Hahaha.. # The Smile that made Da-da so scare to be in a room with him. Hahaha.. # The Smile that made Da-da uncomfortable n made her should make an excuse. Hahaha.. 5 Sadness # The Sadness coz his likeability test couldn't have perfect. # The Sadness coz the girlfriend run away instead welcome him. # The Sadness coz Da-da afraid of him. # The Sadness coz Da-da angry with him. # The Sadness coz Da-da is no longer believe in Love. N these are my 5 FAV Moments. 1. Da-da -The Anti Machine I think Y9 drop from the case coz of her touch. N then Y9 is alive n coz he's a very high tech n just like the manual, even when Da-da touch him. Nothing happened. So, looking forward what will happen when Y9 starting to feel like human. 2. Catch the Mosquito. Did Y9 really catch the mosquito? Or he started to feel humanism? He doesn't like WJ's attitude on the drama. So he punch him (the screen). 3. B'Day I would like to see another b'day scene when he could do the right thing with the candle. Hahaha...and Da-da make the dolls of Y9 with his costumes. Hahaha.... 4. Cover My Self. LMAO....this is the most funny scene. He doesn't understand that his body exposed could make her uncomfortable. Hahaha.... 5. Dating Companion OMG...I couldn't help to laugh when watch this scene. With the cheesy BGM ...LOL...N his gaze on this scene...Ohhhhh, I've never seen Jin Goo with that kind of expression. Wonder how many NGs they made for this scene. So, it's good that he chose this genre. He is still young n poor him if he should do only heavy drama. N for the chemistry I love it. I'm so looking forward to get many cute, funny, fluttering moments. So, let's just enjoy this drama n starting the journey to find out .....
  13. Gals....Nice to meet U all tho TCC has ended. But it's still not that late to share thoughts. Hehe... I'm not a new member but it has been 4 years from my last post in Soompi n has decided to stop writing thoughts about Kdrama. Just watch it for entertainment only n probably didn't find a drama that could give me desire to think hard n write the thoughts. I'm a picky one about KDrama....n usually rarely watch Kdrama just based on the rating or recommendation n I have tendency to stop watching when I felt the drama became so boring. So it's pure based on my feeling. Since the beginning when I knew about TCC n YJG is the lead, I want to watch it. I wasn't his fan tho but I like him in Tazza n Missing You but then lost his track. So I love it that I could find him again. I like all the cast n from the script reading, the posters, the teasers , I knew that I will like it n then decided to go back to soompi tho only became a Silent Reader. I'm not a sageuk fans but it's surprise me that throughout 16 eps I watched it with heart n mind not just with my eyes. Hehe... N coz now I became JG's fans n love this drama to the max, finally I decided to post my thoughts n I should make a new account to post it coz I don't remember my password before. Hahaha..so, this is my 1st post n it's kinda long post. Hehe... So, let's begin.... I love a drama when it has main theme, using symbols n parallelism scenes. N I got all of it from this drama. IMO, those are the main theme on this drama n we got that from all eps n for the ending I take it as a bittersweet ending n I LOVE it. Everyone & everything take parts n keep their promise n it all give me a satisfying end. I use Purple for this post coz I love it n also dedicated to Yi Heon...... The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility,power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wisdom, dignity n. devotion. N We got to see all of it from this drama. I divide my thoughts for the Finale into 9 points. 9 for 9oo....haha...n only contains of people and things that I like the interaction with Ha Seon. N the interisting is I love his interaction with all characters. The Haters 1. Shin Chi Soo Well...a man who is only loyal to himself. Gosh, it's so easy to him change it. I like their strategy when he attacks the palace. That's so cool to see the door closed behind SCS and leave him alone with Ha Sun. I didn't expect to get parallelism for this scene. It was a shocking moment for me when HS looks so calm stab him n then slices him. Wow.....It's like what YH did before but with so different expression. The 1st n last time ever that HS kill someone. To protect what he loves he could endure it. 2. Queen Dowager I always love her scene with Ha Seon .Always interesting. From the 1st time he met her. Especially the one when HS threaten N what an ending for her. The one who always ask the King to give SW death penalty by drinking poison. At the end she's the one who get it. The 1 side Love 3. Seon Hwa Dang Feel sorry for her. Not only YH who ignore her but so is HS. But at least before she die, she got that happy feeling that HS still care about her. I really love it when HS ask her feeling before he give his decision. The Fanboy's Squad 4. Hak San Yes...to get a victory sometime we should lose someone. Haksan die n didn't keep his promise to always protect HS but his death also give protection to HS & the important thing he also got rid the biggest Royal treat. He dies with dignity n also knows that this country on the right hand. N that Bow to HS is something. I'm glad that before his death, he's already give HS, his respect n TRUST. Who know that the same person who ever give Ha Soen his kick finally give his bow. 5. Joo Ho Geol The emoticon man. Hahaha....It's so funny to see his expression when he sees HS. That admired expression is so lovely. Hahaha....n especially when someone drag him or HS leave him. lol....I'm glad that he didn't die n still keep doing his work very well. N Thanks to HS for giving him a reward vacation so we could see his seasick expression. Hehe... 6. Eunuch Jo A lovely character. Always love to see their father n son interaction. Especially his expression when got his Fav snack. Hehehe....I love that he finally could give his drawing to HS. Love that he tells him that he is like a summer. A Sunshine that give warm to all. (well, that what we call JG, hahha especially when he give his warm smile) This drama actually could have just a "common" happy ending scene but NOO...it's a special drama that will keep the audience still riding a roller coaster until the end. The ending could be just like this...after HS leave the palace then he meet SW at the promised place n then smile to each other n walk away while holding hand. But it could be just a booring n standart scene. hahaha....coz we still have important things. 7. Officer Jang I always thought that I should also worry about Officer Jang n like I understand very well for the death of Haksan. It's also applied to him. I like that he still keep his promise to always protect him till the last of his breath. N HS's joke about he's fallen to him....especially coz got no expression ...hahaha The Family 8. Dal Rae n Gab Soo I was afraid that we couldn't see them again especially after the hand wave. Finally 2 years later we could see them again. I like that she could smile again . The Symbols 9. D.C.H The ending of this drama definitely has a room of different interpretation. But I'm going to take it as a happy ending and they're still alive. I take the 3 things in this drama as a symbol. Dagger as Life Compass as Time Hazelnut as Together Forever When watched it via Live Stream, I wonder why he give it back to her. Ah...that's coz he remove her from the palace. Our Ha Soen...as a 1 Woman Man, ofc doesn't wanna get another wife. It's kinda foresee that for a while she will be alone n it will be her protection to still keep her promise that never ever hurt herself. When there is no body that means he's not dead. Someone help him but didn't notice about the compass so leave it. It's different with the 1st time he got arrow shoot. This time in 2 places n took more times to get healed. So, after he finally get healthy, I think he didn't know where he should find her then decided to go to his sister place. ( n I think no need to put it on scenes, something that we should use our imagination is more enticing). I think the Clown is Ha Seon. I think he sees SW , especially when she give the rings. It's an emotional moment for him that finally he could see her again but ofc for a moment like that, he prefer do it in private. So, he's not just suddenly take his mask off n surprise her. N off course that kind of ending will not give us fluttering moment. There were 3 things in eps. 9 that I think foresee what will happen at the ending. 1. Love confession scene The quote on that compass pouch. " A Thousand Years apart from You" 2. The 1st Snow scene Ha Seon's letter. " Even IF I die missing You " 3. The 1st time hearing Se O 's song...A Long Way from Now " I'm slowly going, But You're getting farther away again" I think those 3 reflect that there will be a separation. They didn't give us 2 scenes of hazelnut for nothing. Coz it will also has a part. It's a meaningful thing for our Hazelnut Couple. Finally she cracks it n I take it as both of them are alive. I think they pick the location n use that kind of cinematography effect to confuse us . But remember, the main theme on this drama are TRUST n PROMISE. N that what we got. This scene was when the dagger take a part. She keep her PROMISE to never use it and kill herself tho ofc she's sad n missing him but she still keep alive. I guess, he knows where she goes from Ae Young n waited the right moment to show up in front of her. So, after she cracks the hazelnut & make a wish, it's the right time. N they use the song again n read carefully for the lyric. " THEY WERE ALL A DREAM TO ME" The dialogue also meaningful. Both of them said about their DREAM but then we get the TRUST ( actually this one is for Us, The Viewer, whether we want to trust him or not ) when HS said... I think HS was on coma n we can take that as the meaning of these. "Even IF I die missing you & I'm done living my life while missing you" Coz now he's alive & could fulfill his PROMISE. It's the symbol of the Compass. Although he should took a detour n took a long time but he would come to her. N that is the meaning of cracking the Hazelnut. Their wishes after walk under the trees finally could happen. Do U all notice that it looks like that we got Engagement & Marriage scenes? At the ending, HS's position is on her right. It's like a holy marriage (It's like from Psalm 16:8, when David equalize himself as "God's Bride" - I have set the LORD always before me. Because HE is at my right hand, I will not be shaken). Now HS is her husband n he will protect her n like what he said "NOW NOTHING CAN KEEP US APART" They are meant to be together and stay TOGETHER FOREVER. After all, TCC has a gripping and exciting storyline with a social issues that still exist until now. Great acting & chemistry, great directing, great cinematography, great OST n the music score n so on. One word for TCC....It would simply Thanks to ALL who participated in this drama. This drama was worth every minute of my time. Worth all the heart pounding stress. Haha.... Especially coz it's been 4 years that I never watch Kdrama via streaming. Tho I don't understand the language, it still make my heart beat fast. Hahaha.....N it still amaze me that there were a lot of laughing on location even on intense scene. Thank so much for the BTS. This drama definitely become a memorable drama for me n I'm glad that I didn't skip it n I'm gonna miss it. So, that's it....my long thoughts. Well, couldn't believe that I could still writing this long.
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