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  1. First pic: General Bei thinks that his workload has increased twicefold thanks to the wedding Second pic: General Bei is thinking “Tired already” because he has to constantly protect XF whenever she goes out Third Pic: “It’s not easy to put this on myself”
  2. Haha I read the whole novel in its original language that’s why I think I am able to pick out little details that might have been lost in translation. Thought I should share what I know so you guys have a better idea haha Anyway, the mother of LCY’s son was never named. Nobody knew who she was. The daughter was with another concubine with the surname Li. Both children came from different mothers. But as a crown prince and future emperor, he needed a successor so having a son made sense. In the novel, after XF’s death, he did not have much of an interest in women (which appeased many fans lol) Fans of the novel were saying that him having a child with someone else was just part of his duty to his country, which I agree. How could he be childless? He needed to pass the throne to someone when he dies. And yes the scriptwriters knew how to appease the viewers by changing the maid storyline in the drama. But in the novel, it was a one-time thing + mistaken identity in a drunken state so I guess fans of the novel forgave him a little because of that. They were just affected by the fact that she got pregnant. Gotta admit I wa shocked too when I first read it
  3. Yeap that's right. XF killed herself in the novel, leaving LCY pining for her in the next 30 years or so, bordering on depression and denial. He refused to visit her grave for 30 years and wasn't really into women. He had a son so he had a successor to the throne. With the urging of his subordinates, he finally had another child - a daughter this time. Because of his guilt and longing for the dead XF, he treated the daughter as the daughter of XF, even though they looked nothing alike. When the daughter died, that's when his denial and depression hit an all-time low. It was really, really sad. I teared when I read the ending of the novel - when LCY finally broke down and cried out all his feelings and denials of 30 years LCY never had the intention of getting XF pregnant in the novel (at least it wasn't explicitly stated). MOst of his actions were actions that showed that he wants to sleep with her that's all
  4. Yeap, the drama changed it to appease the viewers hahaah. I read the whole novel and in the novel, the baby was indeed LCY's after he slept with her thinking she was XF. HE actually did force himself on XF in the novel, once or twice (I can't remember). But it was written so subtly that you might miss it if you read the whole part without putting much thought into it.
  5. Yea but LCY lost all his memories then and felt very empty about losing something so dear to him which he can't remember. He does not know the XF in the palace is the one whom he has subconsciously been searching for. He only remember vague feelings and little things about her - red clothes, singing etc. It happened at the very start of the novel, and in the novel he did not think much of the XF in the palace; in fact, he kind of despised her cus looking at her gives him heartache. They changed it up a little in the drama and I'm looking forward to see how the drama is going to add in the pregnant maid arc, pretty sure they wouldn't leave it out. Just a matter of how are they going to present it
  6. There's something wrong with episode 26's link. Can anyone share other links with me here? Dying to continue the show but i don't want to skip 26 haha
  7. Doubt they will modify it anw she was brought into the palace by the empress and given one of the lowest concubine rank but was sabotaged by the empress into losing her baby. From the start to the end, LCY did not give a single crappp about her at all. She's actually quite a sad character, although I wished she did not appear in the story (pregnant as well urgh) at all. The drama would probably maintain the gist of this arc
  8. Yea, I was devastated when I first read that part. No matter how much the novel tried to show that her appearance was just to get the plot moving and how LCY did not give a crappp about her at all (yes, he ignored her, used her to take down the empress and se se and refused to see her after she lost her baby), I still hated that part. But it is what it is, sadly. It made it to the drama, I have seen pictures of the actress playing her. She seemed to have quite a number of scenes, she should appear by next week I think!
  9. In the novel, there was a palace maid who got pregnant with LCY's child as well. Pretty sure it's going to take up some of the remaining 30 episodes. That being said, the reason why LCY had a one-night stand with the palace maid was sad as well. He was really drunk and he saw the palace maid, dressed in red and singing - she seemed to remind him of something he had lost but can't remember what. The thing he had lost being Xiao Feng. He brought her back to his palace because of that, thinking he had found what he had lost.
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