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  1. Is this drama good?I interested in william and guli chemistry... I think its not really popular..the sub too slow and not proper translate..
  2. If u saw the raw then can u tell me what sun said about changge to she'er in eps 26? when sun want to leave eagle and she'er said its becoz changge,then sun said if he still tegin of eagle then the responsible of eagle is in his hand...but changge?? (At this point I dont know what he said)... So can u explain to me?
  3. But its make me confuse,if Qin fang same with Si Teng why he same likes human and dont realize that he is yi clan?
  4. I curious about one think,is when Qin Fang start to love Si Teng..they interaction with each other towards romantic feeling is little I Saw...
  5. Acording to the novel the one who have the baby is Bai ying (Si Teng half that being apart from Si teng,so she could married Si teng ex boyfriend) so she killed si teng and married that man (that man haa three wives,Bai ying is number 2) but that man actually dont love her and work together with si teng master coz the master offer him with wealth,so when she born a child and the body become weak then si teng master killed her.. Qin Fang is the grandson of Bai ying..
  6. Hey guys I'm new here..I skip to watch the season 1 and start with the season 2..but I have a question maybe u guys can help me to explain it.. Is in the past Oh Yoon Hee and Ha Yoon Chul has some relationship? I just know that he is ex husband to Cheon So Jin...
  7. I wonder when awu at hulan did helan tuo see awu and like her too? Or wang qian will do something evil to awu? I wonder when awu at hulan did helan tuo see awu and like her too? Or wang qian will do something evil to awu?
  8. Maybe awu will kill helan zhen with the knife that xiao qi give...the scene that xiao qi give knife I think will used some day lol...
  9. The special flower already used for awu..when awu know about her father news she colapse again and dangerous her life so the doctor says to used the flower to save her..
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