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  1. I was going to watch The Promise of Chang'an but it seems very serious and depressing - I don't think I'm ready for that. What does everyone mean by the story is a repeat though? Is CY's version a remake? What was the original one?
  2. I'm the type of person who gets really attached to characters and starts shipping the actors irl. I am a pretty hardcore CY and YBY shipper, so I understand why fans were upset. Trust me, I'm very emotionally attached atm and having a tough time moving on. I have a OneNote page full of episode descriptions lol Despite that, I remain firm in my belief that at the end of the day, dramas are dramas and real life is real life. Their love story and acting in the drama were amazing - I really felt all the emotions they portrayed and simply put, it was a beautiful and memorable ride. But that doesn't
  3. oh that's really disappointing...why does it have to be that song out of all the other ones I've never had difficulty getting the instrumental versions in my other dramas so far sigh
  4. Thank you!! Unfortunately, these websites don't have the song either sigh I wonder why it's not in any of my usual websites
  5. I need help! Does anyone know where I can find Lover's Curse instrumental version? I love the entire OST but this is my favourite song and the instrumental is just so beautiful. I found the other instrumentals, but not this one :'(
  6. I hope he isnt distancing himself because HE wants to...I will cry. I saw some comments saying HE was the one who wants to avoid her and not his company who wants him to. But that was only one comment so fingers crossed
  7. omg this is so beautiful :'( I was just starting to get over the heartbreak, but the songs and these clips are bringing back a whole lot of emotions LOL Although I love this modern 11th life, in my mind, I envision XJ and SF back in the Heavenly Realm living out the rest of their long lives. What do the 4 characters say at the end of the video???? I was reading through the comments and people also noticed that Bingyan and Chengyi didn't interact so much...that makes me so devastated. what's going on?? The fact they're being so distant and aloof with each o
  8. I totally agree with your suggestions! That would have made the drama even better than what it currently is 100%. I feel like viewers were always certain that SF is not evil and so it's hard for us to empathize with XJ and not dislike how little trust she had in SF. With that being said, I definitely still love her and their love story. What frustrated me about the drama is the fact that LL and MY didn't trust SF despite what he has previously done for them - that was really heartbreaking. Also...were WT and LL ever intimate with each other? Were SF and XJ prior to their marriage?
  9. I can't get over this drama...really suffering from post drama depression. Even listening to the OST makes me sad. I'm in a constant state of wanting to relive the story = rewatching clips vs rewatching clips = even more sadness.
  10. So SF didn't know he was the prince prior to that scene?? Cause he didn't really look shocked at all haha
  11. I just finished the drama omg Im crying! This was really a rollercoaster ride..quick question though. Since when did SF remember his identity in heaven??
  12. If the answers are spoilers, please do not spoil!!! I'm finally on ep 37!! My heart breaks for XJ and SF but I can already anticipate it will completely shatter into pieces in the next few eps. 1) Don't Golden birds count as heavenly creatures and not demons? 2) Also...I'm confused about the storyline. SF was a golden bird in the heaven realm, so how is he also a golden bird in the golden bird tribe in this life? How does he not remember his memories in the heaven realm as another golden bird? lool 3) if the birds are demons then why was SF in the heavenly
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