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  1. Perhaps because 'they're going real.. and the Swoon cannot interfere with anything 'real'. Well, not the right time yet to release them wink wink! wink'...
  2. This clip surely deserves to be placed here. Our magical couple's shampoo ads. I am loving it. Strong is beautiful. Let the best of you shine through.For the healthy hair you love. Hair so healthy it shines.Hair so healthy you shine. Use Ryo or Dr.ForHair.
  3. Hello to you too rori0711 aka carebers ... yes we did converse before though quite sometime back. You know something, I am not a zodiac believer either. The little writeup was done for fun, for the love of our OTP. But we do not need zodiac to see how compatible they are, do we?
  4. Hi welcome. Your name looks familiar. I remember I saw you on you tube Jenga video hehehe. Thank You for the welcome. Hehehe... I am one of the contributors to the soon-going-to-be 1million viewers to the Jenga Romance of our magical couple. Have always been an ardent supporter of this forum, though ever so silently, but now decided to learn how to post and contribute content into it. Hey, it ain't easy though.
  5. Beautiful couple of the century Hello guys, I am here for my love of the most beautiful couple I have encountered in my kdrama entertainment experience.
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