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  1. @NonKoreanMango GHJ won the Best Actress under the main drama category whilst KHN won the Best Actor under the Hallyu Drama category for their portrayal in WTCB. SYJ won the Best Actress under the Hallyu Drama category. I am pretty sad and upset that HB was not chosen for this category.
  2. For SDA 2019, The Fiery Priest won the Top Excellence Award and Doctor Prisoner for Excellence Award. Kim Nam-gil won Best Actor for The Fiery Priest and Jang Na-ra won Best Actress for The Last Empress. All these awards were won under the Hallyu Drama Category. For the main category, Kim Dong-wook was the Best Actor for Special Labor Inspector and the others were from other countries.
  3. Updating... just so the thread won't disappear. Someone in ig updated in ig the iconic dialogues of Jin Woo.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CElu2FcpoKe/?utm_source=ig_embed
  4. I believe the lady in the ad is Kim SeJeong who is also an ambassador for Manyo.
  5. What is so funny about that? That lady beside Yejin is already married... and the husband was also there behind her.
  6. Wasn't that the VIP premiere of Rampant you were referring to? Fyi, those people in front of the casts were mostly photographers and fans.. the VIP guests weren't there. The vip guests were probably in a VIP lounge of the theatre waiting for the casts to join them for the screening.
  7. I am not sure about HB's previous dramas, but I know HB and his costar did not have any post interviews too in MotA, the same as in CLOY. Not sure if it had been the trend for main leads of a kdrama not to have post interviews or only specifically for HB's dramas...
  8. @cris_feliz The seven Cinderellas 1. Oh Yoon-Ah 2. Lee Min Jung 3. Uhm Ji Won 4. Song Yoon-Ah 5. Son Ye Jn 6. Lee Jung Hyun 7. Gong Hyo Jin refer to Slide 2 L to R
  9. I don't think it was SYJ as that lady in the photograph seems to be quite tall to be SYJ. She is about 5'4" in height. The average golf cart is typically about 6 feet high. Moreover, if it was supposed to happen in November 2018, SYJ's hair wasn't that long too during that time. Even that guy did not seem to have HB's physique. But well, we can never be too sure what with such blurry photo... and why was the photo taken blurry anyway?
  10. Yes, indeed VAST Entertainment became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kakao M since August 2019. From what I was told, the existing VAST management continues to helm VAST as before. Whether HB is the CEO of the company still, I am not in the know. But certainly HB is no longer the owner of VAST per se. However he is now a shareholder of KakaoM after investing quite a hefty amount in the company along with many others.
  11. Wait.... did VAST indeed change its logo.? Its website still carries its original logo from many years ago. The only different from what I can see is the addition of 'A KakaoM Company' beside the logo subsequent to its merger with KakaoM... I am confused why you guys said VAST has changed its logo. It is still the same. Only their profile icons in IG and Facebook were changed.
  12. SeRi Christmas Card I believe she drew a reindeer emoji on the Christmas Card ... simply because reindeer is associated with Christmas.
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