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  1. @NonKoreanMango GHJ won the Best Actress under the main drama category whilst KHN won the Best Actor under the Hallyu Drama category for their portrayal in WTCB. SYJ won the Best Actress under the Hallyu Drama category. I am pretty sad and upset that HB was not chosen for this category.
  2. For SDA 2019, The Fiery Priest won the Top Excellence Award and Doctor Prisoner for Excellence Award. Kim Nam-gil won Best Actor for The Fiery Priest and Jang Na-ra won Best Actress for The Last Empress. All these awards were won under the Hallyu Drama Category. For the main category, Kim Dong-wook was the Best Actor for Special Labor Inspector and the others were from other countries.
  3. Updating... just so the thread won't disappear. Someone in ig updated in ig the iconic dialogues of Jin Woo.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CElu2FcpoKe/?utm_source=ig_embed
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