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  1. Haha not too much for their scenes, but enough to make us excited for the progress of their relationship, and the preview for the next episode for yeoyeo couple is thrilling hehe
  2. Hahaha me! (Sometimes I watched raw episodes because of il woo and the excitement for the story) is it really okay with you to be spoiled w/ tonight's episode? hehe Well, *there's yeoyeo couple scenes *the crown prince is in trouble, he might be accused as a murderer
  3. Haha @lightbringer06 actually I am a Filipino fan of Il Woo and I have watched all his kdramas so when I read that Kwon Yul had an appearance in my Fair Lady, I remembered that he had a scene with a handsome guy that will sue the leading lady and character of il woo is a lawyer, so I think I guessed it right that its kwon yul, and looked for the video hehe
  4. https://www.facebook.com/viuthephilippines/videos/1727782730604396/Someone mentioned here that Jung Il Woo and kwon yul already met in My fair lady wayback 2009, So I searched the scene, and they are still handsome and cutie #creditstoViu for the video link
  5. Episode 8 (15-16) is really intense and I felt all the emotions, plus so much happenings in just one hour hehe, anyway these are my fave scenes in that episode: - When Dal moon agreed to join and walk the same path with Prince Yeoning - All yeoyeo couple scenes especially when Yeoji said to YN that "it is fortunate that Im the one who got hurt, not you" - the scene when the king confronts Yeoning about his true intentions to be the king, and YN requesting him to indict him for treason, if he thinks that way - the announcement of King's guards that prince Yeoning is the crown prince, the emotions of all the cast esp. the prince are perfect, I nearly cried in that scene
  6. Hello! If I remember it right, I have read in Jung Il Woo's interview that he's been offered the role in Haechi 6 months before his military discharge in November 30 2018, and still considering that time, so probably the role of Prince Yeoning is already offered to him wayback june or july 2018
  7. Hello! Im new to this thread but Im a Jung Il Woo fan since 49 days(2011) and he is my main reason in watching Haechi, but aside from that, the story is interesting that's why Im watching it. Here are my comments with the main characters *Prince Yeoning- He is so smart and strong, plus a very handsome man. I love his schemes and he has a good heart because he is willing to risk his life for the sake of protecting his people and friends *Park Moon Soo- I love that he is funny and at the same time a man with dignity and a pure heart, he gives a lighter mood in the drama *Yeo Ji- A strong female lead and she is smart too aside from being a really pretty woman. I love her fight scenes *Dal Moon- A very mysterious man but I hope he will side to Prince Yeoning and have that same goal *Prince Mil poong- A crazy and dumb prince, actually I dont want him to die early, he has to suffer first before his big punishment hehe
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