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  1. Thanks for all the sharing of the interesting and heart fluttering bts of the dvd. Really appreciate to #twoparkcouple for the translation. I just rec’d my dvd but have no time to watch it though very excited when I rec’d it. Busy schedule, no time to watch also doesn’t know Korean language. Lucky with the help of you all ppc shippers that I still can enjoy the interesting parts of the bts. Thank you for all the sharings! PPC...supporting both of you all the way!!! Fighting !
  2. Hi I’m from Singapore too...really enjoy reading all the sharing in this forum. I’ve been reading this forum every day as well as IG account. Hope we can share lots of PPC news n get our hearts flutter with their news. Pls count me in if there is a private chat on the dvd. I seldom comment but I definitely read the forum every day! Fighting! PPC shippers!
  3. Happy WWWSK 1st anniversary to everyone! Thanks to the WWWSK team for bringing us such a great and wonderful drama! Love to read all the views and comments and great love of PPC in this thread. Very thoughtful of kfans to give such a wonderful gift to PSJ and PMY for wwwsk 1st anniversary.
  4. I have been silent reader all these while though have posted a few comments before. I totally agree with most of the comments on Wwwsk and hpl. To support PMY, I have been watching hpl. I’m still at ep 12 halfway and yet to watch eps 13 n 14. At the same time I couldn’t resist myself but to repeat watching wwwsk again and again as that’s was the best kdrama ever. Just want to praise wwwsk team be the Best team! The storyline of wwwsk ran so smoothly throughout the whole drama. The whole cast, besides the main characters LYJ n KMS, the second leads and all other supporting casts, each has an equal role and fair appearance in the drama. Each supporting role gives the viewers a deep impression of their characters in wwwsk, eg LYJ’s Best Friend, parents, Brother, KMS’s sisters and father. Don’t forget each colleague, every one provide the viewers with deep impressions of their roles in the drama. Kudos to wwwsk team! I will keep repeating watching wwwsk as I miss ppc a lot! Hope PSJ and PMY can be real couple and hear their wedding news. The above is just my personal view if inappropriate pls delete. Thanks.
  5. Really love this ppc thread All the discussion and sharing in this thread are so interesting and delulu. Couldn’t help but need to keep ‘glue’ to read all the new comments and keep refreshing the pages. So fun reading and happy to be part of this PPC ship. Wwwsk storyline is great with the cute colleagues and good friends of KMS n LYJ. Even their family members in the drama did well and blend in to the story well. No doubt All the kiss scenes are gentle (except the bed scene), create great chemistry and have a nice touch in wwwsk. Not forgetting our PPC love and feelings in the drama. I still enjoy watching wwwsk and keep laughing and crying while re watching it for the 4th time now...
  6. Me too! I will stay with all the true PPC shippers to continue shipping our PPC Hope PPC will become real couple and advance to marriage PPC will have our blessings forever! I’m not active in this forum but I have been trying hard to read every post here every day though I’m still struggling reading...now at page 173 only...haha...I will continue reading and support PPC and all our shippers here all the way...Fighting, everyone!
  7. Thanks, Matilda! Think PSJ PMY very much! That’s why he adopts Simba (same dog as Leon) and also decided to move near PMY’s house. Personal view. Really praying hard that PSJ and PMY can become real couples and can hear their wedding bells
  8. I’m a new fan of PSJ n PMY. I’m happy to come across this forum and decide to join in. I’m glad that I have joined the correct group as lots of their information were shared here. Hope PPC can become reality and last long Just saw the MYLog #2 and really enjoyed watching the video. PMY’s Leon is very cute and clingy . While watching the video, one question came to my mind... who owns the pet dog 1st? PMY owns Leon 1st? Or PSJ owns Simba 1st? Or is it both PMY n PSJ own the dogs at the same time because they are dating during that time?
  9. Hope the love and spark between psj and pmy is still on and continue sparkling! After the HPL’s couple photos (pmy with her new co-star) are released, there’s a mixed feeling that on one side we should support pmy for her new project, on the other side, feel a bit jealous and sad that her new co-star will be getting closer with pmy during their filming period while psj unable to join in and may ‘lose out’
  10. Min Youngssi...Happy Birthday Stay healthy, lively, shiny, pretty and young! Believe in yourself and do the things that you love. We will support you all the way in whatever you think and do, fighting! Hope you have found your love and life partner!
  11. Min Youngssi...Happy Birthday Stay healthy, lively, shiny, pretty and young! Believe in yourself and do the things that you love. We will support you all the way in whatever you think and do, fighting! Hope you have found your love and life partner!
  12. Same here. Can’t get enough of this wwwsk. Now watching for the 3rd time and think the drama is still very cute and romantic. Really like the great chemistry between PSJ and PMY. I will continue to repeat watching. Praying very hard and hope they can become real life couple and happily married. Also hope they can announce their love relationship ASAP without worrying so much of what other people think and say. They are really a great couple together!
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