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  1. Wow you guys are good, this is some next level detective work! Keep it up! It makes me happy that there are evidence during this difficult waiting period!
  2. Welcome! I think it's great! Sorry you were harassed so badly before!
  3. Hopefully with YIN being guest DJ and someone please translate if audio/videos surface!! Maybe she will give us clues!
  4. Curious off topic question, since these shows are mentioned a lot as part of YIN and LDW's pasts... What kind of shows are Heroes and Roommates? Seem like reality shows from what I gather?
  5. I can watch this a million times. They are so cute and it's so obvious how naturally close they are! I just feel like even if you are friendly co-stars, when doing an interview you prob wouldn't pay THAT much attention to the other person, more on what the MC is asking you, etc. Yet he pretty much knows what's going on with her the ENTIRE time and through the interview made sure to take care of her!
  6. I love that we're so active here waiting for this ship to sail. That thumb rubbing GIF is giving me ALL the feels! I feel like that is so far the BIGGEST evidence to this ship! You do not rub someone's hand absent minded-ly if there's nothing going on!
  7. Sigh. I am quiet because after a drama ends is the true test of a ship. I've never shipped any couple before, but I hope we will keep this tread alive with any news/updates there are of them! Even if they're not dating IRL, their chemistry is undeniably out of this world! I usually only watch dramas if I like the leads so for me to be so invested, I just really love the two of them together!
  8. Awww. I saved both episodes to watch together later, but from what I've gathered - On one hand, I never expected proposal/wedding because it's just too soon/rushed anyway. I also do understand not having too many intimate scenes; I get the sense that this is supposed to be a more cute/light hearted show and our couple is each other's "frist" afterall. BUT of course I'm freaking disappointed hahahah. How can they tease us with the sofa scene and what he said, and then nothing! It would have been perfect to slip a scene in when he welcomed her home. It would make sense to take it to the next level for them. Ugggh. Sooo next season please? Please? Pretty pleaaase!!
  9. I thought maybe she went through other avenues first, because the lawyer that accused your son in the first place is unlikely to help you? And after she's exhausted everyone else, she had no where else to turn but to him (to either seek help or really vent). I don't know how they fly through pre-production so fast, shooting it so "late"! I guess I'm not used to how k-drama's are done!
  10. I so agree! It's really annoying to see the kisses where the girl literally is just STILL. Like, give it some feelings!!
  11. Hold on, so next week's 2 ep's will be the last?!?!?! Nooo. I need like another 10 ep of them being happy!
  12. I've been sick and passing out at night, so I haven't even watched 13 yet, so excited to binge both for once! And my dead heart beats again, a lot, hahaha!! Woohoo!
  13. I don't think I've NOT looked forward to an episode. Ugggh. First I'd have to sit through the break up all over again. And then all the tears and sadness! Fingers crossed tomorrow's ep, PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER.
  14. I'm actually kind of dreading it because obv our couple is separated and both not happy. But also, it means a day closer to them getting back together...
  15. Uggh I know. I mean, I get obsessed after I 100% commit to a drama, but not to this degree in a long time!
  16. For sure. They HAVE to have her redeem the wish! I hope it's like he still isn't sure if they should be back together (tho he wants to), and she is like remember my jenga wish? Well my wish is you have to kiss me RIGHT NOW.
  17. Ohh thanks for this history! I love Rain and Song Hye Kyo and so happy that they both found love! Yes I was just complaining about this on the TYH thread. Felt like they were going backwards. Like, how do you not hug her tight to console her when she's crying and also after being attacked?!
  18. Yes, their lack of affection really bothered me too. From no hugging tight consoling, to NOTHING during the cute market date and at his house (that 1 little peck is not enough). Totally get that it's still "new" and they progress slow but I feel like they went backwards!! They better make this up to by the reunion scene(s) or else! I'm a really tired working mom of 2 so when I willingly loose sleep to watch this late at night I expect non-stop amazingness lol!
  19. This week's episodes made me so sad that I am relying on this shipper thread to hold me over till they reconcile in the show! I know NOTHING about K-pop, so the norm is usually the couple will hide their relationship super well and the suddenly announce marriage out of the blue?
  20. I'm glad there's some hugging/kissing in ep12 because I was seriously angry at ep11 for the lack of anything lol! And I am just going to believe that they will not spend anymore time on this separation past next episode. I totally get they need to throw SOMETHING in there but let's wrap it up quickly please and thank you!
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