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  1. Hmm.. Not sure what's wrong with the system but when I logged in it shows my previous order.. But when I click My Page > Your Order there is nothing. Anyone can help with this?
  2. Who knows.. Maybe he was actually sharing that mint choco with the one who took the pic Maybe the word 'miso' reminds him of her
  3. How I wish I able to speak korean so that i could understand whatever they said.. Maybe I'll start learning korean soon
  4. Just let them be... For all visitors/lurkers/haters.. If you guys feel irritated with our delulu just go and don't read all those things
  5. They must really need a private time just the two of them that they rent the big villa.. I don't think they got some special treatment just bcause they're the drama leads.
  6. I've always wanted to see her in cop attire! She'll be the hottest, most gorgeous policewoman in kdramaland So I'll go for action comedy.. Whereas PSJ'll be her subordinate and they got some love hate relationship while solving the case together.. Hahah how I wish I could be the producer, director and even scripwriter How about saeguk? But not sad ending obviously.. They'll be cutest saeguk couple ever
  7. While everyone sharing some favourite bts.. I'm gonna share my top 10 list of most waited bts 1. All kissing scene 2. All hug scene 3. The quarrel scene (the one they went to US for business trip) 4. Drunken scene (both MS n YJ) 5. The proposal scene 6. The wedding scene 7. The scene where MS wore her wedding dress to apologize YJ for her mistakes 8. Mud scene 9. The scene where YJ carried MS to the bed 10. The blockbuster date scene And many moreee!! I just want to watch all of them even though I don't know a single thing what they talking about lol.. Oh yeah I wish I could see the bts of poster shooting where simba around and the time when they watch ep 4 together Anyway, any update for dvd/bluray?
  8. Sorry to say this.. I don't find anything in my post that is irrespectful.. Like I said just let the other shippers have their own delulu... We here with our own delulu.. And what I said is based on fact.. It's true there's no such interview question.. So what's the problem here And I believe I'm not the only one who think this.. I wonder are u really her fan or maybe from other shipper. Peace no war
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