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  1. It's not true. In July they were spotted at a friend's wedding in los Angeles after which they were vacationing at the Laguna beach resort.kyo had updated this on her IG .in August ki revealed in an Esquire interview that he and kyo are spending most time together before returning to work and in September they celebrated his bday with ki's parents.that photo of ki kyo got revealed only after divorce. We know from many ssc spotted news on instagram that their marriage was going well till December when ac drama began filming on the set. At least Kyo is not a person to fake a relationship for career....this at least kyo supporters should know. She began deleting photos of ki from her IG in January 2019. And in February chinese media started speculating problems in their marriage.so my conclusion is ac drama filming on the sets has lot to do with their split
  2. Your address to her ex moved me to tears.my heart is still heavy for her how she stood mentally strong. I remember how her mother hugged the ex during wedding.her hug expressed how much she was trusting him for her daughter
  3. Your write up brought me to tears.but I would want to clarify about marital property. As per Korean divorce it's the marital property which gets divided during divorce not the individual property. only that property is considered marital property after marriage where both spouses have contributed in acquiring that property. Individual property of spouses doesn't count marital property. So whatever kyo earned before marriage and individually after marriage belongs to her and cannot be divided. same goes for ki. Ki kyo went for mediation coz they weren't able to divide marital property and so the news that they have to split combined assets which ultimately they agreed not to divide.had there been no marital property then news would have been that ki kyo have no combined assets to divide. This is my understanding. At the same time I am really surprised why ki named his property after his brother's name
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