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  1. yes, his love madness towards her makes him becoming ultimate j*rk, but i am at your side, i want a HE too, but i can't find any other nice HE that make sense unless he commit suicide and follow her to other world, but we know he wouldn't
  2. Is this true? Producers working to release a second ending for Goodbye My Princess. https://twitter.com/CEntNews1/status/1100676225406664704
  3. i wish i could, but unfortunately i am indonesian chinese. i dont understand any word of chinese that's why i only can wait patiently for the eng sub. anyway, i saw in you tube that already up to ep 20 in viatnamese sub. kudos to them.
  4. thank you for your detailed explanation. i never been so into a drama but this one really hooked me on. Even the FL is so cute and funny. I can't really hate the ML here. He has just to be the way he is to survive this struggle in becoming the king. One thing i couldn't accept is that he should have just captured the King of Tieda (Danchi Tribe) and not by killing him. But this is novel adaption anyway. I really want to be a HE but seems there's no way FL can live with everyone surrounds her all died in tragic
  5. well, it will be revealed in ep 20. They knew that the person call Batur is a fake one and that linked to the Second Prince aka CP now. Thus of course ML feels sorry to FL as in the preview ep 21-24, ML says to FL that he will take care of her. From now on the romance will kick off. i dont think the ML character will kill his other siblings to get the position of king but who knows. Look like the 3rd and 4th prince seems so so
  6. The drama airs every Monday and Thursday for 4 episodes each. This is for Youku VIP members. Currently ep 16-20 aired on Monday, 25 Feb 2019. So today they will be airing ep. 21-24. CMIIW. by the way, am i the only one who cant stand the eng sub. so far Viki subs 1 ep per day T_T
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