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  1. wah! Thank you! I enjoyed my vacation and still trying to get myself back to work and catch up with the posts. Looking for a better job to pay off my car's insurance and other things. It's so hard these days.
  2. ah, I must miss a lot, on vacation and gone through a sad new lately. Have you guys watched the tvB version and saw any differences from the one we watched? ZM appeared early or anything special?
  3. ah, I'm on a vacation, so must hav missed everyone's discussion a lot! Still loving the drama and rewatching them lately. :D
  4. Omg! Just amazing to see how his eyes deeply looked into hers...feel so much love!
  5. ehhhe, I am Vietnamese and am so used to read the subtitles both for English and Vietnamese. It takes times to read and understand fast following along.
  6. I feel like I want to rewatch the drama again and again! Just can't get enough of ZM and WJ's moments together! The director was evil to not include the wedding scene in there, so that us can go crazy and imagine things out.
  7. Im back home from work, have I missed anything important or fun to know?
  8. If you guys have any more ZM and WJ new cut scenes and available in the TvB version, please share! I would love to watch it.
  9. I think it is because ZM is the Princess of Monglia and since two sides are enemies...they can't accept her. That's the main reason...Indeed, they are too stubborn to accept her when they known she wanted to go against her father. If she is not the Princess from the beginning...maybe it would be different. I have to say they are too stubborn too.
  10. Im in the U.S too and still think about WJ and ZM at work...even during break and lunch....
  11. OMG! That's so sad! Im so heart-broken right now! I guess we can only picture it out for WJ and ZM ourselves how it would be and everything. At least we know for sure they are husband and wife from the novel. Have to say that WJ was so passionated when kissing ZM in that episode! It was like..."I love you so much MinMin..." ahahahha Am I normal to keep thinking about that kiss scene? ^^ Save me!
  12. oh dear! I'm missing this drama like crazy too! Every night I'm rewatching since ep 43 and repeat those WJ and ZM's moments. I really hope the TvB version include some good cute scenes and the wedding like in the mv. I saw it's also 50 episodes, so not sure how they will fit those scenes in.
  13. yes, he kept saying how he won't care about MinMin's life and death anymore, but only a few minutes later, he still cures her...He carried her up right after he said that he wouldn't care anymore. hahahah...He kept saying that but he was meant the opposite. Just say to help him stop caring...ahahhaahha it's possible. I'm not Chinese, so not truly sure...Yet, I heard doves represent for lovers too...
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