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  1. Im looking foward for LA episode and i hope sjh will attend kjk concert if she have time (hopefully but dont expect anything) I hope PD of runningman keep their promises give award to jihyo going to LA. I hope she can take a nap and rest.
  2. I keep believing that as long as dont have rumour that jihyo or jk has somebody else from disptach or any knews, i keep believe that their relationship still close when off camera maybe they had some reason why they keep far away from each other when shooting runningman but when outside they still keep contacting each other. Shipping like glitch and hitch, sometimes we happy when watching runningman because have spartace moment, sometimes their lack of interaction or maybe their scene were cut. So whatever happen in future whether they will end up each other or not, just keep supporting our SA as individual. If their destiny together one day maybe after runningman end, I"m most happiest person in the world because our ship were sailing. Just keep calm and enjoy the show
  3. Hi guys May i know when sjh will going to LA since her film "daughter" had finished already? I hope she will pick kjk so that we can see their more interaction together. It looks like newleyweds go to honeymoon. Lol i hope their pd not forget to bring sjh to go to LA because she already won and they must keep their promises. Im looking foward to LA episode
  4. Hi guys I like jcw since he come runningman, then his drama are healer, the k2, suspicious partner, fabricated city (so far i watched this) but many more to go drama that i want to watch. im so excited that he was discharged from army and im waiting his new upcoming project. I want he acting with song jihyo and lee dae hae (my girl) i hope so that they will chosen acting with him when he was in army, i searching all about him in youtube and watching all his video.. by the way, Im so happy that i found this forum and if anything has recent news about him, i can know about it. im so excited to reading all about jcw in this forum from page 1 untill latest. Keep supporting about him
  5. https://www.soompi.com/article/1320646wpp/running-man-cast-shares-how-jun-so-mins-mother-wanted-kim-jong-kook-as-her-son-in-law This is from soompi I hope nothing happen between soomin and jongkook. We wait for subtitle tomorrow what they are talking about. But recently in rm episode dont have any spartace moment (only little) but as a spartace shipper, i always support them no matter what happen as if they dont end up together in real life, I will support them as individual, but if spartace getting married one day. Im a happiest person because our ship is sailling and our dreams turn into reality. As long as kjk dont announce anything about his married or relationship, we just keep praying and supporting them forever
  6. Hi morning everyone. Has anyone know when big picture season 3 will air with english subtitle?
  7. I hope so they will dating with each other when LA episode air. I hope jihyo will pick kjk because have a few reason, firstly haha want to take care of his wife pregnant..so i think haha will not going...yjs and seukjin have family and they seem busy and have a pack schedule, so the chances go to LA still slim.. i hope have a spartace special episode..just like soomin episode.. i want too see their sweet moment and their interaction..i hope when they are go to LA, kjk will make some move by confessing his love to jihyo and propose jihyo..so all the question are answer that they are dating since mama award and planning to getting married by this year (mood delulu on) nowadays, RM seem boring because i miss all old runningman games episode and their screentimes also fair.. i hope they will create more challenging games and different themes that out of the box so that their rating will higher.. i keep watching RM untill now because of spartace..if RM end one day, i will miss spartace interaction and all their sweet moments..
  8. Hai @Cheii1416 & @Ligercouple7681 welcome and happy shipping. I hope you enjoy our analysis.. Keep supporting both of them no matter what happen.. and you can give your analysis about our spartace too Hi @joyspartace welcome back. Keep writing about our spartace.. hopefully you can be a famous and successful writter one day.. Im waiting for big picture season 3 air.. i hope we can see kjk talked a lot about our beautiful jihyo.. i hope she can come as their guest.. good morning and have a nice day everybody
  9. I hope so they will getting married by end this year and our dreams will become true. I hope they go to LA together in upcoming episode and jihyo will pick kjk. I think kjk has a crush with jihyo in family outing a long ago but he keep his feeling inside then when jihyo become permenant member of runningman, he started getting closer with jihyo eventhough she has a loveline with gary. They have been known 9 years through ups and downs, they always take care with each other, they always hang out together eventhough with their friends, kjk always advice and give motivation support towards jihyo. I think jihyo will be most luckiest woman if kjk pick her as wife because i know kjk will protect her and love her for the rest of his life. Their love keep blossom nowadays when jihyo acknowledge them as "future couple". I dont know either if their team member know about their relationship (as couple) but they have give blessing already and support their relationship(especially haha, yjs, lks). I think they will slowly reveal their relationship through runningman, I hope kjk will make some move to propose jihyo but i hope he will propose jihyo when shooting runningman (mood delulu on) and they will end their show if they are getting married lol . About that concert, i think jihyo will come when her schedule not pack or when she free on that day. But i hope she will come and support kjk (her future husband) keke . I keep praying everyday that spartace will getting married soon and have 3 kids (2 daughter, 1 son) . If they dont end up together, ofcourse im as spartace shipper will be sad but nevermind as long as they happy with their partner, im happy too. I dont put high hope if they getting married with other people because the expectation will hurt me if my dreams not become true. So keep calm and support spartace forever.
  10. I try google translate they said that song jihyo and lee dong wook were dating for 6 months. I dont know whether the news is true or not but this article were release in vietnam news but not in korea because the latest news in naver,soompi or any other website korea dont have this article. So i dont believe as long as song jihyo company not release the official statement about they were dating. I think they want to play a game april fool because right now on month april right. So i think this a totally false rumour. So we just waiting for their official statement from lee dong wook and jihyo company only. Whatever it is, lets support spartace untill one another getting married. But i hope this is only the fake rumour. Keep calm and relax about this article
  11. I just watched this episode recently. Im so happy that have many spartace moment. My heart very flutter when watching this episode especially part yeobo saeyo, kjk was jealous but he keep denying his feelings towards jihyo. i think their love keep blossom in recently episode because their member keep teasing about them. But they dont deny about it and they just play along. im still waiting for jihyo go to LA with her partner, but i hope she will pick KJK so that we can see more their interaction and capture sweet moment when they are at LA *mood delulu on* but nothing impossible right if they are go together. if jihyo not come kjk concert its okay but i hope she will come when he held concert at anyang or busan. Maybe they will spend time together. i hope next year their fate will be destined as husband and wife. It will be an amazing news if they are getting married and have a beautiful daughter. I think they will be the most hottest couple if they end up together. Lets pray very harder so that they are open their heart to get married soon. Maybe they are slowly reveal their relationship into public but when the time comes,they will announce to the public.
  12. SBS 'Running Man' broadcast on 31st (Sunday), Kim Jong-guk X Song Ji-hyo's subtle atmosphere is drawn after Kim Jong-gook's 'Honbo' ment event. The recent 'running man' recording was a race to find a 'secret couple' who broke into the solo troops. The members started to forage a secret couple pretending to solo all the tactile sensations, and Kim Jong Kook named Song Ji Hyo as a "secret couple" candidate and Kim Jae-young, a model from a model who appeared as a guest. In particular, Kim Jong Kook continued to point out Kim Jae - young and Song Ji - hyo 's intimate appearance unlike other members who doubted many people and drove them to a secret couple. Kim Jong Kook testified that Song Ji-hyo made a comfortable conversation with Kim Jae-young and continued his conversation. Song Ji-hyo insisted on being innocent and added, "If I am not a secret couple, Kim Jong-kook is jealous now." And other members also added, "It's jealous" about Kim's attitude. On the other hand, the guest Jang Hee-jin told Kim Jong-guk that "Kim Jong-kook is a little scary" and Song Ji-hyo said, "It's a good person to know." You can see the whole of the subtle love line to the moon couple in the 'running man' broadcasted at 5:00 pm on Sunday, 31st. I try google translate so i see this coming, i think maybe not accurate 100%. I cannot wait to see upcoming episode which is kim jaejong come to runningman. Based on this picture above, just admit oppa that you love jihyo so much but you still keep deny about your feeling. Are you jelous? What are you try to show here? but i hope spartace is secret couple in this episode and we can see more their interaction. *mood delulu on* I love his team member keep teasing kjk oppa. I hope jihyo will come to his concert today and become main guest. Im just hoping but i dont want put high expectation that jihyo will come. But just pray for the miracle.
  13. Actually how many days that kjk will held the concert?
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