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  1. This drama would be peaceful if SH married his mother SJ got very serious right brain cancer ( his left leg problem ) , waiting for dying , may be the writers would kill him in the last minute Everyone in this drama 92 episodes is very stupid male & female leaders include ,except SH's mother
  2. If Dori is LSH's son It means everything from Aura going into OSH 's pocket that's the price for her 5 years hurting looking for her husband & son I don't thing OSH 's baby had the heart problem, it's just her stupid mother 's lie
  3. The 1st , KIW was shoot ! because the black guy with white car seems drunk … going up 1st, and the guy with the black car just arriving !! may be SJW ,we don't know yet who shoot ?
  4. It 's very easy just doing DNA test both DORI & SH .and CHAN & SH Chan is Esther 's son Dori is SH 's son because Esther must give up her son to take LSH 's in case Park family wants to take DNA test between Dori & fake DK
  5. Next week KIW will find out MR 's dead ! I want to see what's next for MR & SJW ? both father and son ( KIW) are strong abusers ,if women need money can close to them ( TO GET SOME) if not running away far from them , everyone has only one life ! we ourselves have to make it happiness without tears Yeah ! HR seduces KIW ...just 1st time ...but if HR trying couple more times may be it'll be ok ( I like it ) Sorry for SJW !! He has a bad friend Dr Ha " You're a workaholic , I enjoy life " SJW working too much to forget someone stole his wife to enjoy life ! SJW is not a monk or an eunuch so he has the right to start over again ! thanks the writers and LOVE AND SADNESS team , I love Saturday until this drama ending , it doesn't matter how long
  6. Mr Hong is a very serious mental so SH can not marry to anyone !
  7. Li Cheng Yin 's acting excellence ! hopefully we will see him soon in the other dramas anyone finds his new drama please tell me thank you love you all in this thread
  8. If MR doesn't move to other city ! for sure she will get caught by KIW ! If she lived in my country she could call police ( 911)..then there were a lot of volunteer groups will help her ,government will help too. I'm waiting to see what's happened after MR will be face to face with KIW ?
  9. Waiting for " whom the writers will give USB ?" AS I think this drama's writers don't make viewers going around and around like others dramas .. so may be LSH will get USB first ???who knows ?
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