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  1. TO killed IG ,he blamed SW in front of DK , He used his boy to blame and threat SW ,what a guy !!!!! but because of her boy SW wants to save TO HS's trust SW but after waiting long time and she saw SW with that chairman . she lost her trust in SW ,so she must save herself If someone wishes SW sleeping with TO ,it means sleeping with the enemy !!
  2. This drama will be 200 episodes ,only a crazy YS can control the whole people in this drama , female and male leaders and the old chairman are very stupid ( I can not believe how can he can be a chairman ???) ,it's so so.... eating talking same scenes all episodes you don't need to watch all drama only epi 1,2...… then20,,,,,,,30...…..40.....and ending
  3. SW should move or resign ,she needs more time for her boy ! yes Dr YK is right ! TO doesn't love his boy ,he loves himself ….
  4. One arrow kills 2 birds ,if kicked SW out and let YK taking her position ,then SW will misunderstands YK waaooooooo that good enough for TO I 'm thinking The writers are women because I find out all men in this drama are trouble makers ,SW's boy is selfish ,trouble maker boy jH , TO are cheaters , IK is a criminal guy abuser , chairman is a tyrant , racist man only YK is a leftover good guy helping SW All women are victims . YR ,SW DK HS … only 2faces female doctor we don't know next epi yet !! I;m waiting for Friday Thanks drama team It's up to your favor , how old are you ,if under 19 shouldn't not !! If you're old enough ,then should try it
  5. Yes I did say before !taking her boy and moving ,If not let him stay with mistress to see the true color of his father...but we did not have a good drama to watch Epi9 ...I do not find any good friend beside her ??? even that young doctor ??am I wrong ?? TO still loves SW
  6. Marriage life likes a bus , if you take a wrong bus going to the wrong way you can step down and finding the right one , life is too short ...take it easy do not take difficult way turning your life to miserable
  7. This is not the case can forgive ,TO does not love any one ,he is a super liar he only love himself, He taking his son $$ ,he spends SW $$ without her knowing , what he did for SW only sex ,with SW he promises to abandon DK on the other hand he said to DK he 'll divorce SW … looks what he did to SW after coming back .. He really is a mental guy should be in the mental hospital in my country this guy would be in jail and can't coming near his wife & his boy
  8. SW 's working hard at hospital ,but when she got home both father and son leaving a mess at dinner table for her ,this is not a good family ,she must teach her boy doing home work and serving himself , not only teach her boy but also a old lazy boy , she should let him free staying at mistress home , he will find out true color of his father ,
  9. SW is a very smart and strong lady , she will find the way to defeat TO , the best way is moving to another city with her boy , because almost women here seems no one is the same with her level almost spending money from their husband and jealous TO still ill-love with SW , in the past the time living with SW ,he was freedom to do anything he wants , he can spend SW's money freedom , he and his boy got SW serving him like a maid, he feels not enough so he wants a mistress for his fresh sex anyway ,SW push him out …. his life was change to a maid for his mistress and his in-law He 's coming back to threat SW ,he wants SW calling him helping her if there 's some troubles , he coming to check up at after the time of attacking accident ,but not she told her boy "It's OK no problem " He's jealous with young male doctor , TO doesn't love anyone , he only loves himself , and he 's a super liar, He uses his boy to attack SW ( so it's not a father's love ) He hires that crazy guy to attack SW ( that time he's with his boy ,it means he 's innocent ) I think next step SW will make DK fighting with him ... and neighbor lady …. This drama is the best drama of the year ,it makes me want to re-watch many times ... I would like to thank all members in drama team , the writers , The directors , all actors .actress you are doing very well jobs take care , have safe life after fighting with Covid-19 Thanks everyone here I'll read all your messages
  10. SW sleeps with neighbor guy because She needs TO's finance information and let TO taste " betraying sleeping " https://dramafast.com/drama/love-in-sadness/ This drama is good too
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