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  1. Just my 2 cents. I finished this drama on Netflix last night and i have to say, in all honesty, Seo Hyun-jin saved this show entirely. She carried Lee Min-Ki through the end as he gave his worst rendition of a role so far. Amazingly bad actor (in this show). I'm not a huge fan of Min-ki in general, but this one is so bad i just couldn't shut up. I hate that he got this role. The chemistry between them was 0 (ZERO). I said for a good part of the movie, okay, he is acting like this because of the prosopagnosia. But not even after he got it "cured" nothing changed. And when they kissed... oh my god, if i would've been Hyun-jin, i would get instant nettle rash. Totally hated his performance. Please pay attention, his performance not the role. I am pretty sure they could've find so many other amazing actors to give life to Seo Do-jae, in a MUCH better way. I'm only appreciating this drama (and i watched it eventually) because of the lead female actress and the supporting cast ( Ahn Jae-hyun, Lee Da-hee, Moon Ji-in, Lee Tae-ri, Na Young-hee ) Sorry if i hurt anyone's feeling by expressing myself, but even if you are a hardcore Min-ki fan you need to admit how bad he was in TBI !!
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