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  1. Correct me if im wrong, but i think after watching the spin off, He did fall in love with the real SY in the spin off ep 1 while standing infront of the snow, ( he even kept SY’s hair decoration that she used to tie his injured arm, he was smiling when he saw her in the queen coronation BUT he blocked his own feeling and become prejudiced after knowing she comes from KIm clan)... so i guess they wanted to convince the audiences more that it was SY indeed the one that he loves since the beginning. and another spin-off ending tonight also It indeed s
  2. Yes the ending indeed has been filmed and in social media there were pictures of them , someone here also uploaded the pic/ link where the king and queen in their official palace clothes were holding cake and the number on top of it is 20 ( perhaps indicating the last ep) and yesterday I also mentioned the Twitter pic which indicates the bts pic of never seen before scene , where the king hugs the queen In that same colour of official palace clothes. this one, but they change the cake to “a child ” https://www.instagram.com/p/CK8O4QnhAzK/?igshid=utrrg6yl079j
  3. i really hope it is like this during the grand finale.. because i have a feeling , despite what he did in the past and obsession about SY, he still can’t kill her ( see from the preview of ep 19) and the conversation between him and CJ that night seemed to be sincere .. and the thing is, he is in the room with the king’s squad on the spin off teaser.. i also think that the spin off is a combo between their meeting before she became queen AND after they got married .. and I didn’t see YP there .. but , why is the GQDW and her brother still there, makes me also confused..
  4. i think the conversation between her and CJ’s brother and Hong are to be saved for the grand finale.. just like the ep 13 and 14 where he planned to make a King accident involving the Former minister of war.
  5. I think he believes that inside SB there is still memory of SY that he knew and loves.. that’s why he decided to save her.. but i have a feeling that he will sacrifice himself nextweek.. And i think the one that they saw is CJ.. plus the one who saves CJ.. is it damhyang’s dad or am i wrong? yes part of me also afraid that it will create another misunderstanding, but considering that next week is the finale i dont think they will add another conflict of no trust between the main lead.. And i still have a BIG faith that we re gonna see this scene .. from this
  6. I just happen to see the new OST the lyric.. OMG Yt link : by kDramaFull OST OST PART 8 Mr.Queen by TvN 임한별(Onestar) - 별들 중에서 (Like a star) And the lyric trans , i google it (credit the korean lyric to KdramaFull OST) Glad it’s you, because you’re in front of me Among the stars in this vast universe Since I met you I love you, I love you, thank you so much For coming to me I was full of mistakes Hugged me I love you, I love you, all of you After meeting you, I linger like a dream I can feel yo
  7. I see from the new stills that HJ comeback and appear to be in offering consolation to the queen.. so she significantly has a character development..she seems so sincere.. from the production team they say that “there will be a thrilling twist” presumably about the comeback of the king .... https://www.instagram.com/p/CK-l2plJJsR/?igshid=qzn56fp1bm6b CTTO
  8. I think that we’re gonna have the long awaited kiss and proper (cough)* scene tomorrow ( or cliffhanger for ep 19) , after the wake up call where SB finally accepted her feeling to CJ , and then they will go outside the palace with the accompaniment from Lady choi, HY , Royal chef ( they wear traditional clothes).. its undeniably sad towards tonight’s ending, plus the way he wrote those baby journal saying “ you should be healthy.. be good to your mother ... “ .. still. I have BIG faith that he’s gonna comeback and make a grand entrance tomorrow.. and hop
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