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  1. You got me on this one, chingu! This is obviously not their reason so it is absolutely ruled out. Cheapskates absolutely didnt go with both YIN and LDW personality. Which means I completely agree with what@aveerie and you said. Thanks a lot everyone for having such a keen eye and doing lots of insightful analysis and timelines. You keep making my day brighter consistently ..to the extent that my day won’t be lit if I don’t visit this thread every day
  2. He did that consistently many times with her disagreement on “jinjung” couple (because at the beginning he also questioned her “why? Why didnt you want to be called like that?”) and suddenly he jumped to agree and defended her by saying “everyone please come with a more creative couple name” - during the picture from webtoon and webnovel , as he realised YIN didnt seem to like both pictures, he again agreed with her by defending that it doesn’t matter if the characters from the drama n webnovels are different , because he’s sure people will watch the drama. - he agreed randomly during the famous jjajangmyeon convo so people willnot question him further although it’s obvious (fr his surprise reaction) he wanted to ask YIN more why she liked jjajangmyeon more not jjampong, but then as the mc was a bit suspicious (she asked ldw-ssi why? Somthing wrong with yin answer) - during the rating question in presscon , YIN and him have disagreements about the rating, but then after just one look from YIN his expression then said “ok as long as you re happy dear”
  3. indeed! I just realised as well that the first actor who was offered for KJR's role was JUng Kyung Ho, while YIN was there from the start. my delulu says LDW chose it because he didn't want to see someone else (apart from JKH decided to refuse it) grabbing the chance to play romcom with YIN, as he regret during goblin days for not having loads of sweet scenes with Sunny.
  4. to tell you the truth, after looking at the rating of TYH, the probability is low. However, ratings aside, YIN has topped the rank for the brand model in March while LDW also in the top ten (or top 5 I forgot), so perhaps due to their continuous popularity, it can attract brands to hire them as a couple for filming cf just like during goblin days. -Also, previously Japan has decided to air TYH in May, so perhaps they could also promote it together, yet, for me, I think it won't be the case since LDW is busy MC-ing produce 101. but never say never - In their fan meeting, especially LDW since YIN I think has not had any FM (CMIIW).. would be great if this year her agency decides to hold a fan meeting for her, she deserves it and I'm sure many fans are beyond happy to go for her first FM. I mean, the previous reel to real couple also did this and IF they do that this time, then you could conclude by yourself what that means. in the long run, we could also see them again together to attend tv cable awards IF both of them were nominated as a couple or as favourite actress/actors... .i do hope one of these possibilities could come true though.
  5. This might be oot, but i just want to emphasise how Oh jung Se is obviously ruled out from making a move on YIN aside from being married and having children, imo. Which is in the way in which he married his wife is so damn sweet. And i agree completely with @aveerie regarding the personality of YIN.
  6. This is just like @monaka0312 has posted earlier that in SSY (yeoreum) interview, the first scene they all three were involved, she also felt that LDW and YIN was so close that she kinda felt “left out” , even though in the real scene it was the other way around. It was like bts of ep 6 with ceo yeon , i realised they too also were playful toward each other, talking in banmal, and then YIN back automatically talked in formal when she spoke to CEO yeon. Aww..even their co-stars admit they were too immersed in their own world.. hihi.
  7. Let’s hope so but i think if that happens i guess only YIN promotes it as LDW now is busy with mc-ing produce x 101 on mnet starting from 7april. But i really do hope my prediction proves me wrong and they’re both gonna promote it , together, and doing interviews for japanese audiences
  8. Now that you mention it, i highly think that his arm was on her shoulder or her back rather than the edge of foodtruck table. (Kinda weird for me if you took a pic since he stood in a stable environment no need for leaning to something right, ) I hope they have a magazine shoot after this too! Fingers crossed!
  9. Sorry again if i double post this Btw the 1 foodtruck by kge also is sent for both of them right i even thought kge back then was a lowkey shipper during goblin era judging by she mimicked “their hi five” with YSJ during the presscon when those two were immersed in their own world Aah..it’s unlikely that we find this kind of pic to be emerged from the wrap up party
  10. please please continue your insightful post! as expected, this thread has become my daily dose of vitamin when I feel really stressed about my work life I think i've gone crazy to the extent that i care more and (pray more) about the outcome of their 'relationship' than my own love life
  11. Welcome to the thread chingu! wow i'm so glad we got long time wookie fan here and then to the extent that you finally (for the first time ) ship him with YIN. i mean, considering that wookie has been in k -industry for 20 years and paired with many actresses who also have great chemistry with him. i mean.. he's considered as a king of chemistry with his co-stars right? Actually, i am curious, What made you decided to finally ship him with her? have you noticed the difference of their chemistry or (low key) shipped them since goblin era? could you provide us some insights regarding his mannerism toward YIN compare to other co-stars since you're his longtime big fan? sorry chingu I'm just so happy that I think I ask you many questions hahaha
  12. Wait @Pichiie. This also means that this arang deleted scene is just uploaded recently by a user in naver ???? Why? Why? I’m curious now that the k-netz seems to be digging more about their first meeting or previous encounter.. to the extent that a deleted scene from a movie13 years ago is now re-emerged again
  13. OMG what a destiny!!!! they have a scene together in 2006 in that arang movie!!! OMGGGGGGG this is reallly a beautiful fate !!!!!!! thanks a lot for making my day brighter chingu!!!
  14. It’s “How do you do- nice to meet you?” By G.NA feat.Wheesung / 처음 뵙겠습니다 (With 휘성) - 지나(G.NA) the lyric actually really describes them @Alice Mendoza Hello, nice to meet you You’re prettier than I thought you would be I heard a lot about you I hear you’ve been looking for a good person lately It’s a pleasure, nice to meet you You’re more handsome than I thought you would be I also heard about you that you’re lonely I think this will be an okay fate Do you feel what I feel too I feel like you know me already This thrilling joy Let’s meet tomorrow and the day after that I want to get to know you more I’m curious and excited It looks like I’ll come to like you Did you sleep? Did you have a good dream I happen to have nothing to do today I want to buy you a cup of coffee If you have time, do you want to meet I found you, the weather is really nice I also don’t have anything to do today I thought about what I should do Let’s meet right now I think this will be an okay fate Do you feel what I feel too I feel like you know me already This thrilling joy Let’s meet tomorrow and the day after that I want to get to know you more I’m curious and excited It looks like I’ll come to like you You and me together (You and me together) Oh baby baby I hope that this is your mind too I feel like up until now, my painful loves have been a lie Thank you so much We fit so well together You must feel this feeling too It feels like this world is a park just for the two of us Let’s get to know each other slowly Carefully, carefully, like every day is the first Like our first meeting pushed us together Always with a fluttering heart, let’s try Kor: music.daum.net Rom: AlphaBunny @ colorcodedlyrics.com Eng: princessoftea.wordpress.com Color Coded Lyrics: AlphaBunny @ colorcodedlyrics.com info: music.daum.net
  15. Yes, i’ve visited that channel. She has 4 parts which scrutinised the details on tyh live dramachat, i love how she could recognise all the movements from yin n ldw which made us shippers having high hopes .. Also. I just realised in tyh drama chat ldw even scolded the mc and yin in a playful manner “seriously you two, what are you doing?” with informal way of speaking as well (cmiiw) that happened after the mc kept on complimenting YIN being perfect sexy beautiful (she has all those things) , and then YIN being the considerate one then complimented back the MC ( like you are good as well doing this mc, or complimenting her skin i kinda forgot)
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