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  1. i think i choose D, And hopefully they could be like rain and kim tae hee or Jisung and lee bo young who until now is the epitome of celebrity couple goals. They are married, have babies and still can maintain their respective career well.
  2. Agreeeee and if i can add somthing more when people are in love, every single thing that is done by the people they are in love with , that seems normal for others TENDS to be precious for them . so one of them might be something like taking pictures or videos of your target while she is rehearsing in a t shirt ( even more with funny dialogue) so that he can tease her later by sending from kakaotalk whatsapp or whatever social media they have. wasnt that what you do when you are in love especially boys/ men? tease the girl by sending them their funny pictures and funny video aka rehearsing in a t shirt so you get more attention from your target. or maybe i see things too much, but no. i was 100% sure he did it discreetly
  3. i second that. again, perhaps i should say this again that he acts a bit unnatural here and like @effyisme said many times, it is obvious that he was taken aback by her sadness and then was in dilemma ( as they were infront of others) hence he seems to lighten up the mood by teasing her “ why did you cryyyy??” While caressing her head a few times @Prerna i only knew basic korean so i cant translate . Sorry .. If you feel doubtful about whether there is something or not between them based on ep 16 bts, then just replay the scene where lmh “secretly” took picture or video of kge having rehearsal with her staff.. even more giving suggestions to her staff In banmal ( casual manner) which i think , according to korean culture ( i ve been following k dramas for more than 20 years) is showing closeness . haters might say oh yeah it ‘s already 8 months shooting no wonder they are getting close. lemme remind you that during the presscon lmh even shows his complain that 4 or 6 months of shooting but kge and wdh havent lowered their formality ( aka banmal ) by speaking sunbaenim instead of calling him hyung and oppa. so, I guess what happened was at some point after the walls were broken down, he managed to get close with her staff and perhaps got cheering from them ( lmh continue to do this you will break her walls don’t give up :p) i remember i read a comment saying kge is an iron wall girl. somehow the dot is connected then. Getting close with her staff is one of the routes
  4. I think you should check wenroad ig because she shares the full ep 16 bts on her igtv @bpwinces!
  5. that’s what i felt too. he appears to be someone who is in dilemma, because he needs to control himself infront of people to avoid rumours ( like i said earlier the shipping lands has reached the production and his team and again i believe they already read knetz comments in naver for the past few weeks or maybe himself read the post and tagged and mentions from shippers who tag him with kge ) at the same time he also wanted to console her ( not in a professional co star manner ) without being so obvious BY teasing her and said “why are you crying” ( before that he was laughing so hard ) and me perceiving him a bit unnatural :p and voila... people ( or should i say oim in disguise) concluded and justifed that what he did was a mere sibling love to kge. again and again dont lose your faith , ladies !
  6. i’ve decided to unlurk because I cannot accept the fact that there are some comments on ig saying his patting on her head looks like sibling love than a man in love or couple. I believe that there is 100%something between them, and i hope we are gonna get good news in terms of breadcrumbs in the upcoming weeks, months, or years. The downside of Being a shipper .. means that you also need to prepare yourself in a rollercoaster in both negative and positive manner on a side note, would it be possible that the editing is like this because there are lots of rumors encircling them and then it has reached the production and then they purposely made the editing to diminish the dating rumor or something between them ? and i think i read previous comment in here that lmh looks like someone who acts a bit unnatural “ like he laughed toooo hard” to conceal his inner feeling? because they were on sets and boy as a halyu star sometimes you need to control your emotion infront of lots of people, particularly the audience who are looking forward to this bts. so i believe someone or some people already told him to control himself again Cheer up rcls!
  7. Yes i second that! when i see this i automatically wonder why on earth he needs to appear to be taking pictures when his co star is still doing rehearsal for that jung tae era. and he appears to quickly flip his phone as soon as he gets the pic/ video
  8. she cried and him trying to console her ( She must feel sad and withdrawal symptom somehow i saw some comments in ig stating that they look like sibling rather than couple when he caressed her hair while laughing he also said “why did you cry” and patted her head. and hey everyone, i ve been lurking on this thread since early may and decided to unlurk becauseeeee i just can’t refrain myself anymore because of the ultra speed movement from this thread Many thanks for providing me lots of insights from mineun couple.
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