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  1. He is pichi shipper too hahaha but after meeting her I think he has changed cuz he got amazed with her kindness and friendliness and has a crush on her Actually her Korean fanboys do not like shipping couple. They are protective guys who try to protect their goddess. I feel like everyone who surround In Na unnie treat her as their gem, indulge her and make sure that hatred cannot harm her. Specially manager nim, he did his best job! As a shipper, I think Wookie must get in trouble if he does sth wrong to her haha~ Most of them are senior fans, she even knows their name and talks to them like nuna/unnie-dongsaeng. To me, she is so humble. She is like a sister lives next to my house. She takes good care of everyone. I asked By to check as if there would be a necklace/bracelet she is wearing but unfortunately, she didnt wear necklace nor bracelet
  2. Yeah Its my friend named By’s fanacc writing in Vietnamese and i translated it into English ^^ he came to her radio 3 over 4 days and cant get over her. He said that In Na unnie was so small and cute and thin! Her hands are so so small and soft and she has good aura ~ He said that she has many fanboy haha. Even her leader of FC is a man also. In Na unnie is a goddess to them and they are obedient to her. You guys can read more fanacc from him via @pandoenix.lee IG
  3. Guys do you remember the scene of Oh Yunseo and Bangbaedong chatting during live broadcast in Touch Your Heart. They secretly say Saranghamnida to each other but then Oh Yunseo turn to “yeorobun (?) saranghamnida”. My delulu is In Na unnie say “I miss you” maybe to us but especially to “someone” One more question for senior Dong Wook fans: is he usually wearing pinku pinky clothes before Goblin and Touch Your Heart guys??
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwt8_MjpQmQ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1prfgxsp5zqpu Guys, have you noticed this?? Today her manager nim updated 2 picts to announced that she will be back in 5 days with KBS Radio Volume Up. The thing here is that 2 picts were not revelant to each other at all. One of it was here selfie, another one was her pict taken by YG agency. But it look-a-like the same with “someone” fanship profile. Same posture, same type of flowers. Guess it guys It must be more special when the uploader was her manager nim Is it too suspicious? Or is it just a coincidence?? Give me your idea chingus ahh
  5. I also have the same thought with you guys about YG bringing this BTS to cover the scandal of Burning Sun. Even a comback announcement for Black Pink (so sorry if I mention an unrelated thing).
  6. Yes first it came from a twit of interfan, like Inna was a cameo for Arang in 2006. We thought it was April Fools . I even tried to watch Arang to find her but found nothing. But some chingus searched her profile again and saw “cameo for Arang (2006)” in it. Then a clip from naver was shared (around 2 mins) but only few second for their encounter. Aww Aveerie can you tell more about it??
  7. Guyss hot news is here!!! Chingus from twitter had found that Lee Dong Wook met each others since 2006 not 2014 (MAMA). The horror movie Arang in 2006 where LDW played lead actor and IN played only cameo. Unfortunately, "The video is apparently deleted from the movie, the user on naver shared the video from dvd that has deleted scenes." Therefore, her first debut was in High Kicks with Lee Kwang Soo! Here are the links for you to check: https://twitter.com/ssinz_fg7/status/1112736857878491136 https://twitter.com/miscrtlyf/status/1112754647779823616 What a destiny
  8. Guys, are you preparing your heart for tonight?? My head says yesss but my heart say nooo for watching the finale Can we make tonight on fireee and keep this thread stay longgg and hotttt as much as we can???
  9. Guys, is there anyone thinking that he teases her during this kiss?? He raises his head up then she has to up her head too to meet his lips
  10. Guys I have a curious thing here. Pls gimme your ideas Is there anyone have a thought about LDW’s posts on his IG? If he posts pictures about TYH, he will choose some taken with YIN. Then I would like to ask old LDW fans, is he usually post that kind of pictures with his costars? He or his manager manages his SNS? Is there any coincidence or suspicious thing guys??
  11. I wake up this morning with full of happiness in my heart After rewatch thousand times the kisseu scence, I feel like all of loving, missing, hurtful feelings are released through the kiss. They dont care they are in public place, they just want to kiss and hug and express their love. Hewww how loveable they are!
  12. Chingus ya, did you guys have a same feelings with me?? My heart is like playing roller coaster with ep.14 From scared to upset than happy I also cry at the same time with laugh like crazy with their kissss awww my hearteu :((( PDnim was playing with our hearteu :(((
  13. https://twitter.com/prin_kle0922/status/1108021455772540930?s=21 Another sweet moment guyss Maybe because he could not lead her to the right position than he “suspiciously” pointed mr.MC to do that Oh my fangirl hearteuuuu
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW1wvlbcagg There you go!!! I think @mathildafc is talking about this video ~ You guys can watch it from 10:00 AWWW I get excited about Inna's voice in phone ~ so so so tender and cute
  15. In Vietnam too. We do get excited to watch every single esp and discuss about the film and uri couple
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