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  1. https://www.instagram.com/yinldw/p/BwBM7pkDrMZDofmTzHig7Z89ONVhvMERjyiYbA0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=m6vllryogk64 Hm I’m not sure if the link works cause the account is private but if you look on yinldw Instagram, LDW steps closer to YIN when she pulls him closer (I know we’ve discussed this before). BUT I also notice that LDW rubs YIN’s hand with his thumb. LIKE WHAT. Why do that in a photoshoot that’s only capturing stills? I mean it’s not like you’re on video and it’ll show your actions... so what’s with the hand rubbing?? To tease your gf??
  2. I will be a nut with you lolol. One drama per year until marriage. I mean sorry my shipper feels slipped out- one drama per year plZ and thx
  3. I think @intrariver said it very well but to put my two cents in- Let’s not spread hate about LDW and his other female co stars in this thread or analyze their friendships. It just breeds resentment. Plus shippers get attacked by oppa fans and get labeled as “crazy”- more reason why famous couples are so private and hide their personal lives- like songsong right now is under high scrutiny due to rumors going on...I can only imagine how they feel and want to keep their love life even more hidden. We should focus on spreading good vibes about YIN and LDW, showing our support of them if they ever do decide to date publically or get married.
  4. You know I’m just gonna spin my conspiracy shipper theories to rationalize this ending. LDW and YIN didn’t want to do a fake wedding on a drama because they don’t want to cheapen their RL wedding
  5. I have mixed feelings ;-; I wanted at least a wedding with time skip or kids but if it happens in real life, I’ll gladly take it then LOL. Cough cough sorry my shipper feels came out @Alice Mendoza restrain me plz
  6. Omg just their smiles are life. Look at JR typing at the speed of light to get the questions right
  7. BAHAHAHAHA YES I finally can make it when the episode is live and it’s time for the finale!! @turtlegirl and @jeonghyang for the summaries and gifs!! this is so touching and bittersweet.
  8. I couldn’t resist when it popped up lol. Curiosity got the best of me
  9. Man this thread is on fire and I love it lol. Y’ALL keep my shipper heart so young and fresh. @intrariver thank you so much for sharing that hidden spoiler. That gives me a lot of hope hehe.
  10. I am going to need a snu snu scene, a wedding scene, and a baby epilogue. Who knows- maybe seeing YIN with a baby for a scene will stir up feelings with LDW...after he did say he wanted 3-4 kids right!?
  11. GOD THAT VIDEO GAVE ME DIABEETUS. I loved it. And wow! 0:50 I didn't realize that LDW was reaching for her hand and YIN automatically was putting it out bahahaha like it's a habit. About the IG story- yeah sadly, this is what happens with fans which why I don't blame them for secretly dating if they are. People can be cruel and hurtful when it comes to celebrity relationships.
  12. I’m not sure! It’s a goblin BTS scene I think. If I end up finding it, I’ll let you know
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