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  1. I loved it when I saw our SA in today episode! Duo green neon!! I wonder why nobody talk about that, hehe Also, I love their interaction so much they made my day!!!
  2. So jealous I was in Indonesia last month, but it was only for a month!! Cannot wait for your pictures of SA, tho! I hope they sit or stand next to each other a lot so that you’ll get a lot of good pictures!! Good luck!!!
  3. Hi!!!! I am new in this forum! I am a big fan of Kim MyungSoo, but you know what? I didn’t know that he has this drama on going, shame of me! Just realized a couple days ago! And now I am streaming it! Look forward to talk about this drama with you guys!!!!
  4. I just realized it when my friend told me!! I thought he was Jang Geun Suk!!! But, after I rewatching it, finally I can see Nickhun there, hahaha Shame of me, I am 2PM fans but cannot recognize him in the drama!
  5. Yeaaah....me want to ask the same question! Does anyone know why I couldn’t find the newest episode of Running Man today? My Sunday routine Usually every Sunday I watch RM and right after that I go to this page to see what you guys talking about and ship together
  6. LOVE it!!!! I do really wish they sing the lyrics “saranghae” together while facing each other^^
  7. Byeeee.... I hope you will find suitable forum for you
  8. Just finished watching 446, and the first thing that came up in my mind was “KJK was confirmed being jealous” Then I rushed to go to this forum because I Am sure that there will be a lot of interesting discussion here, and I am right!!! I love the discussion about KJK being jealous and obsessed to his one and only one SJH. I really hope RM will make a SA special episode and I hope it will be when they spend romantic vacation at LA. It is only my delusional thought, but I wish KJK will proposed SJH at LA and we have that as the most special RM episode *eventhough the chance its gonna happen is very small since they are both introvert. So I am sure they want to have those kind of propose thing in private. But anyway, I am so happy today because of SA
  9. Indeed, this is what I am thinking. I mean, JSJ did not attend the concert maybe just a common thing. However, we can see all running man member at the concert except SJH means something. Maybe she actually went there but secretly, or they agreed to support each other from a far since then don’t want to create gossip or something. I am pretty sure, if they are not in relationship or having something special, SJH can just appear like other members. Idk,also maybe she is just really really busy. About this episode, I watched it twice and even keep watching some part several times. - when they were in the same group, like fate. I like the way KJK looked shy but enjoy it at the same time - when SJH held the guest’s hand, as if she wanted to make KJK jealous. - when KJK pushed SJH’s hand over jealousy - when KJK kept his eyes to SJH, specifically when SJH ask the veggie pancake and KJK automatically tried to prevent the guest give the pancake to SJH. Lately, I feel like watching this RM is more interesting that watching korean drama .
  10. This video is really funny. Also, even though there is a guy between Spartace, KJK seems like understand the word directly from SJH. Indeed, our SpartAce! I cannot wait this episode! If I were the PD, I will put this caption! “This guy does not know what to do being in between the SA” or “I don’t want to stand here” or “JK doesn’t need me to understand JH”
  11. I hope he will choose SJH! Or at least... he choose neither. Also, I hope there will be a lot of uncaptured SA moments which will be only seen by us , the shippers
  12. Just finished watching 441. Seeing YJS’s LA hat, I am wondering when will SJH go to LA and with whom? Do you think there will be RM episode when they are going to LA?
  13. I totally agree with you... The way KJK brought 3 handsome guys to meet JSM means that he is not into her. Yeah, we can say that he just want to introduce some guys to JSM so that she will not feel lonely anymore (hoping that she will like one of the guy). Later, in the future, they can do double date or triple date. KJK-SJH, LKS-LSB, JSM-oneoftheguy.
  14. I always wondering if KJK read this forum , what would be his reaction? Or even better, my over delusional is... he follows the discussion here to see the opinion of this fandom. (Sorry for my silly imagination). Well anyway, reading this forum is more enjoyable than reading a romantic book. I am so happy if in the end of my tiring day, I see the number of page of this forum is added. It’s like, I have more good things to read today, hehehe... I totally agree with your opinion. KJK is indeed a very well mannered man. He barely “touch” woman guests. I mean he touched them in the game, because he need to. But outside the game? I barely seen him being this touchy like he did to SJH. Yeaaaah.. I am wondering about this as well. I am wondering how will they announce their relationship? Or even better, their marriage plan? Then after marriage, will they be still in the running man together? How will the interact one each other? Again, sorry for over my over delusional.
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