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  1. What is so amazing is that so many news wires picked up the story of their marvelous pairing and media describe it as a powerful casting
  2. Prepare your eyes chinggu. Burning is a little bit rated . He is also in sunkyungkwan scandal, six flying dragons, fashion king, descendants.
  3. Yay! This is such great news Sis. A few fans are grumbling coz it's not a drama but starring in a movie or chungmuro in SK is something. Even our girl said so before when asked why she is just accepting supporting roles in movies. You have to.have a clout or power to drag moviegoers to see your movie. YAI is a pleasant surprise. He wasn't in my bucket list as a potential partner but I'm delighted coz he is such a versatile actor. He just starred in Burning movie which won in Cannes. His partner there was Jung Jeon Seo, the partner of ShinHye in Call. Super. No complaints regarding his acting chinggu. He is also a kind gentleman so we can be assured that he'll take care of our girl
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/Shyepi/status/1149193051635458048 OMG I'm crying here. Our girl's gonna have a movie with YAI
  5. Ottoke I can t help but disagree coz they all look very handsome to me...in different ways of course but yes HB can be very compelling
  6. My son told me that he is watching PSH drama and that.he is enjoying it inspite of some loopholes in the gaming story. Turned out it is MOA yay! I inadvertently rubbed my PSH addiction to my family. LOL..be comforted woth this chinggu...you are not alone LOL Yeah, a gal can drown in those dimples especially as those smiles are directed to a certain girl we all love. I am the same with K dramas chinggu. I watch other dramas but lose interest after 1 or few episodes when it is not Shin Hye casted in it. As of now, I'm rewatching Heirs
  7. I am with you in this POV Sis. The CEO is one if the managers in Dream Factory of Lee Seung Hwan together with Manager Jun. And it is also my suspicion that Shin Hye is one of the shareholders of S.A.L.T. They go a long way and also shows how loyal our girl is. Always warm my heart if she supports LSH in his concerts. She always maintains good relationship with forner colleagues and co-workers. Another of my suspicion is she is also a stock holder of FNC. Rumors of Yongshin aside, she goes to the FNC Bldg to meet with the Execss of the company as attested by fans. She is also praised and considered a friend by its CEO. She is also chummy with all their talents like CNBlue, AOA, FTI and even Juniel before. Well don't mind me. To borrow statement of Sis Rori, "it is just me" The OP said she was in a meeting with the CEO of FNC (5 yrs ago)
  8. A very apt description. Love how others especially those she associated with describes her
  9. Wow our girl is gorgeous, looks elegant and sophisticated. Makes me long more for her to have a rich or powerful woman role.
  10. It's ok. Many of us here are technology-challenged but our fervor on fangirling more than makes up for it
  11. You know hor to make clips out of YT video chinggu? Could youmake a clipout of the last part only?
  12. Our friend lduc is spoiling you Sis @rori0711 - in slowmo and zoomed. I can't still find the BTS picture I was talking about. Maybe it has been burried in the countless piles of post about our girl
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