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  1. Love her Allerman cf - she looks so sexy and alluring there and also her Olivia Burton cf - she looks so cute, flawless and glowing there. Meanwhile, here I am scavenging her old shows, dramas and all and let me post this again for this shows that she is an angel...not only to us but to many
  2. Baby, i miss seeing your uninhabited joy - your laughter...your radiant smiles
  3. Yoo Ah In (blonde) seems to be with the Director of #Alone
  4. It's for MOA chinggu. Here's the link https://www.soompi.com/article/1355335wpp/2019-korea-drama-awards-announces-nominees
  5. I am not sure if this is legit. I was burned by the drama casting news the last time. But I'll be jumping with joy if this is going through. Jo Seungwoo is a great actor - seasones and respected. I think if this will be true , our girl will learn a lot from him.
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