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  1. Sorry but Taealha girl is a two timer and annoying character to me. Don't see her as a great assest or smart manipulative person. Just my thought.
  2. Haters gonna hate but NingSang is strong and so is my SYR!
  3. @tomo74 My dear isnt that assuming much? I don't think every celebrities are like that, just because some are its not fair to say he will be, so we can't be so judgmental of what will be in the future.
  4. I personally think CXX is very handsome...not the classic handsome but the handsome because of everything, from his height, beautiful hands, his beauty mark on the top right of his lip to the way how he walk and carry himself. His cute/ fun personality and to his amazing acting ability. So I have to say everyone have their own definition of handsome but to me that's my kind of handsome lol. Every things have to be included in the package not just the looks. CXX is definitely a worthy gift that comes with many layers to unwrap. The more you unwrap the more you'll uncover the hidden surprise. And I think people are more attract to these type of guys nowadays then the straight up pretty face but boring afterwards.
  5. That troll post...I'm just laughing my butt off. Damn she is one of a kind then to be having handsome men after her. Haters wanted to be our SYR so they can be SS themselves. Come on, given the chance to work with handsome men they would also turn themselves dark too hahaha. I know I would. Our SS is the luckiest little maid to not only have the world inside the drama after her but outside too. I know these handsome men will protect her
  6. The whole fandom would explode if they change SS. The production team better be smart about this
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