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  1. Yes. And some of you guys said that they have the same photographer and place to shoot. So why doubt? These two are showing us something. Just wait and see teaunians
  2. Is it just me or the picture of naeun on her birthday, the one that she's using her hand to cover her face it looks like letter W. And you know what comes in my mind when i saw that pic? Maybe she's hinting us about taemin's new album "WANT".
  3. Hi! I'm new here. Just created an account and I dont know how it works. Haha anyways. I dont know why I ended up watching taeun wgm. But then after watching the ep 1 I got hooked up. Thats why I started watching taeun videos on youtube and started following taeun accounts on instagram. And I ended up on this thread a silent reader actually. While waiting for updates I started reading the first thread, from page 1 up until here. But whaaa. What to do. I cant stop myself thats why i ended up creating an account and making myself known here. Anyways its so nice to meet all of you and ofcourse our taeun couple. Godbless us all.
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