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  1. Just had to post this before I went off to work this morning. His IG is now up to 8.2 million followers!! The legend grows and grows. And I'll probably get in trouble for this, but who cares. Here is some music to FOLLOW with. Yes, this is a really, really old rock and roll classic and it fits the mood so well. Please enjoy. https://youtu.be/jgPMYQTINNk
  2. @cherkell Whew! So glad you are here to post the site. I was having trouble making connections to get permission to post the IG site I found it on, but you already have the good connections! So @Trung Vũ here's the SBS site you can go to so you can do something to stop this mess! What is SBS's problem anyway? Didn't Chang Wook and Suspicious Partner make them a bundle? They are truly irresponsible, especially as he is no position to defend himself personally because of his military duties. Glorious did a great job speaking out for him, but without him being able to speak on his own behalf it's like he's hiding or something. I know better and you know better, but some people......well. EDIT about an hour later I went and signed up on SBS and posted requesting that they make a hearfelt apology to Ji Chang Wook. It was gratifying to see so many requests for the same thing.
  3. @Trung Vũ Sorry you are sad, but Ji Chang Wook is not destroyed YET! He is not down, and he is not out. I've read some Knets bad comments, too, but actually there have been more good comments than bad on various sites. In fact, I would say that his image is NOT damaged, but it may have even increased and gotten better because of the outrage of those fans like you and me, who KNOW this is all just stupid, evil behavior by supposed journalists who are hypocritical and too dumb to get out of their own way. What I see and read on IGs are 100% protective of Chang Wook, and that may grow to critical mass and really be overwhelming. Other blog sites I have read seem to be running 50% in favor of Chang Wook, 25% doubting him and sitting on the fence, and 25% ready to believe anything South Korea's mass media puts on the air, except of course the apology by SBS. There are things you can do to stop this. Check out some IG accounts by Ji Fans. There is one that is giving the sign up details to SBS to protest that more of a REAL PUBLIC apology should to be made. I don't have an IG account so I can't link, but probably any JCW fan Instagram will lead you to the link to sign up to SBS to be able to comment. Going on other blog sites, like you did coming here, and making your views known will help a LOT. Let everyone know that it is not wise to mess with Ji Chang Wook and his fans because he did nothing wrong! and we all might get REALLY ANGRY:
  4. Wow! If a person didn't ever believe in Fake News before, they probably do now. Is this how it happens? Some horrible little nobody schlemiel-like moron can accidentally on-purpose nearly deep-six a person's brilliant career by "forgetting" a basic rule of Journalism 101? This whole SBS apology thing just reeks of psychologically-burdened hidden agendas. What a crock. But in the end, Ji Chang Wook still stands tall on his rightfully deserved pedestal. I would have kept him on that pedestal regardless because, to paraphrase what one philosopher described about another screen legend in a long ago time, the joy and spirit that he projects on screen cannot be faked. I, too, like @ForgottenSoulx, was afraid and upset, but not because I thought JCW could be seedy and disreputable, but because it is all too easy for the REAL seedy and disreputable to take another down with false statements and innuendo based on nothing but one photo. And, if you believe SBS' regretful apology, accidentally, at that! What I found frightening, when reading some peoples' comments on IG or on other sites, was that some were all too ready to accept and believe the unfounded gossip based on guilt by association, and were all too ready to casually dismiss their own judgement that JCW was a person to be admired. Reminds me of a song lyric: They cheered for my persistence, but prayed for my decline. ( From They Just Keep Moving the Line - from "Bombshell.")
  5. @sweetdreams_87 Good Luck on whatever you can do in the way of seeing the "Crown Prince" LIVE in any venue whatever, rumors and "scandals" (unproved) be damned! I will cross fingers with you. Let the forum here know what happens, OK? Bon Voyage?!
  6. @cherkell beat me to a comment by a few minutes! Drat...... @sweetdreams_87 I knew from the beginning of the announcement of the Shinheung extravaganza (what a year or more ago?) that I wouldn't be able to make the trip, not even to this most recent finale. Sometimes, such is life. @ForgottenSoulx And the recent rumors (I took my time and read all I could) seem to be just rumors. Why wouldn't people call him the " Crown Prince" of something or another? He is the closest most clubgoers would ever get to royalty of any kind! He is a STAR because of his talent, which is immense, and his overwhelming and enjoyable public presence, even while being entombed in the bowels of the South Korean Army. Well, OK, being in a musical could hardly be called being "entombed" but given his level of activity while he was a civilian, right now he might be bored out of his skull doing the same thing over and over and over. Remember in his halcyon days (before Army) he would be shooting for a drama, being photographed for a fashion shoot, partaking in an interview or two, probably all on the same day. This guy has unbelievable energy levels. While it is true that we may never ever know the most private heart of any other person, most people make judgements about another person based on what that person says, and does. That's all a person has to go on. Given that, what I see and hear that Ji Chang Wook says and does, I am with him all the way, 100%, no holding back. Coraggio!! Knowing from other gossip earlier this week that another shoe might fall and hit Chang Wook on the way down, I even spent my time on another drawing. This art activity keeps me out of bars (or clubs LOL) and gambling dens for which my family is thankful. Please enjoy. This is completely digital artwork using GIMP and Huion drawing tablet, but I would love to do a real life work up, too. Here's some music to keep your spine straight and stiff. Wrong continent but right sentiment. Don't Stop Believin'!! This was rock and roll back in the day in the USA of the 1980's: Steve Perry https://youtu.be/VcjzHMhBtf0 ~ OR from 2016: https://youtu.be/4Yy6pmsQ9H8 with Arnel Pineda from the Philippines. Either generation, the message is the same. Don't stop believing in something you found valuable.
  7. With new castmates transitioning along with the "old", fans at least have some new material on YouTube to see and hear and I am taking advantage of having some new material for GIFs! Here's Sgt. Ji with some of his new castmates. Here's another link to a very short clip, but worth watching. I wish I had been able to use this clip, but it is "branded," so I am linking instead. https://youtu.be/rH9FjZME6S0. More under the spoiler. Here's the link source for some of this material: https://youtu.be/Q_-5MvSO6a4. I am especially fond of this one as it shows the last scene of this short aria. Every time I am able to see and hear something by this man I am always in awe at how accomplished he is, whether on a concert stage, in a play, or movies, or television. This breadth of his craft is not to be taken lightly, least of all by me!
  8. This entry is for no reason at all except sheer gladness that his time for mustering out is getting closer......Developed using GIMP software and Huion drawing tablet, it is pure digital art. Please enjoy looking at it the same way I enjoyed making it.
  9. FINALLY!! Finally, after a year......Finally we get to see and hear Ji Chang Wook sing his soliloquy. It is an astounding piece, taking place in a room full of ghosts; visually very stunning. It must have been breathtaking to actually see and hear it in person. It may have been Fat Tuesday here in the States for Mardi Gras goers, but it was Fat Tuesday for Shinheung Military School and this girl today! He looks and sounds wonderful. (Sometimes life is too, too good)............Here is my contribution to commemorate this smashing success. Please enjoy. Man can really strike a pose, too. Got to love it when you listen to the YouTube selection above......one of the main sounds you hear, besides the music, is the deafening sound of camera shutters going off. That's the sound made for a STAR!
  10. As @cherkellhas shown Soldier Sargeant Ji is now a Korea Military Manpower Association Goodwill Ambassador, a well-deserved honor, I'm sure, but I'm also sure it is probably one he never expected or wanted to get. Or maybe I'm just reading my own doubts into things. I guess this means that it will be a long time before the ROK decides to take a chance on a volunteer army. I was reading recently that another country with a conscription military force who has had theirs for as long as SKorea has, is working towards a volunteer force. When those pushing for change polled the county's citizens the result was something like 90% to keep conscription. Then those pushing for reform showed statistics that only 20% of conscriptees actually trained for combat or warfare. The other 80% wound up in other non-combat positions like librarians or in MUSIC......ahem! After this information when the citizens were again polled their view had changed considerably; they now were in favor 75% for a volunteer military force. I'm still looking at the breadth and depth of his achievements in only 11 1/2 years! He has created many memorable, unique characters like those pictured here. Can't wait for what gems he will create in the future.
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