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  1. Well, that could be a problem..... My picture collection is very big since I am a picture-packrat, and is not well organized since the bounty of all of Backstreet Rookie stuff, NewBin stuff, all kinds of recent stuff, so finding them is problematic and has taken a while. I have found only three and all of them are Instagram posts, which I don't have permission to re-post. Even if I did have permission, back on this thread page 604 in June of this year, Soompi has ruled that because of copyright restrictions we can no longer embed IG posts. I think I read that they didn't even want IG LINKS posted, but I can't find that rule right now. So, I am going to post links to 3, and we'll see if they get moderated away. It is interesting to note that on at least one, the poster that I reference has reposted the link from someone else, who may have been the original author. I didn't follow that one all the way back, but it may be something you want to pursue. Also, I know there are other camera shots of what may have been location shoots for Punishment/Black Call, but I can't find those in my stash right now. I will look as I have time. I started finding these Punishment scenes back in March of this year. https://www.instagram.com/p/CD1mcQwJ-VT/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B9T6S8JpP0y/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B9O3b0mpPfv/ I don't DO Twitter , so I don't know what might be in any Ji Chang Wook Twitters, so good luck on that. Cherkell might know better.
  2. If I may add another viewpoint, having Wook described as a "literary antagonist" is not necessarily saying that he will be the villain or bad guy. In some websites dealing with literary creation, literary history, or story creation, the antagonist is described as a "character who gets in the way of the protagonist." This type of story could be told from many angles, and often, if the protagonist, the central/main character, is the villain, the antagonist becomes the hero antagonist. In just the few still pictures of Wook that I've seen, that are said to be of his character in this movie, he is dressed all in black and looks very very much like a steadfast and calm defender (but of what we don't know) and I would go running to stand behind him! I'm with you when you say the role must be good enough if he has accepted it. It kind of adds another exciting dimension to waiting for the movie....just to see exactly what his role will be!! In fact, when I look back at Healer, to really stretch a point, it could be said that in his double role as Seo Jung Hoo (the night courier) and Park Bong Soo, made him at the same time both the hero protagonist (Jung Hoo) and his doppleganger/alter ego antagonist Bong Soo, both rivals for the affections of Young Shin. Talk about a meta - meta character analysis....whoa.
  3. I have that same type of DVD and it's not been a problem, even with some of my older pieces of hardware! It does get a little glitch-y every now and then, but I'm not sure what that is due to, but probably my old, old hardware. If I play it on a computer VLC software/media play works well for me, and once when I was sharing some content with a KDrama fan in Bulgaria, the only way she could play it was with the VLC player. There are plenty of software programs out there, so no telling what might be best for you. I think you'll find it's sound is great, magical even. You won't be disappointed and it will be the probably the best early Christmas present EVAH! If you need some "content" to tide you over then this site might be interesting for you, if you've not already read it. https://jichangwookkitchen.com/2017/08/25/exclusive-ji-chang-wook-jiscovery-history-concert-in-seoul-fan-account/ My Newbin magazines came within a week of my ordering them, so I was really spoiled by that quick delivery; may the same thing happen for you!
  4. What a great description! I am really looking forward to it, and am driving the mailman crazy, hounding him almost daily, wondering where my package is. You said that Jiscovery was one of your recent purchases....how did/do you like it? I've had mine since early 2018 and it has become my digital security blanket whenever reality becomes too, too grim....lately, almost a daily occurrence !!!! I didn't get 1st Look either. Had to put my budget on "lockdown" after some really! really! really! important purchases like Newbin and #133....LOL.
  5. That is so good to hear. Good that this drama is getting a second chance. Like @Fandomized Q said: "I watched it without much expectation. That might have helped my watching experience." That was my expectation, too, only I watched it immediately when it first aired. Sometimes other peoples' expectations are unrealistic...but the less said about the bad old days, the better. I think you may be right about that. Then @Tuvi Girl posted that Instagram link (about him taking photos at weird angles) and I recognized some pictures I had seen in some IG's of a fan meeting, and put them out of my mind because I knew I would never have a chance of actually seeing that photobook....BUT...here is the photobook being offered again! Sometimes the universe is kind. LOL Me, too, only with the NewBin magazines and Photobook #133. I rationalized it because I am still lucky enough to be able to work from home, and have been saving like crazy since mid-February because now I don't go anywhere or do anything like I used to. But still....time (for me) to slow down $$$, ₩₩₩, or CN¥, or wherever you may be from!
  6. Oh, gee! Hello!! Nice to meet you. So glad you liked Melting Me Softly, too! Now if we could only find the other 8 of us.......LOL. I hope people know I am joking because there are certainly more than 10 people who liked MMS. It was amazing, as you say, and had its own comedic appeal and a lot of verbal humor and dialog exposition that Actor Ji handles so well; I think the character of Ma Dong Chan is distinctly different from any of Actor Ji's other creations. In my imagination, if I met both Ma Dong Chan and Choi Dae Hyun walking together on a public street, they would be instantly experienced as two completely separate personalities (given the fact you could get over the physical resemblance, that is). I'm gonna go now and order at least the #133 photo book! EDIT 25 minutes later.... Wait....What?? Rereading @cherkell's posting above, I realize that it says Glorious Entertainment is releasing a SECOND printing of a photobook entitled "Ma Dong Chan, 133 Days Memories!" Did we ever know about a FIRST printing? This fan missed it completely. No matter. Better now than never, right?
  7. As I have said before, since I am possibly only 1 out of 10 people on the planet who LOVED Melting Me Softly, then this is an important purchase for me. Thanks for making this clear.
  8. You said it so simply and so precisely. You could be writing his press releases. TIL* from watching many, many of his different fans' IG postings that it is an anniversary of his appearance in the play Shinheung Military School while he was in the Army. I am pretty bad on keeping up with anniversaries and dates, but this time I remembered something I posted in these pages back in September, 2018. Posting it again in remembrance: *TIL = today I learned
  9. ~ CELEBRATE.....AGAIN ~ Another milestone. What will it be like when he hits 14 MILLION?? I hope to be here to find out and maybe contribute! @Fandomized Q said "If done well, medical dramas deal with a lot intense emotional stories and wookie does emotional scenes so amazingly. So I'd love to see him in a medical drama." Me: AMEN to that!! @Tuvi Girl said "but he has never done any medical drama yet, so I’m just curious to see a new and different image of him." Me: Amen to that, too!! Whatever is new that he appears in, I will move heaven and earth to be there to see and experience it.
  10. This is a "just because" because an homage every now and then is good for the soul. Taken from one of the millions of concert photos of Ji Chang Wook available on the internet. Mille Grazie to all the souls who lurk with their cameras wherever Actor Ji might be making an appearance...and to the professionals who do their job only too well. I translate into another medium for yet another viewing experience. Software: GIMP Hardware: Huion Graphic Tablet
  11. What Actor Ji might be saying about the new total IG followers of 13.8 Million: "No worries....I've got this." I am coming down off of the emotional high of Backstreet Rookie, biding my time, and waiting for the delivery of my NewBIN material! It's on its way. YAY. And there is the release of his movie Punishment to look forward to, as well. But for covid 19, life could be considered good. I see a few entries above about people wanting to see Actor Ji as a doctor. @Tuvi Girl said that seeing him in a white coat was part of the allure, though probably not all of the attraction. Then @Ale _ida, @Fandomized Q, and @backstreetboysfan chimed in with positive votes. I'm not sure but @Emili Rose may also be one of the fans opting for a doctor role. I'm just curious. What specifically about acting the part of a doctor is so interesting? It's not that I don't agree....but i suspect that each of us may have a different reason for making this selection. When and if everyone has time it would be great if you could tell what things you look for in the dramatic role of a doctor.
  12. CELEBRATE!! @Tuvi Girl says "I wish he will have a doctor role..." Someday you may get your wish. Good luck.
  13. This is an original digital artwork using Actor Ji and a pose from Backstreet Rookie. Then being totally influenced by the wonderful images in the NewBin video, I just had to produce an anaglyph, one definition of which is: A moving or still picture consisting of two slightly different perspectives of the same subject in contrasting colors that are superimposed on each other, producing a three-dimensional effect when viewed through two correspondingly colored filters. (From the American Heritage Dictionary 5th Edition)...in other words the beginnings of a 3D picture. Tah Dahhhhh....... If you have to learn any new skills it is a whole lot more interesting to learn them with Ji Chang Wook!
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