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  1. Still marking time until September 28th, Day One of Melting Me Softly! So EXCITING . Here are some more cinegraph GIFs from his adventures while getting ready for the 2019 Drama Awards.......Please enjoy. Here Wook models his tuxedo (that I love so much) and the onlookers are stunned into absolute immobility. Under the spoiler are some shots of Wook backstage, trying to relax by letting his mirror-image alter ego do all the work getting rid of that nervous energy.
  2. It's THAT time again!! Another milestone reached by this great guy........... I printed this up ahead of time (like 2 weeks ago) so the "555 posts" is wrong, but the 9.3 million followers is RIGHT. I will work on my system of production so I can coordinate it all together, but better.
  3. As one obsessive-compulsive to another.......Welcome Again! If you object to the label obsessive-compulsive, just pick your own that is just as descriptive, because what you did is no mean feat! and took perseverance to the max. I like the way you phrased this......! I'm here to plant another time gap filler until Melting Me Softly drops 20 days from now. I had been looking at a lot of his older magazine ads where the Advertiser also gave fans a video or two. I love what BNT International does for him. They don't so much rely strictly on the latest fashions; they give him odd clothing, simple props, and he goes right ahead and makes practically a three act little stage play out of things. The following is from One Magazine and BNT International, and my own particular current software passion: cinemagraphs. Please enjoy. The disembodied hair stylist hand just kind of organically grew out of the cinemagraph; it wasn't my complete intention. But now that it did I get the giggles thinking of Chang Wook and his companion hand and arm, available when and wherever he needs them.
  4. Thanks to @cherkell and The Kitchen, and her description of the recent Dhele ads with Wook, and the great still photos she posted (https://jichangwookkitchen.com/2019/08/20/cf-lets-take-off-with-ji-chang-wook-for-dhele/) I had an idea that I just had to carry out. And since nature abhors a motionless Ji Chang Wook, the idea had to take the form of a GIF made from those still photos. And since the theme was flying - as in airplanes - with a captain and all, I remembered an old Pan American Airlines slogan from long ago. There's even music......Please enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dXx-i9_SpQ Come Fly With Ji.....
  5. Late morning for me on my side of the planet, and I see that many volunteers (?) put English subs up on THE JCW Youtube channel already! His IG is showing some other languages subbed, too! It's great to see the outpouring of genuine affection for this man. Sometimes, life is just too good. ________________________________________________________________ EDIT: 3:00 pm 9-2-2019 Since yesterday the views and comments have doubled and still NO negative downvotes. Seeing Ji Chang Wook UNSCRIPTED (well, unscripted by conventional "drama/movie" writer terms) is as bracing as a medicinal tonic and as joyous as it gets. Seeing him interact with people offscreen, and seeing him smile naturally, is just as effective as a dose of an antidepressant drug, or a shot of, say, soju! The man is electric. He enjoys his food, simple snacks, enjoys exchanging ideas, enjoys doing the unconventional thing, and does it SO well. I think I'm hooked. (duh, uh yeah!) ______________________________________________________________ EDIT: 4 pm on 9-8-2019 Nope. It wasn't volunteers that put the subs up......it was Glorious Entertainment.
  6. @cherkell said: "Sigh. Our lives just got really complicated... " Yes...…….Yes, our lives just got really complicated, but in a really GOOD way (.....she said, naively.) This man is so exceptional that I am not surprised he has chosen to take control.....of so many things. One of which is his image, which I will happily defend against all evil-doers! Hah, I sound giddy, which I, admittedly am. This means that there is more of him to see, admire, contemplate, be amused by, and understand. EDIT 5 HOURS LATER: YouTube shows roughly 122,000 views, 2,900 comments (no dislikes or thumbs down!! at this printing) and A LOT of requests for English subs, and subs for quite a few other languages as well. Anyone we know here who might have one of these skills? Hmmmm? Maybe he will be "hiring" translators? I know someone I would nominate in a heartbeat....... If he can endure the comments on his Instagram I am guessing he can endure the comments on YT. Or so I hope. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.
  7. Not relaxing exactly.....but still enjoying the show. Here are a couple of cinemagraphs, gif-style, showing Actor Ji on his trek down the red carpet to the Seoul International Drama Awards. I would rather stay busy doing something involving Ji Chang Wook.....than ANYTHING! Please enjoy. One more under the spoiler. These ladies on the other side of the street know a damn good thing when they see one!
  8. With all the recent new looks Actor Ji (and his talented staff) are presenting us these days, it is hard for me to say which I like *good, better, or best*! Every time he puts out a new magazine look, or the Lotte Duty Free look, or the Melt Me look, I think that there is no way he can top that. As usual, I am wrong. The fabulous Actor Ji shone like diamonds as he hosted at the Seoul International Drama Awards. Now, Actor Ji is my "heart of hearts" but I am quickly becoming bonded to that TUXEDO! So simple and understated that you know it probably is worth lotsa monies......Or, he just makes it look that way; he is good at doing that. I have been trying to find out what the brand is, but am failing. Maybe it is bespoke. I know there are fans out there who are very good at this sort of thing. The fabric looks like a summer lightweight blend but I can't tell from photographs what it might be: linen, bamboo, raw silk? Something exotic? Or one of the old standards? Anyone? Or is it really important? I just need to relax and enjoy the show!
  9. A few days ago I was looking through his older Instagram posts and found this one......his followers knew that someday he would surpass the 2 million follower count for that day, July 22, 2016 (circled in red). Yes......That was then....... And this is now.... So not only is his new drama heating up........namely, so is the count of his followers on his Instagram!!!! YAY........I am prepared for all of these events to come. Because in the future there will be many, many more instances like this.
  10. Maybe only a little more than a month before the MELTING DRAMA drops in late September (unless something changes).......so I am contentedly still passing the time with looks back at things Wook has done since being set free from the ROK Army. This time it's the Fan Meeting. Wook performed while sitting in his chair on stage, or performed standing, while the big screens behind him mirrored everything he did. Except in this GIF I take a little license with time and space. Here Wook gets to sit, relaxed, while his mirror-image does all the work. Please enjoy.
  11. Slowly but surely I am catching up to Ji Chang Wook in the present. Right now I am up to his appearance on his birthday to schmooze at BodyFriend. At least they gave him a birthday cake. Another cinemagraph, showing JCW caught forever in a perfectly still time warp pose while traffic passing by wonders what is going on. Fortunately I was able to stop the motion just as he was at his most fluid and graceful, perfect carriage, perfect posture.
  12. Poor Chang Wook-ssi, having to sleep on set.......He is either in his usual perpetual motion or has crashed and burned (just to be able to get some sleep!) I can't keep up! . Here I am still stuck in his past while trying to perfect my new cinemagraph passion. Seems I can't move on to something new until I get completely adept at the new technology. And to use the new technology, I have been using his old IG posts. I really want to move on because the new stuff he is putting out.....not even counting the new drama......has been fantastic. The new Lotte Duty Free BTS videos are just PERFECTION. He looks great and acts in his usual compelling way, pulling the watcher right into the story. The Lotte Duty Free Concert......WOW. What a guy! I'll get to the new stuff eventually, but it better be soon. Meantime, here is a new cinemagraph on an old theme...This is a one second segment from his 2015 Konus video on his IG page. The one second slice of the video has been massaged into something longer, and then put into GIF form. Please enjoy. Well, wonder of wonders, I had time tonight to complete a new and more up to date GIF. See under the spoiler:
  13. YAAY!!!! Another milestone reached for His Handsomeness! Nine point 1 million IG followers! !!!! I am posting this now but am going to work on making the balloons move. BRB. Meanwhile, rejoice amongst yourselves. Hummmm....moving balloons not working for me today. Maybe later.
  14. NEWS FLASH.....THIS JUST IN.....FROM SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA!! The Law of Gravity (Grab-ity) REPEALED for Actor/Singer Ji Chang Wook. For his friends....not happening. OK. I know. There are some places in the world where a person could probably get jail time for jokes this bad. If I promise to quit now (at least for a while) can I please stay? Thanks to @shinenshidfor adding to the pictorial diversity of the Ji Chang Wook thread here on Soompi. This is a great place to be, where Ji Chang Wook makes magical things happen.
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