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  1. I can't speak for others but I personally never assume if someone is a good actor just based on their looks alone because that is not a good expectation to have. How one looks on the outside is meaningless when it comes to acting abilities. I've only been aware of Angelababy by name (cuz honestly, that name is hard to miss) but this actually is the first show I've watched of hers so I came in with really no idea of her as an actress or a person. She's not horrible by any means, because I do appreciate when people are at least giving an effort to their role, but I would say she's on the weak side? Again, this might also be because her two acting partners are very good at microexpressions so maybe in comparison, she doesn't seem as good? Or it might also be the weak script and direction as you've pointed out. I actually never watched any of Deng Lun's works before this either and I came away impressed even though, as you mentioned, his character's a bit of a cliche. I actually was interested the show because of Zhu Yilong, and yeah, I wish they gave him a better character. Since you're so much further than I am, it's really disappointing that nothing improves even 36 episodes out. That's so sad. Again, a waste of two talented male leads, and even Angelababy since she probably brought a lot of prestige to the show due to her fame.
  2. I think another problem is she is working opposite Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong who are obviously far superior actors than she is. She's very beautiful to look at and it's obvious she's trying her best, but you quickly realize that she really only has one expression most of the time that is dependent on whether or not she widens her doll-like eyes, whereas her two male costars are doing different expressions like every second, even when they're not the focus of the scene. I'm still not sold on the drama...it's kind of boring...actually the premise doesn't even sound like something that can become all that interesting. Feels like a waste of the two solid male leads.
  3. re: GTY wanting to spend time with ML: I love that you noticed that too! First time I saw the funeral procession scene, I was laughing my butt off because at first I couldn't understand why he was carrying her off with him when the procession and her family was much closer and probably could've used his help. Of course later on it became clear why and how sweet all this gestures were. I love that with this show, once you watch it through once and then go back to rewatch it, you appreciate every little gesture and expression even more and you realize you've been clued in on certain things way earlier than it was revealed. I've been trying to find another drama like it but with no luck whatsoever. I've watched many Cantonese dramas as well and nothing compares. Usually with chinese dramas whenever there's comedy, they usually overdo it to the point where it's not even funny at all. But what makes TSoML stand out from others is that the comedy is usually very lowkey and therefore much more successful. Some scenes you don't even realize it's played for comedy until the music kicks in. Love the score for the show as well. Fits every scene so perfectly. And of course I've been playing the ending credits song on repeat. i especially like the cast version, and I really appreciate the fact that it replaced the regular credits song in the episode where they got married. I love little touches like that, lets you know the creative team behind the show cares and pays attention to even the smallest details.
  4. Lol, I've rewatched it 5 times myself, from beginning to end, and some episodes much more than that. Every time I get to the ending, I just feel sad and wish so much that they took their time. There are certain scenes that seemed rushed, such as the baby's first month celebration and the very last scene...you only caught glimpses of people who were there but some of them didn't even get a full shot. It's as if the camera just didn't have time to focus on them. I would've even liked to see the emperor talk to Ming Lan at the end when he is showing them his harvest. I think someone mentioned in the novel that ML and GTY regained their title and even got a promotion? I would've loved to actually see that. I know it's inferred that it's a happily ever after ending, but after journeying with them for 70+ episodes, I think we deserved more than just guessing what happened to certain people. I wished that they would've done a small time skip and showed us Ming Lan's second baby's birthday, where all of her families and friends were together again.
  5. Lol that's actually how I introduced it to my friends and family at first, "the Chinese version of Pride & Prejudice". I don't know if the author was inspired by P & P per se, but I agree with the similarities you listed.
  6. I'm feeling the void too! I haven't felt this emptiness after finishing a drama for a long, long time. It's a testament to how awesome TSOML is! I almost don't know what to do with my free time now...there's like nothing to look forward to.
  7. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my love for this series, which has become one of my all-time favorite dramas. I watched it raw first and then went back to watch it subbed and realized I missed so much of the nuances because my Chinese is not good enough (I'm an ABC). I rewatched most of it again this weekend. I wish it didn't have to end so soon because I could have easily watched at least 10 more episodes just on the happy married life between Ming Lan and GTY. I was hoping that she would finally call him 二郎 by the end of the series and I was hoping for some last great reunion scene between all their friends and family, but I'm also so relieved we got a happy ending with most of the family members accounted for. I only got into watching Chinese dramas recently (I used to watch HK dramas instead) so I probably missed a lot of good ones in the past...can any of you recommend dramas that are similar to 知否?知否? I've been watching mostly historical dramas but after 知否?知否? I think I would much prefer to watch slice of life shows about families. Thanks in advance!
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