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  1. I remember FFMW also was supposed to hava a bluray but got cancelled at the last minute with KBS saying the content got accidentally deleted. However, they were able to release a japanese dvd with some extra content. Hopefully, we get a chinese version.
  2. I think I know that account too. I saw it commenting rather negatively about ldwyin fans on the bts with ldw crying over the breakup scene. (this happened before the chanel event) I just can't remember the term they used when referring to us. I immediately unfollowed that account after reading that.
  3. Sure that will happen. We will only see their pics with other costars but not with them together. And us fans will do the investigation on their sitting arrangement after.
  4. Yey! He attended the wrap up party. Hopefully we get pics of them together.
  5. No, i'm not referring to the kiss, but the supposed hints of the writer. Anyways, i picked up on twitter that today is the wrap up party. But our boy is currently attending a chanel event. Hopefully he'll take time to party with the cast too.
  6. As much as I wanted to believe on the writer's hints, the scene were YS said that actors are great in making fake seem real keeps on bugging me. Maybe the writer is also hopeful of the two but is still not sure of their real status. Hopefully we get little sightings and other evidences after the drama.
  7. Already done with the survey! Btw, Is SW helping them on the Park Su Myeoung case?
  8. Yes, she said that's her idea for a top star's visuals hence the hair extensions, but i think she doesn't really have to cause she alreadu have that top star aura even with that hair. She's so pretty and I've also read somewhere that many koreans envies her perfect figure. She's so sexy in the goblin poster
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